I find a lack of mature rated Tenten and Deidara fics quite depressing thus I made my own story and..viola! Problem solved! Well on to the story!

On team ten, kept secret by the only female there, is a dark excitement. Unspoken by Tenten is the fact that she is drawn to dangerous things. It's the reason she likes to use so many weapons, the reason she liked Neji in the first place. With that said it's understandable why she never looked twice at Lee, he was just too, safe.

Now you must understand that the way this story goes was not of Tenten's accord. She never planned this but with such a dark secret it was only a matter of time before she found someone else who could thrill her to her toes.

"Aahh. This feels nice." Currently Tenten relaxed deeper into the heated water of the bathtub. Her auburn hair lay wetly on her shoulders and down over her breasts. The steam caused the mirror to fog and Tenten sighed contently before scrubbing her body with a soapy rag.

In her mind she reviewed her newest missions' objective, with every detail memorized, she could see her heroines drunken face and slumped shoulders. Some heroine Tsunade was, especially when found in one of her drunken state.

"Tenten my youthful friend you still need to be properly dressed!" Tenten rolled her eyes at her dear friend's enthusiastic voice and insistent knocking. Sometimes Lee could be really...exuberant. Taking a deep breath Tenten sunk under the water to remove the sweet smelling two-in-one shampoo and conditioner from her hair.

Emerging from the water she opened the plug to the tub and stepped out. Reaching out she pulled a towel from the rack and began to dry herself off. As she finished drying off she pulled on her usual attire before leaving the confined space of the bathroom.

The moment the door opened she felt three pairs of eyes on her. The knowledge that Neji was watching her had her nervous and-forget that he just turned away. Tenten's head drooped a little at that realization. For so long the thought of Neji taking an interest in her was all she cared about.

Now as she grew older she's given up on the so called Hyuga genius. I mean come on! A girl could only be ignored and insulted for so long before she loses all attraction for anyone. It was just obvious that Neji had no type of feelings for herself.

"Tenten my youthful student come sit, let's go over today's plan!" Tenten leaned against the bathrooms' doorframe crossed her arms and glared. "I all ready know what to do. We get dressed for this festival, stay close to the Daimyo and blend in with the crowd. Not that you two could ever blend into anything."

That last part was mumbled under her breath as she took notice of the bright green outfits the two "green beasts" sported. "But Tenten that's not all! We have to have fun and if needed fight with the spring time of youth!" Tenten waved her hand dismissively at the expressions of both teacher and teammate.

"Yeah, yeah I know that too. I'm going to head out and pick up my kimono. Meet you guys back in the lobby in half an hour, see you then." With that said Tenten slipped on her sandal and headed out the door leaving behind the protests of her partners.

Considering she was on a confidential mission she kept to the ground as any civilian would. It took her longer to get to the dress shop but it was better than being identified as a ninja. The bell above the door chimed and almost immediately someone grabbed her hand. Her whole body tensed before the cheery voice broke through her battle mode stance.

"Ah Tenten-chan I have been waiting for you!" Looking towards the face of this person she noticed it was the plump owner of the cozy shop. Sighing inaudibly Tenten relaxed her body and allowed the woman to drag her to the back room for her fitting. It wasn't long before Tenten was suited with the selected kimono, with a few modifications.

The kimono was cotton, it was comfortable and if Tenten needed to she could easily hike up the outfit to fight. What she wanted was a simple kimono nothing with bright colors, without complicated patterns but most of all without a dipping neckline. What she got was a compilation of all three, the bright pink color of the kimono was accentuated by the colorful curving lines that was sewn into the right half.

Blues, greens, violets even silver was stitched into the fabric on that one side. The other side was completely bare much to Tenten's relief. The sleeves, neckline and bottom places had what appeared to be well drawn vines, and on the end of each vine was a red rose. Tenten didn't want this and as she looked into the mirror her only thought was, "So much for blending in."

After Tenten was dressed she was led into the back room where her hair and make-up would be done. The chubby middle-aged woman had left her there to go and retrieve something as she said. In the distance Tenten could hear a muffled, "Ah!" and the woman soon appeared holding in her hand what appeared to be the most complicated comb to ever be created.

The comb was as long as a shuriken and coated with silver glitter. The prongs on the end were longer than the ones in the middle and they curved in a sort of zig-zagged pattern. "It looks expensive." The woman smiled brightly before brushing out Tenten's hair with a different comb.

"Of course it was my daughter's...before she died. I want you to have it." Tenten schooled her emotions to seem as neutral as possible the only thing that gave her away was the twitch in her left ring finger. "I'm sorry to hear that, but are you sure you want to give me this?" The room filled with laughter as the woman continued to delicately and precisely place several different strands of hair into the end prongs.

"Yes of course, when you came in here the other day without any pretty accessories, I thought to myself that this comb would look good with your complexion." Tenten smiled and kept quiet waiting for the woman to continue. "And besides." She said her her whole body weighted down by some unseen force. "It's better sometimes to move a head in life, and this comb only sets me back."

Tenten nodded sympathetically as the woman twisted the comb up and under her gathered hair. She tensed as the woman twisted again, only harder this time. The shop owner saw her discomfort before apologizing. After that process was done several strands of hair was gently removed from the comb where they fell neatly on the left side of Tenten's face.

The woman stood back and admired the work before removing from her pocket a slender tube of lip gloss. The color of which was pale pink much to Tenten's irritation. Just one coat was applied to her lips before the woman stood back and laughed happily. "Oh your beautiful you'll have the attention of many fine men!"

Tenten rolled her eyes and grumbled under her breath. "Yeah fine men like Neji." Before she even had time to move further into that thought a mirror was shoved into her face. Tenten was ready to yell at the woman before her mouth dropped considerably. She could hardly recognize the face that looked back, this was incredible.

Usually Tenten stayed away from make-up and different kinds of hair styles but now...she was starting to regret that. The woman clutched Tenten's hand in hers leading her to a large floor length mirror, and Tenten thought she couldn't get any better looking. The woman crossed her arms smiled and said, "See I told you so."

Of course Tenten looked beautiful, but damn this kimono was hard to walk in! Too engulfed in her thoughts as well as out of anger, she completely ignored the words whispered as she walked past. She was late and her teammates would have to deal because there was no way she would run--"Stop thief!"

The man running past her at top speed was none other than the thief and she merely side stepped him in her hurry. She had no intention of going after him until she found the scroll at her side cut away and taken. Clenching her fist she whirled around to see his back disappearing around a corner.

Without a second thought to anything and just looking for a target to unleash her anger on, she clutched the kimono on either side, yanked the material up past her knees and took off at a dead run. He turned left, right, followed an alley jumped a fence and continued to turn corners before finally bursting through a walkway and getting knocked on his ass.

At that point Tenten finally caught up and quickly snatched her scroll from where it was discarded on the dirt. The man took off running again but this time she didn't follow. Hunched over and taking in breath as if she was just suffocated Tenten released the death grip she had on her outfit.

Her hair was still tightly in place and for that she was grateful. Unable to breathe Tenten remained where she was, her hands on her thighs her head downcast gasping for air. This street was quieter and she found she liked the change, looking up at the passer-bys one man caught her eye.

His cloak was all black, his hair the color of honey and his visible eye the color of the sky. He walked tall and as he turned their eyes met. She would have written him off as boring if she hadn't seen the look his eye held. It was a dangerous look, bordering on predatory.

A look that spoke volumes about who this man really was and what he liked to do. Their eyes stayed connected even though he kept walking and one thought made itself known. A thought that had her heart racing and the adrenaline to rush through her body.

This man is dangerous. Tenten couldn't control the flirtatious smile that spread her pink lips or the way her eyes traveled down his body visualizing him naked. When her eyes went back up to his she discovered that through an opening in his cloak, a smirk that mirrored her own.

Her smile only grew as she realized he had done the same thing as her. Then he disappeared through the crowd and Tenten was left hunched over in front of an alley the face of a stranger burned within her mind. The shiver that ran up her spine had nothing to do with the cool weather.