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The sheets lay crumbled on the bed, its occupant long since abandoning them in their miserable pile. The sound of footsteps was repeated over again as the owner of the room paced.

Navy colored clothing lay scattered in a mess as more pieces joined them. Deidara searched drawer after drawer looking for some clothing that didn't have the feel of Akatsuki clinging to it.

"Damn, why don't I ever buy something that isn't identical to everything else? Everything looks exactly the same. How boring! Tobi I'm going out for a while so don't do anything stupid like burn down this place!"

From some where in the distance there was a 'yes!' but beyond that Deidara ignored. Door closed quietly behind him and Tobi proceeded to eat the left over ice cream in the freezer.

'Deidara-sempai is more irritable than usual. I wonder why?'

The answer to that was yet unseen and Tobi dove into the chocolate delight without a care in the world. Deidara on the other hand was running through the trees heading off to the nearest place of civilization.

'Why can't they make bases closer to population? The only thing that can attract attention is the weird occupants, random ninja raids and maybe the occasional attack-gone-wrong.'

Deidara's eyebrows turned down and he hit himself lightly on the forehead.

'Yeah...that's probably the reason why.'

The sun was bright and sunny making Deidara feel even more pissy than usual.

'But this is still too far to just go in for supplies!'

No matter the reason he was running miles for a new outfit and no amount of bitching was going

to fix it. Heavily breathing, Deidara slumped his shoulders and let his mind wander as his legs did all the work. A thing he has been doing too often as of late.

'I can't ever keep focused on anything! My thoughts have been sporadic and my mood reflects that. I can trace the source of it easily enough. It's because of HER. The dreams, the memories, the need to be back where she is!'

"I can't take it anymore!" Deidara dropped, landing lightly on the trail and walking the rest of the way on foot. He entered the busy market without any trouble. He had too find a way to relieve himself of her no matter what or else...or else it could drive him to the edge.

This is why many hours later Deidara sat in a crowded, cigarette stinking, bar gritting his teeth at each ugly broad he saw. Each woman that walked in the door was either too wide, too tall, too bland, too something that Deidara didn't like.

He set his sake down and was readying to leave when in walked this busty red head with legs that were emphasized by the little black dress she wore. All eyes turned, some held jealousy while others held lust. Deidara waited for the reaction from downstairs but when none came he finished his drink and stood.

'This is insane this woman is attractive and yet I feel nothing for her! What the hell is wrong with me! Am I that attracted to Tenten?'

"Wait! By all means don't leave on my account." Deidara turned to find the hot red head leaning against the door way. "My name is Alexa and I was hoping to get you to take me home." The breath left him and the attraction he was questioning earlier came roaring to life.

'At least I'm not losing my touch. Thank you hormones!'

"Take you home huh? Well, my place is a ways out there and" Deidara made a motion to her stilettos. "you're not quite prepared for a hike." She giggled from plump lips and closed the distance in seconds.

"Actually my place isn't that far." Her hands pulled his shirt and bunched the fabric that matched her hair up. "And if my legs don't hold, I'm sure you're big and strong enough to carry me the rest of the way." Deidara's brain shut down as she began to lead the way away from the dirty bar.

Her hips swayed and drawn was he: hook, line and sinker. But there was something at the back of his mind. Something that had to do with Tenten and her inexperience. How she enjoyed his actions but was too shy to ask for them. How her face was so open and unguarded.

How he had watched her walk with casualness, not with this obvious seduction. It was then that he remembered how he accused her of using her body to try and kill him. He pushed the busty woman into a wall and pressed his body against her own.

"In a hurry are we? That's okay I don't mind, you're hot enough." Deidara leaned in until he heard her gasp.

"Expensive perfume you've got on. Of all the women in the bar you were by far the most attractive and I bet you were looking for someone, yeah." From his pocket he pulled out a blade and flashed it in her peripheral vision.

"Oh my god." Deidara slapped the flat of the knife against the back of her neck.

"Listen up. You came into that bar looking for someone so, sweet Alexa, how about you tell me everything you know, yeah." She shivered beneath him and it turned his sexual excitement into something darker. "Before you try and play innocent..I just want you to know...that I'm a dangerous man."

"All right, a few of the local thugs have a picture of criminals with big bounties on their heads. Since I'm their sexiest runner they chose me to lure you out." Deidara took one of his hands and tilted her chin up with it.

"How much did they pay you?" She shivered beneath him again and struggled harder. "Because" He stabbed the blade into her throat. "it wasn't enough, yeah. I don't like to be used." Her trachea caved in and blood gushed down his hand and arm.

He turned in the fading lights, all golden hair and dripping knife. Those who sought to get rich from his death stepped into the street. Grungy, bulky men, nothing more than beasts, drew their weapons. The smirk that curled those lips was a perfect image of hell on earth.

The first slash took out an artery, sending arterial spray onto another enemy of his. Ignorant men, who relied on threat more than action were they. Probably the reason he dropped every last one so quickly.

With a careless flick of his hand, most of the blood was flung off his knife. He was back running through the woods before their bodies drained completely. His mind was oddly calm even though he had just killed several human beings.

'I'm either completely insane or just filled with cold practicality. But either way they deserved exactly what I gave them. That woman especially!'

Deidara could feel the cold rage inside himself tighten his fists and lighten his feet. "How dare she try that shit with me, yeah! It wouldn't be that easy to trick me!" The camouflaged base came into view and Deidara was momentarily surprised at that.

'I was thinking too hard to notice how fast I was going.'

He slipped into the underground apartments and raised the shields behind him. Then a sudden question hit him, staggering him in his next step.

He had been thinking of Tenten when the red head entered the bar. Even as the woman came onto him Tenten was still at the back of his thoughts. So here was the doozy: Was he so attracted to Tenten that he couldn't imagine himself with anyone else?

"This would be the first time in a long time if that was true, yeah." Deidara opened the door to the kitchen intent on finding dinner. What he saw was familiar but no less strange. Tobi was at the stove cooking while wearing a frilly, blue apron.

He turned with a flourish, showing off the cooked seasoned beef and rice. "At least your apron isn't pink this time." Tobi dished out the food while he talked.

"Oh don't grumble so much Deidara-sempai! You wouldn't want wrinkles now would you?" Instead of replying, Deidara took off his shirt and put it into the sink to soak with soap. "Do you want any sake sempai?" After washing his hands Deidara took a seat.

"I've had enough to drink tonight." Without another word Tobi set the table placing a cup of water by Deidara's food. Deidara nodded his thanks, broke the chopsticks and began eating.

"Oh sempai, don't be gloomy I know you miss him!" Deidara started choking on rice. "We can go to Konoha and find out who he is. Then when he least expects it...kaboom!" Finally through with his coughing fit Deidara grabbed Tobi and shook him by the collar.

"What the hell are you talking about?" Tobi gulped loud enough to be heard while holding his hands out harmlessly.

"That Konoha Anbu that got away from you." Deidara let him go to proceed in putting his dishes by the sink.

"What makes you think I care about one measly Anbu member, yeah?" He picked up his shirt and began washing out the soap and blood.

"Well, it's obvious that something or someone is bothering you. And besides," Deidara heard the door swing open. "imagine if we broke into Konoha's archives and could find any ninja we wanted." With that said Tobi was gone and Deidara was left to brace himself against the sink.

A most delicious thought was forming accompanied by equally delicious images that weakened his knees. All he knew was her name and that she had a tie with Konoha. If he and Tobi do this and she really was a ninja with her home address listed...

What would he do? An all too familiar smile curved those thin lips. What could he do if he found his all too tempting prize?

"Anything...I could do anything I wanted." Deidara left the kitchen, more devious than when he came in.

'I could finally relieve myself of the ache for her.'

He crossed the threshold of his bedroom discarding the shirt on the bathroom floor. Stretching,

he lay down on the bed picking his scope up along the way. After a moments contemplation he pulled out a small screen and began scanning through the pictures.

He deleted the few scenery pictures he had and came to one picture he couldn't delete. Lips parted, eyes half closed, a flash of blue lace and a wedge of thigh, he liked this picture best of all. Hands pressed to the wall, body language asking for what no modest woman would speak.

Tenten, at her moment of weakness as he had set her up and kissed her senseless. As he curled up to sleep, Tobi didn't seem so stupid, he wasn't so desperate and Tenten wasn't so unattainable.

'A part of me wants to prepare her for this while another just wants to whisk her into bed in the dark of the night.'

That night as he drifted off to sleep, many miles away Tenten shivered in her bed. The sun rose but went unnoticed in the little clearing that the artist was in. He kneaded clay covered fingers in the newly completed statue.

Upon waking he was struck by sudden inspiration and couldn't resist to create something new. In the morning light Deidara sat back and admired his creation.

"Hey Deidara-sempai why are you up so early?" Seconds passed and Tobi was flying through the trees, the explosion sending him there. Deidara lay crouched in defense until he saw Tobi run by with the bottom of his coat on fire.

"You idiot Tobi! Don't do that again, yeah." Sliding his kunai back into his pouch, Deidara smirked at the miniature Tenten that stood poised in front of him. He formed the seals that would bring his sculpture into animation as Tobi rolled on the ground.

The little figurine danced around until Deidara formed the last seal, jumping back as he did. It exploded in a green and blue shower of sparks reflecting in Deidara's eyes. The passion of his art brought a wicked grin to his lips which was soon focused on Tobi's writhing form.

"Pack your bag Tobi, we'll be going to Konoha soon yeah!"

"Okay sempai!" Deidara ignored him in his rush to go and pack himself. The anxiousness rose inside and he couldn't keep the endorphins rush to his legs at the thought of chasing down his prize.

'Tenten, I'll be there soon and I hope you're ready for me. I can hardly wait myself.'


The bed was soft, soft compared to the hard body on her own. The pillow was cool, cool compared to the warm golden hair tangled in her fingers. The sheet was calm, calm instead of the frantic kisses that brought her off the bed.

But not even the hot, frantic kisses compared when it came to the searing release within her. He let off her lips and azure eyes committed her orgasm to memory. In the midst of the wonderful feeling her mouth opened and her eyes shut tight.


Tenten sat up in bed so fast that her sheets refused to release her. With half a mind she freed her hand and turned her alarm clock off. Her heart was racing and once more sweat dampened her clothes and flesh. Hurriedly she searched the room hoping and fearing for a man she shouldn't want.

"This is getting ridiculous!" She pulled the blankets off and discarded her soaked clothes with similar ones in the corner of her room. Naked, she trudged to the shower and turned it on closing the door tight behind her.

She was a strung bow, a nervous wreak, a wanton thing ever since she woke that first night back in her own bed. Her fists clenched tightly and she resisted instinctual things and bestial wants. The steam wrapped around her just as Deidara's hands had.

'How can I still be so attracted to Deidara?'

Tenten stepped into the shower and refused to unball her fists until she relaxed.

'Not to mention how wrong it is! I mean Deidara is an Akatsuki member and Akatsuki is

everybody's enemy.'

Slowly Tenten trusted her hands enough to wash her hair with.

'All right my mind understands it now..why can't my body?'

She allowed the soap to ease out of her hair and stream down her body as her thinking continued.

'Every night it seems I'm having some risque wet dream with Deidara as not only a reoccurring character but also the star!'

Tenten slapped her hands on the shower wall, frustration building a scream in her throat.

'I want him! I have spent most of my adolescent years trying for Neji and then all of a sudden in comes Deidara and I...I'm more attracted than ever to a criminal!'

Tenten's shower ended but did nothing to soothe her frayed nerves. She dressed in preparation of picking up some much needed groceries to fill her fridge. Forcibly, she pushed Deidara to the back of her mind in order to keep her sanity.

With a quick swipe of her wallet and shoes Tenten was out the door. The morning air was crisp and refreshing, easing something in her shoulders. She passed many stores intent on getting to the open market further down.

Coming to the morning bustle of early morning shoppers she realized how popular this place was. Lots of farmers lived around the edges of Konoha who would bring in their crops and sell them here. Tenten decided mostly fruits would be good along with enough vegetables to make a salad.

Mentally she made a list and finally decided on a variety of both fruits and vegetables. Easily weaving through the throng of people Tenten bought strawberries, apples and grapes from one farmer. At another stand she bought lettuce, mushrooms and tomatoes.

With a slightly empty wallet, Tenten passed by the Yamanaka flower shop and peered inside. There Ino beamed behind the counter at some willing customer who handed over a wad of bills. Tenten shook her head and kept her pace.

'The flowers are pretty but pricey. Ah..the price people pay for the chance of love.'

Tenten stopped in her tracks at her own thoughts.

"Cynical, who me?" She kept going, scoffing and shaking her head. "I need to get out more." The walk back to her apartment left her with a feeling that something was missing. She tried to brush it off but still it clung to her when she entered her apartment.

'I'm usually better off alone and yet...'

She filled the various shelves of her fridge with her purchases and let her mind wander.

'Maybe it's because of everything that's happened so far? Gai, Lee and Neji won't be back for two or three more days. Maybe it's because I miss them?'

With that thought brought up her own mission and mission report that was due very soon. Tenten set to work at her table scribbling out the details of how well her mission went. By the time she was done there was a mention of a possible Akatsuki sighting.

Left out was that Tenten had been trapped beneath said criminal completely at his mercy and enjoying it. One thought led to another and Tenten ended up gripping the table hard enough to turn her knuckles white. Angry at herself and obvious weakness, Tenten gathered the mission report and locked her door on the way out.

The day seemed dimmer but it was probably in part of the dark turn her mood took. Taking the main road to the Hokage building Tenten let her feet take over and her mind wander.

'You know this attraction is probably nothing more than someone to put my attention on. It probably doesn't even matter who only that it's put on someone.'

Taking some comfort from the thought that it was only sexual frustration and didn't have to be directed towards Deidara, Tenten smiled. When Neji and the others come back she can always test her theory. And who knows..maybe she'll be right. Or maybe she'll be wrong...very, very wrong. But Tenten shrugged the pessimistic thought away and held onto hope.

'And I hope I'm not wrong.'