Okay guys, so this story is in the series I have on fictionpress, but it's also a fanfiction, so I put it up here. Just a warning: THIS IS SHORT AND MAKES NO SENSE!! I totally wrote this in class, and decided it was funny. Also, I don't own crap but the plot, which actually can be put down as being owned by fanfiction-dom, so… Anyway, on to the summary!!

Harry and Draco are lovas. Harry kills that on guy, Valdemar, or Voldiebutt. Something. Sirius comes back to life, and has wolf babies (which are kinda like dragon babies, only different) (And not Theo's) with Remus. Harry and Draco break up 'cause Harry eats people after he slits his wrists; he's an emo vampire. Vengeful Draco becomes minister of magic, and raises taxes on all hero-based objects.

Okay, so that's the summary. The story- completely different. Lol, I decided to change most of it while I was writing, but the summary was cool. On to the actual story!!

Once upon a time, a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, Lily Evans was best friends with Severus Snape, lover to Narcissa Black. But then tragedy struck- Narcissa was forced to marry Lucious Malfoy. Because she abhorred him, her son Draco was actually Severous'. Lily was sad for them, so she promised her first born in marriage to Draco. She married James Potter and had Harry, but then got killed by Voldiebutt. After many years of searching, Snape finally found the boy (okay, so it was like, two years.) his son was to marry and stole him from the Dursleys. He raised him in secret, and Harry defeated Voldiebutt before he was ten. Lucious got put in Azkaban. Narcissia and Snape rejoiced and told Draco who his real father was. Draco was happy, and went to live with Snape, where he first met Harry who Snape had disguised as a servant to prevent Dumblypants from finding him. And Cinderella-ness ensued. Well, kinda. Harry's evil steps (Dursleys) had long since been taken care of. Blah. The author died. But not before the Minister of Magic rose taxes to help pay for the demolishing of a certain Veil.

The End

So guys, what'd ya think? Really short and confusing, I know. Please review!!