So Now You Speak? By Markim

[2007 Movieverse Bumblebee centric with some comic spoilers

Bumblebee's thoughts in the scene where Sam asked him "So Now You Speak?"

Status:One Shot

"So Now You Speak?"

When Sam said this, I can't help feeling pain and loss.

I know Sam has no ill intention.

After all I have only communicate with him using radio broadcasts and Ratchet had only told him that my voice capacitor was broken.

Which was not quite true.

Megatron had crushed my voice capacitor but my voice was lost before that.

Ratchet had repaired me fully each time and there are no physical reason for my lost of voice.

I have never told anyone what happen. Not Ratchet. Not Prime.

A million years ago, I was the leader of the team holding back Megatron away to buy time for Prime's secret plan to take effect - launching the Allspark into outer space making a last-ditch attempt to prevent Megatron from claiming it.

All of us on the team knows that it was a suicide mission, that our only end were death and tortures when we were overrun by the Decepticon forces and Megatron personally come to question us.

Megatron had had Autobot prisoners before. He knows that we will not be broken by mere tortures in the time he have.

What Megatron did was worse.

Megatron had singled me out as the team leader and had tortured my entire team in front of me.

Telling me that I could have stopped their pain if I had only speak of Prime's plan.

The optics of my teammates hold invisible hands on my throat as their spirits and voices screams defiance at Megatron.

Forcing Megatron to kill them in his rage.

My voice was lost as the last of my teammates are lost to me. We used our pain, death and silence to buy enough time for Prime's plan, to defies Megatron.

And now finally as Megatron dies so does my silence.

"Yes, I can speak."


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