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Everything was in a ring of chaos; they had finally come for Anthony. Her mother had told her that it was only a matter of time before people discovered his talents.

"Abbey, you take the girls and run! Your father- Michael and I will hold them off for as long as possible to let Anthony get away. What are you doing just standing there? RUN!"

A tall red haired, hazel-eyed, Twelve year old girl was grabbing two blonde nine year olds, and pulling them out of the room. She slammed the door shut, and children in tow, the girl named Abbey rounded several corners went down two flights of stairs, and out to a small patio. Three brooms were hovering, waiting.

As they mounted the brooms, screams of anguish could be heard echoing throughout the house.

"Abbey, I'm scared. Wuz gonna happen?" One of the twins turned to her much taller older sister, with large, shining eyes.

"Don't worry 'bout a thing, Meg. We just need to get out of here."

"Don't call me Meg!" And with that the brooms were in the air, flying far above the house, where screams and moans of pain could still be heard. These were not the sound of a mere scratch or even of an arm breaking. No, these were wails of the most intense sort of pain that could only be caused by the evilest of curses- the Cruciatus Curse.

The dream shifted, a small dark room, with a frosted window, reflecting the flickering fireplace. In the center of the room, you could see an old man, a man, woman, and three girls sitting around a table. The two men had their heads in their hands and the younger girls were sobbing into each other's shoulders. The picture then seemed to focus, and voices could soon be heard.

"Michael, what do you mean, they got Anthony, do you mean that he is dead? Or something else? Who was looking for him?" The older girl had finally broke her silence, yet her face remained unchanged in the dark.

"Abbey, just one question at a time. Honestly, you are bad as Iris--Anyway-- No, Anthony is not dead. Not yet anyways. No, Abbey, he has had his-his-his powers removed from him," Michael stopped at this, something was obviously troubling him, "Not what is good for him. He might yet be saved, but the harm is irreversible. No, he will never be able to see the future, or use his magic again to the level of the ancients. I fear for our friends in England. The Death Eaters are what took them. They are the servants of Lord Voldemort."

"Who's that Dad?" The silent of the twins finally spoke, not without fear though.

"I don't really know how to explain who he is exactly, Kathleen, but I will try. Imagine if you will," Michael said, "The most supreme evil person, wizard or muggle, and multiply his power and whatever you want to call it- their evilness- to the highest number you can think of. That is Voldemort. When your mother and I went to school in England, Hogwarts, he was at the height of his power. Eleven years ago, however he vanished."

A bang rang out around the tiny cabin, accompanied by red flames dancing around the house. The walls began to tremble, and the door was knocked down. Tall figures in masks came in, and started firing spells. A jet of green light hit the old man nearly immediately, and the redhead crawled under the table, and around the flames that were now inside the house. A spray of purple sparks hit the woman, and she fell backward and landed in an awkward pose and then-


Abbey Mason shot straight up from her bed. Looking around her, she saw four faces looking very interested in her appearance. One that was freckly and rather gangly looking, a kind one framed by bushy, brown hair, another that she saw as being very wise, and the last one bore a thin lightning bolt scar.

"What'cha all lookin' at? There's nothing to see here!" She snapped. Everybody turned away from her, their faces flushed with embarrassment, except the wise girl with dirty blonde hair and a butterbeer cork necklace. She sat down at the end of Abbey's bed, and tucked her knees up underneath her.

"Abbey who was Anthony? Remember, you cannot hid from me," she reminded her kindly. She was right of course, Luna was nearly always right. She, herself, and Abbey were bound with a unique power and to each other's souls through the Aangesloten bij Geest, and they were the Aangesloten bij degenen. The Joined Ones, fated to kill the Higher Power.

"I don't want to talk about Anthony right now, we have enough to be getting on with. Come on, it's our last NEWT day. Just History of Magic left. What a breeze." Abbey had always enjoyed this side of magic, learning about everything. But having taken three history classes that term, she decided that maybe she wasn't smart to take a lot of classes where memorizing dates was extremely important. "Pity Binns wasn't as good a teacher as my one back home at Salem Prep. He even made the Centaur Captivity Clause sound as though it was just your typical prejudicial law!"

And off she went, there was no trace of the girl that had just woken up from a nightmare. Abbey was in her bliss, as she rattled off dates and names of key events behind the legislation she had just spoken of. Luna sighed, there was no way she could get the girl to shut up now. Anyway, this was definitely an improvement over the moping girl from five minutes ago. After helping her best friend find the components of her uniform, Luna slipped down to the common room where Hermione Granger, Ron Weasley, and Harry Potter were sitting around the table with half empty cups of coffee.

"Ooh, how is she Luna?" Hermione asked concerned.

"Fine. Rattling off something about centaur legislation of 1876. Or something like that."

"Harry, I hate to break it to you, but it seems that Abbey is more like Hermione than you. Might be her sister, not yours mate." Everybody laughed, including a twinkling laugh that came from a redhead sliding down the banister.

Since Harry, Hermione, and Ron were supposed to be TAs that year, they were given their own common room, and bedrooms, and offices in the same tower. Luna and Abbey were given a room in that same complex. So it was like their own house, and very convient for training and studying.

Now that they had discovered who the Higher Power is, the walls of the common room were covered in picture clippings, notes, and all sorts of information relating to the Court of Seven. On the wall across from the window was an impressive map. It spanned the entire wall, and when someone points their wand at the map, and says a specific location, it zooms in, and once you reach a country, you can zoom in farther. Hermione and Abbey had discovered a way to link Abbey's laptop to the wall, so that all the data about Ollivander could appear with tiny, pushpin like emblems on the map. Even Ron thought that it was cool.

"Abbey, you and Luna need to get to McGonagall's office, now!" Harry's older brother attitude already had taken the full effect in the short amount of time that they had discovered their relationship.

"Alright, keep your hair on! I don't need another mother I've already got-" Abbey stopped short, "Luna let's go. I want to finish my test early, because McGonagall wants to talk to me about something important afterwards." The two girls got up from their seats at the table and walked out the door for the test, in the exact same movements.

"Blimey, Harry. Your sister is freaky."


"Welcome to your Advanced History of Magic N.E.W.T. This examination will last exactly an ninety minutes. You have ten seconds... nine...eight...seven...six...five...four...three...two...one. Ladies, please begin your test


"Your time is up. Accio Exam Papers! Miss Lovegood, would you please return to your dormitory? I have a matter I need to discuss with Mis-er- Mason." Luna left, with a grin towards her best friend.

"Abbey, I don't know if you noticed my hesitation on your name, but that is the matter I need to discuss with you. Have you informed your legal guardians of your discovery of a relation, here at Hogwarts?"

"Yes, Professor, I did. I mean, I told Erin and Michael about Harry. I-I didn't notice any hesitation."

"Have you considered your legal name?"

"Not yet, I've been a little busy. Sorry, professor, I didn't mean to come off as rude. It was an accident," she added hastily, after a nagging voice in her head told her to be polite, but Minerva McGonagall was giving a rare smile.

"I don't mind Abbey, I understand entirely. Now back the matter at hand. You have several choices to decide from. You may remain as Abbey Iantha Mason or change it to Abbey Iantha Mason- Potter or Abbey Iantha Potter-Mason or you may change your name to not involve your current surname to the following name Abbey Iantha Potter. You may wish to discuss this with the Mason family, and your brother. But remember that this is your decision and yours alone. Have a biscuit." And she smiled again as she dismissed Abbey Iantha Mason from her circular office.

"You know, I don't think that this girl will understand the significance of her actions. She will most certainly choose the wrong choice," a sly voice from one of the portraits told the current headmistress.

"Shut up, Phineas."


"How did your test go? I passed out during my History of magic O.W.L," Harry paused, something occurred to him, "but it is the same sort of pressure isn't it? I got a D. Wow, I'm babbling again aren't I?"

"Don't worry about it, it must be genetic. I always babble when I get nervous," abbey said kindly, "McGonagall wanted to talk to me about my last name. I can keep my name or change it to any of the following: Mason-Potter, Potter-Mason or just plain Potter." then Abbey started muttering to herself. She walked over to the map and stopped. "Is everyone in here? No, where's Luna?" the door burst open.

"Sorry, I really should have beaten you back, but peeves was in the corridor, and the stairs changed right when I reached the top-Oh! You were going to say something." And Luna sat down.

'Uh, yeah. Listen, I don't want to off looking for Ollivander just yet. I-I-I want to find out who Amaryllis Thornapple is- or was." nobody said anything, but everyone was smiling. It seems that Abbey was supported in her every decision. "Now who's ready for training? I want to beat Ron again."

Since Abbey had been at Salem Prep. From the age of six, she was nearly as good as Harry at dueling. And through extension, Luna. Everyday, the five teenagers would go to the Room of requirement, where they would practice dueling, offensive, and defensive spells. Luna and Abbey's specialty was an Earsplitting Shriek, and the hex that could do the same thing.