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"Ow, Ow, Ow. This is painful. Why'd you have to get me so hard Hermione? These boils are the worst thing in the world," Ron was howling in pain from invisible boils, as he collapsed on a couch. "And why did you make them invisible? That is double mean!"

"Here Ron, let me counter-jinx those for you. I think the Potter Kids are busy with an Ear-Mending Potion."

"Thanks Luna, you're a lifesaver. Or just plain wonderful. I'm quite sure which. Why are you wearing the spectraspecs?" Ron asked curiously of his soon-to-be-savior.

"The spectraspecs let me see the boils, and let me tell you, I would rather not. They are green, and the ones on your head have orange pus-" There was a loud laugh across the room, causing everybody's ears to twinge, with help from ear-splitting shriek remnants, and Ron was thankful, because he did not want to hear about the green boils with orange pus on the top of head. A faint 'Uh-oh' followed the laughs, and purple steam was pouring from Abbey's ears.

"Harry! What have you done? First off, Abbey didn't need the potion, and secondly, the steam is supposed to be yellow! You made a terrible mistake! Luna! Go get Slughorn! Now!" Luna hurried away with a deep look of concentration.

"Abbey? What happened to you? Hermione said that you weren't supposed to take the potion and something about steam," Luna asked questioningly in her mind. The telepathic link between the two girls was fading, faster, faster, ever quicker.

"I-I think- I don't know, Luna. Harry handed me Murtlap Essence, and I grabbed the vial of Bubotuber Pus, and put them both in. One or the other, in any amount would have made the potio- the- the potion work. But, it was—" The link was dead, just like that. No more. Caput. No mas. A part of Luna felt as if she was going to die, but she kept running, down to the dungeons.

"Professor Slughorn! There's been an accident," Luna stopped to catch her breath, because she had just run the entire diagonal of the school, "Abbey and Harry had a potion mishap!"

"Do you know what the problem with the potion was?" Slughorn asked as he gathered his ingredients. As Luna thought back to the conversation she had right before the link went dead, the problem came to her mind.

"Well, we were training to go to Egypt, and Abbey and I said the same earsplitting shriek hex, and Harry, Hermione, and Ron were the only one who were affected by both, so Abbey and Harry made the repair potion, only- We have to run Professor- they each added Murtlap Essence, and Bubotuber Pus to the potion, and Harry gave some to Abbey, but she didn't need it," Luna finished lamely. She was having a difficult time suppressing her pain to Slughorn, but he was breathing so heavily that she didn't notice. Running up moving staircases, and leaping over trick steps, Luna frantically continued calling for Abbey in her mind, knowing that no reply would happen.

"Miss Lovegood, did –pant- Abbey laugh before the -pant- steam came out her ears? It –pant- is very important," Slughorn asked through labored breath, and receiving a nod in the affirmative, he stopped dead. "Dear child, we must hurry, this girl may already be dead!"

"Sir! Stop! We're here, just through that tapestry, answer the Quidditch question. I need to see McGonagall." Slughorn disappeared through the tapestry of unicorns frolicking, muttering something about Wronski Feint. Stupid Quidditch obsessed fans. I can't believe that is the way into our chambers! Honestly what was Hermione thinking when she let them choose that?

Running as fast as she could, Luna passed hundreds of students on her way to McGonagall's office, and all of them were looking her funny. She was lucky that she didn't have to go far to the Headmistress' office, it was only two floors up, and a corridor over. But, that was relying on the staircases not changing. She was lucky, it didn't change until she was nearing the top. Daring to take a leap, Luna caught the platform with her hands and one foot. She was lucky to land right. In the blink of an eye, she was running down a corridor. She was lucky.

"Haggis!" she said to the gargoyle guarding the head's office, clammering up the revolving staircase. "Minerva! It's Luna Lovegood! Something went wrong in a potion, and Abbey might die! I got slughorn, but I thought you should know…

"Come with me, dear," Professor McGonagall sadi, throwing floo-powder into the fireplace, "Common Room, East Tower, Hogwarts." Emerald green flames sprung up in the hearth; teacher and student spun around, until they were spit out on a yellow rug, opposite a mural of a map.

"How is Abbey? Is she any better? Oh, why did this have to happen now?" Luna wailed, but stopped after a stern glare from Harry. Horace slughorn looked up with no measurable trace of a smile on his countenance.

"Miss Lovegood, I am afraid to say Miss Mason is-"

"No offense, but my head is killing me, and I would appreciate it if you shut up," the ashen faced red head on the couch said weakly.

"Miss Mason! You should be dead now! This is indeed a miracle. And I must say, I would enjoy studying the effects of this mistake," Slughorn said while putting vials of blue liquid and a jar of green, slimy eels away, "this is most extraordinary indeed."

"Professor Slughorn, would you mind sharing the working of your mind about what is so extraordinary with the rest of those of us that are not potioneers?" asked Ron who was more than confused by his reaction, and he had watched the entire thing take place!

"Earsplitting Hexes don't actually split the ear, they tear part of the brain. A repairing potion, in its correct state will heal the nerves and such, but with two such volatile and powerful healing ingredients the potion will continue to split the brain, in deep rifts. If ones brain is in perfecrt condition, the correct potion will just tickle the body mercilessly. Miss Mason's brain was torn without hope of repair by the time I got here. She shouldn't have survived," the man with a walrus mustache concluded. He looked amazed at the result, and five other people were just as astounded. Abbey sat up slowly, but the effort was too much.

"Abbey, lie down, please. I don't want you to counteract the repairing process. I will check back in two hours and see that Abbey is recovering. For the moment, just keep her body levitating with her head down. This should alleviate any symptoms that she have have currently."

Professor Slugorn left the expansive apartment after packing up his materials. Everything around these youngsters was distorted. Trouble seemed to follow Miss Mason everywhere she went. She was a black hole that one.

"In light of this recent event, I would remind you that you have a mission to complete, and safety is more important than ever. Ron, you made many people unhappy by killing the Lestranges and I do not need to say that many more are furious at HArry. Be careful for heaven's sake. Oh, and Abbey, have you reached your decision regarding your surname?" McGonagall was in a very complex mood. But, she, being a woman, could handle several thoughts at once.

"Abbey Iantha Mason-Potter; The Masons loved me longer, if that makes sense. Low let's get back to work." Something was tugging at Abbey's heartstrings, and everybody noticed this, including Ron.

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