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Chapter One: Secrets

Severus Snape and Lucius Malfoy walked calmly into Riddle Manor where they had been summoned by Lord Voldemort. Not knowing what to expect from the Dark Lord, they proceeded right to the throne room expecting many Death Eaters to be present. As they entered the room the only person visible was Lord Voldemort, who was waiting for his two Death Eaters rather patiently, quite opposite to his custom. Lord Voldemort rose from his chair as Severus and Lucius came closer and bowed before him.

"Severus, Lucius, my two most faithful servants. I have summoned you both here before me as I have a very important mission for you to undertake. I was recently informed by one of my spies located abroad of some very interesting news. He believes he has found Harry Potter's twin sister." He noticed both Severus and Lucius' surprised looks and said "Ah, I see you are just as surprised as I was. Good."

Severus was the first to recover from the Dark Lord's information "My Lord, how is this possible? Even Dumbledore believed her to be dead."

"I must voice my concern over this information Master." Lucius said. "What if this is an elaborate trick? Is the source trustworthy?"

Voldemort looked at Lucius "If you were a Death Eater of lower ranking I would have punished you for questioning me Lucius" At the Death Eaters' visible discomfort Voldemort continued "However, I am willing to indulge you as you are inner circle members and should know reasons behind why I am sending you on this particular mission." Voldemort turned to gaze at Severus "You said earlier that not even Dumbledore knew of the girls' survival. This is true. He still does not know as he is a trusting old fool. He sent that oaf Hagrid to collect the two young Potter's the night of my downfall all those years ago, but apparently the half-giant does not know how to check vital signs and assumed the girl dead. It is believed by my spy that Tara Potter was picked up by muggles and sent to live in an orphanage where she grew up, completely ignorant of the wizarding world". Looking at Lucius once again the Dark Lord said "My spy currently lives in Canada where young Ms. Potter resides, and I trust him as explicitly as I trust the two of you."

"Forgive me Master for questioning you" Lucius said, bowing to the Dark Lord. "What is it you wish us to do Master?"

Voldemort smiled "My friends, I wish you to travel to Toronto, Canada where you will meet with my spy Joshua Greene. Once you have met and come up with appropriate alias' I want you to then capture Tara Potter and bring her before me. I will have my vengeance on at least one Potter by the end of next month. I want her here early August. Do not fail me."

Both Snape and Malfoy bowed before Voldemort muttering "Yes Master" before taking their leave of him and planning how they were to travel to Canada. Voldemort smiled to himself once the two Death Eaters had left 'Yes, I will have revenge on what they did to me. Tara Potter will wish she had never been born. Once I have her I will have to make sure not to completely destroy her so she may be used as bait for Harry Potter. Then once he tries to save his sister I will kill them both." With that thought in mind the Dark Lord left the room and went to his chambers where he slept peacefully.


Once Severus and Lucius worked out the details of transportation to Canada and agreeing to leave in four days to meet Joshua Greene, they each went their separate ways. Once he was at the apparition point at the edge of the Riddle property, Severus aparated to a safe point one block from Headquarters of the Order of the Phoenix. Severus quickly made his way to number 12 Grimmauld Place making sure that he was not followed, or being traced in any way. He reached the front door, opened it and stepped inside quietly so as not to disturb the portrait of Mrs. Black. He made his way to the kitchen where he could already hear laughter and the loud voices of the Weasley twins and Sirius Black. Severus sneered at the sound of Blacks' voice. Both Severus and Sirius shared a mutual dislike for each other ever since their own schooldays and neither one were willing to put aside differences and work together. Severus was actually quiet surprised that Sirius Black had survived the veil in the Department of Mysteries. Two weeks had passed since the battle in the Department of Mysteries and just the week before Black had arrived with ministry members and Cornelius Fudge who stated that Unspeakables had been trying to find out what happened to Black for 48 hours straight, when the man had suddenly been thrown from the veil. It apparently wasn't his time to die. 'It figures.' Severus thought as he made his way to the kitchen.

Before stepping into the kitchen Severus cleared his mind and tried to remain calm. As he walked into the kitchen everyone stopped what they were doing and went silent.

Albus Dumbledore, who was in the room, was the first to recover from Snape's abrupt appearance at Grimmauld Place and stated "Severus my boy! What an unexpected surprise!"

Severus looked around the room and noted that the entire Weasley family (minus Percy) were present along with Hermione Granger, Nymphadora Tonks, Remus Lupin, Sirius Black, and Harry Potter. 'Potter must have arrived here once Black was proclaimed both alive and innocent. Wonderful. This will be difficult to explain if the Headmaster will not speak to me in private. Although, both Black and Lupin did not inform Potter of his twin sister so the blame cannot be placed on me at all' Severus smirked and looked at Dumbledore 'Let's see Black and Lupin squirm a little.' "Forgive me Headmaster for my intrusion."

"Not at all Severus. You are always welcome here."

'I highly doubt that Albus.' "I have just come from a meeting with the Dark Lord and he has given me some troubling news." Severus looked around the room "Perhaps we could talk in private Albus?"

Noticing Snape's glance around the room Dumbledore sighed "Whatever your news is Severus, you can state in front of all here."

Before Severus could reply Molly Weasley said "Headmaster, I want Ginny out of the room if there is to be anything discussed that has to do with the war or the Order."

Albus Dumbledore looked at Molly while holding his hand up to stop Ginny before she could say anything in protest and said "Molly, I understand you wanting to shelter Ginny from the truth of the war, I must say to you that she will find out what is said here no matter what. Hermione and Ginny are close friends and everyone present is mature enough to handle anything said" Molly sat gaping at Dumbledore like a fish out of water, and Albus turned towards Ginny "I do not know what Severus will be speaking about or even if we need to have this conversation, but if anything important is stated I require secrecy from everyone in this room. The choice is yours whether or not you would wish to stay."

"I want to stay." She replied immediately.

"Very well." Albus looked towards Severus "What news has Voldemort given you?"

Taking a deep breath Severus started "Earlier this evening while in my potions lab-" Sirius snorted, and Severus turned towards him "Yes Black? What is so funny?"

"No, I'm just wondering if you ever leave your potions lab."

"I do indeed Black. Especially when called to hear important information. Can I proceed with my story?"

Dumbledore shot a warning glance at Sirius before saying, "Severus please continue. No one here will interrupt you except to ask for clarification."

Severus sighed and continued "As I was beginning to say, I was called away by the Dark Lord to meet him and on my way to the meeting I came across Lucius Malfoy who was also called. We proceeded to the meeting room where the Dark Lord was waiting for just the two of us, and he said he had a mission for us." Severus paused and looked around the room where his eyes landed on Remus and then on Sirius. "Before I continue any further in my retelling of earlier events, I have a question for Lupin and Black."

Remus looked directly at Severus and said "I'm curious as to why you would have a question for us in the middle of your story, but go ahead Severus."

"The night that the Potter's were attacked all those years ago, did either of you check the house?" Silence met Severus' words as everyone in the room turned to both Remus and Sirius.

Sirius cleared his throat and looked at Remus before saying, "I went to the house. Remus could not go as it was a full moon that night. Peter and I were supposed to meet James and then go to Remus' place later on. Why are you asking this question? What has it got to do with the news Voldemort gave you and his mission for you Snape?"

Severus looked directly at Sirius "Everything Black. The Dark Lord's information has everything to do with the Potter's and lack of checking that house for survivors." Again, silence met Severus' words and Remus and Sirius both looked shocked.

"What do you mean?" Harry asked "I'm not the only one who is still alive? Mum or dad survived too?"

"No. Lily and James did not survive. Lupin, Black. I believe there is something that you need to inform Mister Potter of."

Sirius growled "Yeah Snape? How about you shut up. We were going to tell him later on after this stupid war so that it wouldn't be such an emotional burden."

Remus sighed and looked at Harry, who looked both curious and angry that something was kept from him yet again "Harry. Sirius and I were going to tell you-"

"But I asked them not to" interrupted Dumbledore. Harry looked angrily at him and asked "What are you keeping from me now?"

Molly looked shocked at Harry's anger towards Albus, but chose not to say anything

"Harry, I did not want to cause you any additional pain, and must confess that I am curious as to how Voldemort knew." Albus paused, took a deep breath and continued "Harry you had a twin sister."

Harry was shocked and as he looked around he noticed Ron, Hermione, Ginny and the twins looked as shocked as he did. Harry glared at Dumbledore "Why should I not know that I had a twin sister? I would want to know something like that! How could you stop Remus and Sirius from telling me?"

"I am sorry Harry, truly I am. I had thought that you had enough to deal with and didn't need the extra emotions of someone who isn't here." Albus looked at the shocked and angry faces around him and sighed 'Why does this have to happen now? What does Voldemort know?' As soon as he finished his thought his eyes widened in surprise and he looked at Severus "Severus, you mentioned that Voldemort said there are survivors. What is he talking about?"

"The Dark Lord told Lucius and myself that he has a spy located in Canada who told him that Tara Potter is alive and currently living in Toronto, going to a muggle high school and is completely ignorant of the wizarding world. He believes that he will be able to eliminate her with ease as she has not been trained magically."

Remus and Sirius both sat forward in their seats and Remus said to Severus "He knows exactly where she is?"

"Yes, he does. We are to meet his spy in four days, find the girl and bring her before the Dark Lord. I came here as soon as I could hoping that a plan could be made to get her to England and out of the Dark Lord's clutches before Lucius and I travel there to get her." Severus reached in his pocket and pulled out a piece of paper "I have her address and school right here."

"We have a question." George said.

"Boys, I don't think now is a good time to be joking around or anything. Just a warning before you regret anything you say." Said Mr. Weasley.

"You said her name was Tara Potter" Fred said to Severus

"And that she has no magical training." George said smiling.

Looking at the two boys Dumbledore motioned for them to continue, "Well we just think it's interesting as we have a client in Canada whose name happens to be Tara Potter and has been purchasing products from us for a few months now. Ever since we began expanding and offering our products abroad."

"You've been selling products to Potter? Why didn't you say anything?" Severus asked angrily.

"Well, we didn't say anything as we didn't know that Harry had a twin sister, so thought it was just a coincidence." Fred said. "And we're not just selling her products" George continued "We're her employers."

"What?!" Sirius yelled.

"Well" Severus started gaining everyone's attention "We know now that the Dark Lord's spy is misinformed and obviously doesn't have all the information and we also now have a way of getting in touch with Potter and bringing her to England."

"Fred, George, I want you to go to Canada along with three other people, one has to be an Order member, and get Tara and bring her to Headquarters immediately. I want her here tomorrow." Albus said. Fred and George nodded before saying, "We want to take Sirius, Remus and Harry with us."

Albus looked at the three other men before nodding and saying "Alright. You five will leave tomorrow morning. I will have a portkey ready for you at noon." Looking at Severus he said "Go to your house and pretend as though nothing has changed. Voldemort will most likely summon you once he has been informed that Tara is missing. Pretend ignorance to him promising him you will get information. I will then meet with you and you can go back to Voldemort and tell him we have Tara."

Severus nodded "Alright. Well, I'm going to head back to my house and sleep. I have a feeling that Lucius and I will be summoned tomorrow night and I will need my rest for that." With that Severus left Grimmauld Place and headed off to his manor.

Once Snape left Albus looked at Fred, George, Remus, Sirius and Harry "Be here by 11:55am. The portkey will be set for noon, which should bring you into Toronto for 8:00am. I will give you the portkey which will take you to where Tara is. Once there, Fred and George, you must find and tell Tara right away what is going on. The portkey I give you will reactivate at 6:00pm Toronto time, so you will have all day. You will arrive back here at 10:00pm where we can all meet and discuss a few things. Make sure to keep your eyes open and always be on the lookout for anything fishy. Voldemort's spy is still out there so watch yourselves."

Once everything was explained Albus left Grimmauld Place and everyone else went up to bed. However, one person could not fall asleep right away. Harry looked at the ceiling and smiled 'I have a twin sister. I wonder what she's like, or if she'll like me.' Scowling at the ceiling he thought 'Why couldn't Dumbledore mention her sooner? We could have found her years ago? He should stop keeping secrets to himself as they get other people hurt.' Harry then rolled over and tried to fall asleep. Tomorrow was going to be busy.

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