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Chapter 4: Discussions

Sirius, Tara, Alex, Constance and Jason left the room to head upstairs and the remaining members of the house stayed in the kitchen. Once Sirius and the teens left the room Ron rounded on Harry, "Why are you so bloody friendly with them?"

"Ronald Weasley!" said Molly, "watch your language!"

Ignoring his mother Ron was looking expectantly at Harry "Well? We're waiting."

Harry looked between Ron, Ginny and Hermione who looked both angry and disappointed "Look, Hermione I don't understand why you hide an important part of your life from us. A twin sister is important!" Harry looked at Ron and Ginny saying "And you two really had no right in jumping into their family fight. You had whatever Tara and Constance said coming to you."

"How can you side with them Harry? We're your friends!" Ginny said.

"I was getting angry with her sister because she was attacking Hermione! She was upset! Your sister had no right to tell us that we had no idea what happened when they were younger, she wasn't there either!" Ron said.

"So what if Constance was attacking Hermione verbally Ron? They're family! Don't you and your brothers fight like that? Don't you get upset with each other? You don't see me getting involved!" Breathing heavily he looked at Ginny "Oh, and Ginny? I'm not siding with them, because yes, you are my friends, but you both are being complete idiots right now!"

"I'm sorry" Hermione whispered. Everyone turned to look at her "Oh, dear" said Mrs. Weasley "You have nothing to be sorry for. Your sister attacked you." She looked at her children and said "One of you needs to get Constance and tell her she has to apologize to Hermione. It is not good to leave a fight suspended like that. It creates feelings of bitterness and only gets you angrier."

"Bitterness mum?" Fred asked "I think Constance has had 5 years of bitterness building up."

"Whatever happened when they were younger has led to this. Constance needs time to cool down from seeing Hermione after being away from her for so long." George stated.

"And I hate to say this" Harry started "but Hermione you need to not get upset when she's around. She took charge of that whole fight because you were weeping on Ron's shoulder."

Ron glared at Harry, "You could have stuck up for us mate instead of choosing your sister and her friends. You realize that two of her friends are related to Draco Malfoy and Snape? How trustworthy is that? She's going to be betrayed just like Pettigrew betrayed-"

"ENOUGH!" Everyone's head spun towards the door and Sirius stood in the doorway looking menacingly at Ron, "Ron, you don't want to finish that sentence."

"Sins of the father do not necessarily pass to the son." Harry said quietly, "Just because they share the same last name Ron does not mean they are like their fathers or brother. I thought you knew that based on Snape's class. He thinks I'm like my dad and so he has hated me since the beginning because of it. Are you going to be as narrow minded as he is Ron?"

Ron looked a little shocked at what Harry said but then shook his head no. Hermione looked at Harry and said "I never meant to hurt any of you by not telling you about my sister, but I was ashamed that I had behaved like I did towards her. You saw what I was like when I first went to Hogwarts!" Hermione noticed that everyone was listening intently and so continued, "Constance and I were pretty close when we were really young. We did everything together." Hermione smiled a little at the memories that entered her mind, Constance and her playing with their mom in the sandbox, the two of them being dressed exactly the same, and then her memories started turning into their later years, so she shook her head and continued with her story "As we got a little older we were learning how to read and write and I caught on a little more quickly than Constance did. I caught onto to concepts faster than any child my age, so the teachers assumed I was gifted. They never noticed that Constance was never far behind me and she also was extremely gifted."

Hermione started shaking her head and Ginny said to her "You don't have to continue tonight Hermione."

Hermione looked around the room and said "No. I started telling you the story, and I'm going to finish it." Hermione sighed and continued, "My parents were overjoyed that one of their daughters was extremely intelligent and they began to encourage me and would say things to Constance, such as 'Your sister can do it' or 'try a little harder and you can get it just like Hermione'.

"I'm sure your parents didn't mean to single either of you out." Remus said.

"But they did" Hermione whispered. In a stronger voice she said "At first it was subtle, but later on they began to ignore her and their constant encouragement of me went straight to my head. Constance and I began to draw apart when were about 7 or 8 years old when my parents ignored her achievements as she was just average in their eyes and their focus should be on their gifted child. Soon after my parents started doing that I became extremely self-centered, and my sister could see it. I was rude to everyone in my class and would laugh at those who couldn't get the answer right." Looking at everyone in the room and then finally landing on Ron and Harry who looked upset at her words she said, "You remember what I was like in first year. I talked down to everyone and thought I was smarter than anyone in our year. Then the incident with the troll happened and I started to see the error of my ways." Smiling at Ron and Harry she said, "It took you two being a part of my life for me to realize that I had pushed everyone away and missed out on so much. It took the two of you wanting to be a part of my life and being my friends to understand that cleverness is not something to throw in other people's faces. It's something to know that I have and to help others with the knowledge that I have gained."

Sighing Hermione said "Constance has every reason to hate me, and I can't blame her at all." When she saw that Molly Weasley was going to interrupt her she said, "No she does. I was mean and spiteful towards her when we were younger and for her to run away from mom, dad and I just shows you how badly we treated her. When she didn't come back home we were all devastated. My parents didn't realize that they were pushing one of their children away. They searched for her for a year before the police told them to stop looking for Constance and they pronounced her dead."

"I felt horrible that my sister had died and I didn't get a chance to say goodbye. The last thing I had said to her was that mom and dad loved me more because I was smarter than she was." Tears poured down her face and she said "I told her that mom and dad didn't love her." Looking around the room she said "What kind of a sister does that make me, saying that? In essence I pushed Constance away. I'm supposed to be her twin, and we were supposed to always stick together. We had made a pact when we were 5 to always be there for each other and to always help if the other one was in trouble, and I broke that pact. I don't blame her for her attitude towards me. I'm just relieved that she actually is alive and I have a chance to make things right between us. I just have to try now and find a way to convince her that I've changed and I truly am sorry."

"Just be the Hermione we all know and love." Ron said

"We'll help you Hermione." Harry added.

Smiling at Hermione Molly then said "Alright everyone. It's extremely late and I think that everyone should head to bed and get some rest."


Earlier in the night Sirius showed Tara, Alex, Constance and Jason to their room on the second floor. It was a medium sized room with closet space, a couple well polished dressers and four single beds, 2 were lined up on separate walls facing each other and on the other side of the room were two doors. One door led to a small study with a round table and a few bookshelves on the far wall, and the second door led to a bathroom. The four teens thanked Sirius for the room as it had just what they needed.

Once Sirius left the four of them sat down on two of the beds on one side of the room and began to talk about the night's events, starting with Cosi and Jay's fights with their families.

"Are you ok Jade?" Alex asked

Cosi nodded "It just shocked me when I saw her. I mean, I know that Harry said that she would be here, but I didn't expect to see her right away. Something exploded inside me though when that old guy, Dumbledore, mentioned ignoring her. All I could think of when he said that was 'It serves her right to finally know what I went though', and then I got angry at him for assuming that he knew me." Sighing she continued and said "I could deal with my parents thinking I was never good enough, but for her to shove it in my face when we were younger, I couldn't."

"We don't blame you Jade."

"Thanks for backing me up Athena. It helped having all of you there. I wouldn't have been able to say everything I did without you guys there beside me."

Laughing Jay said "You've got to admit Athena that Harry has balls. For him to tell Jade to knock it off, and he barely knows her. That's brave."

"I'm actually surprised that you listened to him Cosi." Tara said

"Actually so am I. But once it registered what he said I realized that it wasn't the time or place for that battle royale. The whole Order didn't need to witness that. Speaking of battles though, Blitz, we all know that you want to hurt your father, but was all that really necessary?"

"Yeah it was" Jay said, "He needed to know that I knew exactly who he was and to know that I'm not going to forgive what he did to my mom. But once Athena told him that he owed it to me to explain why he did what he did and he was about to give a rude reply to her, I just snapped. I saw red, and wanted to hurt him."

All of a sudden Sirius' voice could be heard from downstairs shouting "ENOUGH!" and then all was quiet once more.

Smirking Alex said, "Do you think they're arguing about us?"

Everyone laughed and Tara said "What do you think?" Looking at Jason she said "I'm glad that Sirius tried to stop you from attacking your father. Attacking him won't help you get the answers you need, although I'm sure that it would have made you feel better."

"I was shocked when Sirius tried to stop me. I had no idea he was an animagus, and a black dog like me too! We should try transforming right beside each other and see what the differences are. It would be interesting, wouldn't it?"

Tara looked at Alex and said quietly "You haven't said much. Are you alright?"

Alex shook his head and then sighed looking at the others as they got quiet, "When they first told me that I had a twin brother I was so excited. Something I've always wanted was a family." Looking at Tara he said "Both of us want a family. It's our deepest desires." Tara nodded at him and reached for his hand. Alex then said, "He said my family would be surprised to find out I was alive. I stupidly assumed that they would be happy to find out that their child was alive and wanting to come home. I had looked at Tara to see that she looked just as upset as I felt when Dumbledore said they would want to kill me, and I felt bitterness towards my father and mother. They obviously didn't love me or want me to be a part of their lives, so much so that they sent me to another continent to grow up. The only thing that I'm thankful for is that they didn't kill me, and that I got to grow up and be best friends with you guys."

Silent tears were pouring down Tara and Alex's face at this point and Tara moved towards Alex, who began to cry in earnest once Tara got closer to him.

Tara said to Alex "We're not going anywhere Leo. We're your family and nothing will ever change that, not family members who don't know what they have until it's gone, future girlfriends or boyfriends. Nothing will change the fact that the four of us are family and we're not going anywhere."

Alex finally looked at Tara and said "You're right; nobody can tear us apart, but with Voldemort after you Tara and soon after everyone, just because he can, how can you say that nothing's going to happen to us? I don't want any of you guys to die, just because of some stupid war which we now happen to be a part of. I'm scared. I'm frightened that something terrible is going to happen to you now that Voldemort knows who you are Tara, and I can't lose you." Looking at Cosi and Jay who had just climbed onto the bed that Tara and Alex were on he said "I can't lose you two either. You three are all that keeps me going and if something happens to any of you then I wouldn't be able to go on."

"Look who's getting sappy on us. That's usually Cosi's job." Jay said, making everyone smile "Leo, we've been training a lot harder than anyone at National Wizarding Academy, and from what the professors keep telling me is that we are years ahead of our Hogwarts peers and they go to wizarding school full time. We've been putting in so much extra time to manage our gifts. Voldemort isn't an elemental, now is he?" Seeing Alex shake his head he said to everyone, "We're going to keep a low profile when we're here and we're going to have to find time to keep training. The more we know, the better off we'll be in the long run."

"Blitz is right. We can't dwell on what could happen if Voldemort gets the best of us, we have to keep going for the good of everyone. We can't give up Leo, no matter what."

"Besides" Tara started with a smirk "He couldn't kill me when I was a baby and he hasn't been able to kill Harry yet, so what makes you think that he can take on four elementals who plan on kicking his ass?"

At this everyone started laughing at Tara's claim and didn't hear the rest of the house heading for bed until Mrs. Weasley popped her head in the door and said, "We're all heading to bed dears, you might want to get some rest as well."

Still laughing Tara replied "Alright Mrs. Weasley."

Once she had closed the door Cosi said "Where the hell did she come from?"

"I hate being snuck up on" Tara said, "but they all don't know that. Anyways, I'm not going to bed yet. I'm still on Ontario time."

Jason and Cosi got up off the bed and went to the bed beside it and they all continued to chat for some time before falling asleep, Jason with Constance and Alex with Tara.


Sometime in the early morning Tara could feel something vibrating in her pocket. Reaching down to grab it she realized that it was her cell phone. Tara flipped it open and brought it up to her ear and said groggily "Hello?"

"Tara? It's Josh"

"Hi Josh." Tara said. She glanced at the sleeping of form of Alex right beside her and to the clock on the wall before saying "Josh? It's 4am over here."

"Is it? Sorry Tara, I wasn't thinking when I called you. The Order meeting just ended here and I know that you wanted to be kept informed. I can have Lucy call you in the morning."

"No, it's alright Josh." Tara said. Alex began to stir next to her and she tilted the phone slightly away from her ear so Alex might be able to catch some of the conversation when he woke up slightly. "It's better this way anyway as everyone's asleep besides Alex and myself, so we don't have to answer any awkward questions over here."

"Good. Well, I'll try to make this a short phone call so you can get back to sleep and we won't be charged an outrageous amount for your cell phone bill. Alright, so we had an emergency Order meeting and I told them what had occurred earlier this evening. We've decided that it's probably best if I tell You-Know-Who that you have disappeared from Canada and I don't know where you went, or if you'll be back."

"Josh, you can't do that. He'll torture you because you failed to keep an eye on me. I can't let you do that."

"Tara, this is the only way. If I leave it too long, then he will get suspicious as to why I didn't tell him right away. My position will be even more compromised than it is now. I need to tell him that you left the country. Hopefully he will be lenient with me. I will let you know what happens after I have a meeting with him. I'm going to try and take a quick 2 hour nap and then portkey over to England and have a face-to-face discussion with him. I'll try to reach you before lunch tomorrow, alright?"

"Josh, I don't like this plan. There are too many flaws in it-"

"There are flaws in any plan because we never know what the other side is thinking. Trust me Tara, I'll be alright. I'll see you soon ok, little sister?"

Smiling Tara said "Okay big brother. Take care of yourself okay?"

"I will Tara. Say hi to Alex for me, and tell him I miss you guys already."

"I can hear you Josh," Alex said into the phone "You watch your back"

Laughing Josh said "I will Alex. See you both soon." With that Josh hung up the phone and Tara closed hers and put it back in her pocket. Thinking about Josh she put her head on Alex's chest and said "I worry about him."

"I do too. When they first suggested that he be the spy for Voldemort I was furious. I wanted the Order to pick someone older and wiser; someone who we didn't consider family." Sighing Alex then said "But after I thought about it I realized that it made the most sense to have him as the spy. He's young and could pretend that he was swayed by what Voldemort had to offer him. It doesn't make the situation any easier to deal with, but at least we know it's someone who will watch our backs and who we trust."

Tara nodded into his chest "I don't know how much more pain any of us can deal with right now. I hope he gets through this."

Kissing her forehead Alex said "We'll worry about it in the morning. We need to get some sleep before someone comes to wake us up for breakfast."


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