Bella's P.o.V.

Edward was late. I would have been worried about this if I hadn't known Charlie was the cause of it. My father's unfriendly ---alright, downright hostile--- behavior towards my boyfriend hadn't wavered yet. He still blamed Edward for my recent depression; and Edward was far from disagreeing with him. So when Charlie arranged visiting hours that ended too soon then would be beneficial for my health, Edward obliged without a fight.

Not that that stopped him from sneaking into my bedroom when my father was asleep.

I glanced at the clock in my room for the thousandth time. He usually came by now. Maybe Charlie was still up and Edward had decided not to risk it?

I sighed and pouted. It wasn't as if Charlie would have seen anything scandalous on the off chance he even caught us together. Edward was too cautious to do anything too rash ---much to my immense displeasure. But I respected what he said at least. He was only trying to make sure he didn't accidentally kill me.

But sometimes it just wasn't enough for me. I felt as if just saying how I felt didn't come close to how much I loved him. I wished I could show him how much I was obsessively infatuated with him. But I couldn't. Not yet at least. Not until he changed me into a vampire.

If he changed me, all barriers separating us from expressing our love's depth would completely and utterly vanish, never to be seen again and only existing in our memories.

I dwelled on this for a little while before I decided to surf the net. After a small battle with my ancient computer, I was online. I remembered vaguely of Alice mentioning a website that I should see if I was bored and needed a few kicks.

I typed into the fan fiction network and browsed a little. They had Pride and Prejudice, Harry Potter, the Mediator… and one that especially stuck out to me for some reason. A little word that would be overlooked by anyone normal. "Twilight."

I wondered what the book was about. I had never read it. I clicked on it with the mouse and waited until my computer decided to cooperate and upload the links.

Finally, a long list of fan fictions popped up. I scrolled down and read some.

And then nearly had a cardiac arrest.

Edward's name was mentioned! First AND last! Under further inspection, I even found MY name in the stories!

I clicked on one by some one called, 'WannaBetOnIt?' and began to read the summery.

'Bella Swan was ditched by Edward Cullen. We all know that. But what happens six years later when Edward comes back to find out she has twins and a husband named Jacob Black?'

I just sat there, staring at the paragraph. I had a feeling that this was only just the beginning of a VERY long and tiring night.