The dark of night fell over the Village Hidden in the Leaves and in the compound of Naruto Uzamaki slept a very exhausted ninja. After hours of training with team 7 you'd be exhausted too. Naruto was so lost in sleep that he didn't hear the footsteps in his apartment.

A dark figure approached the demon container; the dark figure discarded his pants then strode over to the blond. He pushed the blond onto his stomach gently so not to wake him. Then he slowly pulled down the blond's pants and boxers.

The bond boy moved a little at the new breeze hitting his groin. The dark figure didn't even flinch he just sat there still, once Naruto stopped moving the dark figure positioned himself properly.

Then he bean to pump himself until he became hard, then the placed his head right by Naruto's entrance then grabbed Naruto's waist and slammed into the blond. Naruto screamed in pain.

The dark figure pulled himself out of Naruto still holding the blonds waist. Naruto's body was stinging in pain but he turned his head to see his attacker. "I…It…Itachi." Naruto said in all but a whisper.

Itachi smirked and thrusted back into Naruto causing Naruto to cry out again, this just turned Itachi on more, he continued his rhythm of pulling out then thrusting back in. Naruto was helpless his voice was becoming horse from all the screaming and his whole body ached with pain.

Itachi climaxed in Naruto then pulled himself out of Naruto then got off of him and put on his pants again, then he turned to Naruto savoring his condition, the fear in his eyes the pain he was experiencing, he loved it.

"How are you feeling my little fox?" Itachi asked sarcastically. He walked over to Naruto, Naruto tried his best to move but he was in a lot of pain. Itachi grabbed Naruto's face and pulled him in for a kiss, he quickly pried Naruto's mouth open and explored Naruto's cavern.

Naruto bite down as hard as he could on Itachi's tongue which proved successful because Itachi broke the kiss and punched Naruto square in the face. Kyuubi began to give Naruto power slowly but surly, Itachi noticed this so he pulled out a kunai and stabbed Naruto in random places his right arm, both his legs, and the right side of his chest.

Again Naruto cried in pain. "So my kitsune, what will you do now? Tell this pathetic Village what I've done. Wouldn't that make you look weak and would anyone even believe you? How would I, Itachi sneak into the Village Hidden in the Leaves without being detected, and wouldn't I take you with me?"

Naruto gulped, his wounds were being healed by Kyuubi so he could move but he was to scarred and Itachi was right he did feel weak and who would believe him, no one that's who not even Iruka. Itachi could see that he broke the blond so with that he walked over to the window and left wordlessly, leaving Naruto scared and confused on what to do next.