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The Hogwarts Werewolf

Chapter 1

It was a clear, cool night in Surrey and the full moon shone brightly, illuminating Privet Drive in a silvery light. Most residents were already sleeping fitfully in their beds, not one light shining through the windows of the small neighbourhood.

However, someone was still awake. In a small, dusty and almost bare room, a young man, 16 years old, was laying sprawled on the bed. His emerald green eyes were still wide open, not looking the least bit sleepy. His glasses stood perched on top of his nose, the black rim shining in the moonlight. His jet-black hair was as messy as ever. His fringe barely covered a scar shaped like a lightning bolt.

The teen sighed and rolled over on his stomach, stretching. He glanced anxiously at the clock, which read 23:58 on July 30th. His eyes sparkled with joy. In two minutes, he would be 17 and free of the Dursleys forever.

23:59. His eyes trailed around the small dormitory, just to make sure he hadn't forgotten anything. He had packed early that morning and his trunk was lying near the door, ready for his departure. Hedwig was aut on her nightly hunt for some small rodents, so her cage stood empty atop the the trunk.

00:00 on July 31st. A barn owl carrying a letter with the Ministry seal on it came hurtling through the open window and landed with an indignant hoot on the bed. Harry took the envelope from the tawny owl, which started preening and rearraging her feathers.

Dear Mr. Potter,

We are pleased to inform you that you are officially allowed to use magic outside of school. We still need to remind you though that you are not allowed to use magic outside of your house in Surrey. Congratulations on turning 17. Have a great 7th year at Hogwarts.

Best Wishes,

Rufus Scrimgeour,

Minister of Magic

Harry read this over twice, almost as if he couldn't believe he could finally use magic outside of school. He neatly folded the letter and put it in the pocket of his robe, smiling happily. He pulled his wand aut, almost with reverence, enjoying the moment. He shrunk his belongings and tucked them safely in his robe pocket.

"Alohomora!" he whispered, and the lock on his door turned, and the door opened without a sound. Feeling more and more gleeful, he made his way silently down the stairs, rejoycing in the fact that he would be gone without the Dursleys seeing them. He briefly wondered how long it would take them to notice he was gone, but shrugged the thought off.

Just when he thought the coast was clear, he almost bumped into someone and hissed in surprise. It was his cousin, Dudley, who was trying to sneak out unnoticed by his overly protective parents.

Harry chuckled when Dudley caught sight of him, dressed in full wizard attire, and went pale. His large eyes were mirroring his fright as he was stepping backwards. However, he snapped out of it soon and lunged forward, trying to punch Harry in the nose.

Harry snapped, "Petrificus Totalus!" and Dudley's body went rigid as it fell to the floor like a rock with a loud THUD. In a moment, two pairs of feet were thundering down the steps. The light went on and Harry found himself facing his Aunt and his Uncle. Vernon's face was flushed red with anger and Petunia's long face was pale and anxious.

"Boy!" Uncle Vernon started to yell, but was rudely interrupted by Petunia's shriek as she caught sight of her 'Diddykins'. The scream traveled past the wards of the house, reaching the ears of a large wolf sleeping on the front lawn beneath an Invisibility Cloak.

The Remus Lupin that Harry knew was buried deep inside the werewolf's mind, due to the fact that he had missed his last dose of Wolfsbane Potion. So the mind of the werewolf standing outside with its ears perked was 95% feral and only 5% human. The thick, gray coat of the wolf shone silver in the light of the full moon and his amber eyes glinted with curiosity.

Back inside the house, Vernon and Petunia were standing by Dudley's side, ferociously demanding that Harry 'fixed him'. With an annoyed sigh, Harry pulled his wand out and released Dudley from the spell. 'Although he deserved to stay like that a little longer. Way longer.' Harry thought with a snort. The two opened the door and rushed their son to the car, to take him to a doctor, frantically fussing over the pale-looking, moaning child.

Harry followed them, strolling casually across the lawn. Vernon caught sight of him and, in a fit of rage, lunged at Harry with his fists up and ready to strike. Before Harry had the chance to even pull the wand out of his pocket, Remus reacted. Seeing the danger Harry was in, he lunged with a growl that sent shivers down Harry's spine.

Harry reacted instantly to the fast approaching wolf and threw his body in the path of the wolf. "REMUS, NO!!!" he yelled, trying to stop him, not knowing he had lost control of his inner wolf. But the wolf was in mid leap when Harry had moved to stand in front of his uncle, and he could not react before the powerful jaws bit through Harry's upper arm instead of Vernon's shoulder. Harry cried in pain as the sharp teeth ripped through skin and muscles and fell to his knees. The werewolf swiftly retreated.

It seemed that the taste of Harry's blood brought Remus back to his senses. He approached the young teen whimpering, with his tail tucked between his legs, and gently sniffed. He threw his head back and, all precautions aside, gave a mournful howl for his dreadful mistake. Remus then gently nudged the teen, trying to get a response out of him.

Unexpectedly, Petunia jumped put of the car and hauled the boy in the car. Remus instantly grabbed his Invisibility Cloak and jumped in, curling underneath the cloak. Vernon's eye twitched with anger as he yelled at the beast. "GET OUT OF MY CAR, YOU FILTHY ANIMAL!!!!" The wolf gave a deep-throated growl. Vernon just slammed the car door shut, got in and sped off towards the hospital, grumbling constantly.

He looked back at his sick-looking son and seriously injured nephew – why did that brat also have to get hurt?! Above the boy's head, there was a great head of a wolf, amber eyes full of sorrow as they dropped a tear on the boy's unruly locks. The wolf was terribly upset and scared. It knew it had done something terribly, terribly wrong.