It was pass midnight in the small town of Sunnydale and as always the slayer and her companions where once again out and about hunting down the latest threat in the petite blonds' life. The slayer was by now used to the ups and downs of slayer hood, she understood that she would have to put herself through horrors of the deadly kind. However she wondered if the powers that be where looking down at her and having a great laugh at her own expense or rather, in this case at least, the expense of her nose.

You would think that this Toth thingny would have chosen a better home considering its supposedly sophisticated background. But no, this thing was just as determined to ruin her wardrobe as all of the other monsters out there were. You would think that the chosen one would get a break once in a while and actually finish a Friday night neither dirty from a fight nor smelly from a trip to the sewers or Sunnydale's very own dump.

Now to top off an already sucky night said slayer and her group just had to run into the annoying pain in her ass commonly known as Spike, in a dump no less! Buffy had no time to deal with the platinum blond vampire at the moment, she just wanted to find the yucky looking demon that Giles talked about and get it over with. No sense in wasting time with a vampire, much less a neutered one. However her friends seemed to have other ideas in mind as they started chatting with the blood sucking fiend.

Luckily the chit chat lasted only a few seconds before her watcher steered them towards a more important topic.

"Spike, um…were looking for a demon, um…tall, robed…skin sort of hanging off, deep voice."

Without missing a beat Spike responded with his usual air of indifference while pointing behind them.

"You mean a great, tall robey thing like that one ?"

The Slayer's only thought was that this thing had to sneak up on them and Spike as usual had to be around. She ducked as fast as she could, barely hearing her boyfriend yelling out the obvious.

" Take cover!"

She did however hear loud and clear the words coming out of the mouth of the bane of her existence as he shouted out to the glowy green demon.

"Big guy! Kick her ass!"

That was it, chip or no chip that vampire was going to get his ass handed to him as soon as the present threat was dealt with. But it seemed that Spikes new yucky friend didn't really care all that much about unity within the demon community as he aimed his glowy stick and shot a green magical blast that hit the annoying vampire right in the heart. Understandably the blast sent him flying back a few feet until his body landed behind a pile of junk.

Buffy and the Scoobies had just enough time to catch a glimpse at the Toth demon's terrified expression before he turned swiftly and as Giles put it earlier on, swept out majestically.

"Well wasn't that just anti-climactic."

Was the only thing Riley could say.

"I don't get it. The demon had us scattering to ground and he just stopped and made with the big exit. What was that all about?"

The small blond slayer asked her watcher while Xander, Willow and Riley could only nod in agreement. The old brit could only clean his glasses vigorously as he admitted that he had not a clue as to what could have caused the demons sudden exit. The young red headed Witch could only voice her concerns.

"But Giles did you see that things face before it went off, it wasn't the "Urghhh! I'll get them next time" look it was the "Scardy cat running home to momma" look that he was sporting. What would make him look that way? I mean sure we got the slayer with us but that doesn't change the fact that he didn't really seem to be all that worried about it earlier."

"You know G-man, Wills kinda has a point. What gives?"

"Maybe the sub-terrestrial just realized he was out numbered and decided to retreat and regroup."

"Riley, that thing knew that he was outnumbered before we even saw him and it still came looking for a fight. No, whatever freaked this thing out was something that happened while he was trying to shoot us down, the only thing left to do now is to figure out what that was."

" Easier said than done Buffster, I mean I'm all for the group research but that thing was as cool as ice until the green flash coming out of his staff thingny hit Spike and then it was all like wham, bam, thank you mam!"

A flash of recognition passed through the slayer's eyes seconds before she yelped out loud.

"Spike! That must be it, whatever gave that thing the willies must have had something to do with Spike."

The small blond felt proud and triumphant before she realized one small thing and the dazzling smile she sported vanished.

"Guys, uh…where exactly is Spike?"

"Does it really matter what happened to hostile 17 after all that Toth thing is gone and the vampire is of no threat to us."

Riley replied briskly his voice tinged with jealousy at the fact that he had detected a tiny note of worry in his girlfriend's voice as she took notice of the absence of said blond annoyance. Giles was about to reply saying that if Spike somehow scared that demon off it would probably be a good idea to try and find out if the vampire knew exactly how he did so.

However the watcher was cut off by the sound of a vicious growl coming from behind where they stood. They quickly turned to watch a figure as it slowly rose from the pile of rubbish, the platinum blond hair was easily recognizable to all as was the signature Billy Idol look along with his trademark black duster, hell even the vamp face was familiar to them. However what was not familiar was the gleam in the vampire's eyes. To add even more oddness to the situation was the fact that the vampire's irises where there natural blue color instead of the usual demonic gold.

They all stood stalk still as the vampire breathed in the night air, seemingly acquainting himself with the scents and smells surrounding his person. Suddenly Spike's head snapped back and quickly zeroed in his gaze on the Slayer.

Before anybody could react Spike had moved abnormally fast and was now standing behind Buffy. The blond, not enjoying having someone invading her personal space hit said vampire with her elbow, or at least she tried to. Spike caught her blow before it even got close enough to his face, quickly grabbing her other arm before she could retaliate he snarled his displeasure at having her attack him.

All present received the shock of their lives when Spike slowly lowered his face to nuzzle the slayer's neck while drawing small droplets of her blood as his fangs affectionately cut miniature scratches on her skin.