Summary: Lord Sesshomaru must fine a mate at the end of the month but here's the catch his mate must be human and strong enough to bear a powerful heir. Luckily for him Kagome fits the profile perfectly.

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Chapter 1

"Lord Sesshomaru, do you understand the reason as to why you were summoned here?" An elder asked.

"Hn." He said. Sesshomaru stood in front of the Demon Council. The Demon council were made up of 11 wise, old demons in ceremonial robes.

The elders were taken back and a bit afraid but they continued on. Another elder stepped forward to finish. "We the Demon Council have called you here to discuss the issue of you not having a mate." Sesshomaru growls.

"To make along story short Lord Sesshomaru you must find a mate by the end in one month or you will have to give up your lands. Oh yes, there is one other thing Lord Sesshomaru, your mate must be human." The elder finished, unable to hide his smirk.

Tetsen, the name of the elder who now spoke to him. This specific demon fought his father long ago and lost. Obviously the fool was still bitter. Sesshomaru narrowed his eyes at him. Hundreds of ways to kill Tetsen ran through his head. He will kill him for this. It was only a question of when.

With that,Sesshomaru clenched the boa on his shoulder and left, slamming the door behind him. 'Damn Tetsen and those Elders! How dare they presume to think they can tell this Sesshomaru that I must take a mate, humen at that. Outrageous! I can easily kill them… however I would lose my status, the Inuyoukai name with go down with him and forever be tarnished. He would be as worthless as the halfling. This month will be ending soon I will have to begin the search today' He thought to himself.

Sesshomaru knew no humans aside from Rin. She was not of age to mate and he harbored no such feelings for her. She was more of a daughter figure in a sense. The only other female could think of was Inuyasha's wench. "Kagome." Of course. Now that he thinks about it, the girl would be a perfect candidate. Though she had a temper to rival any Inuyoukai and could never hold her tongue, she could be taught. He smirked at that thought. She was pleasing to the eyes, loyal, brave and powerfull. 'A fine marksmen as well. I've witness the miko take down many demons. The wench was even brave enough to stand against me, where as others would cower at a mere glimpse. Indeed, she is a fine choice.' Quickly devising a plan, Sesshomaru regained his composure and set out with with new determination.

Sensing a demon of low power, instantly recognizing the sent. "JAKEN!" the little green toad emerged from a near by bush and knelt in front of Sesshomaru. "Yes my lord, how may this lowly-" he was cut off. "Where is Rin?" Sesshomaru demanded. Jaken cowered back fearfully. "She is with Master Setsune. When I left she was resting, my lord." Jaken explained. Sesshomaru nodded and walked away saying "Come. There's something I must gather." He ordered.

Inuyasha's Group

It was mid day and the sun laid on the horizon, turning the sky shades of orange and red. Kagome had come back to the feudal era to bring back supplies and a heavy bag of ramen for Inuyasha. Kagome walked into the hut and dropped both her yellow bag and the bag for Inuyasha. Quickly scanning the hut she found that Inuyasha was not around.

"Where is Inuyasha?" Kagome said herself.

"Lady Kagome you're early. I didn't expect you for another five days. But all the same it's nice to see you." Miroku greeted.

"Kagome! You're back!" Shippo said as he jump onto her arms.

"Hello Kagome…. What's with the bag's?" Sango asked.

"Oh….that….that's Inuyasha's. I wanted to surprise him. Today is the day Sango!" she said excited.

"Today?! Are you sure about this Kagome? I mean…um….well….good luck." Sango move to hug her. "Inuyasha deserve what he's gonna get from you Kagome." Sango muttered into Kagome's ear.

And with that Kagome left the hut and headed for the sacred tree. On her way there Kagome looked at her locket identical to Inuyasha, opened it cradled it in her hand.

On one side was Inuyasha and on the other was her, both with the same expression on there faces. Kagome giggle a little at it. 'How can our face expressions be so similar to each other it's kind of funny if you think of it. I've spend so much time with him that I even picked up one of his bad anger habits.' She thought giving another small giggle.

Before Kagome even realized it she was coming up to the sacred trees, that's when she heard voices. Thinking that someone might be in trouble Kagome acted fast and ran though the bushes and ready her arrow. To her surprise she saw Kikyo there, riding Inuyasha like a horse on the forest ground.







To be continued…

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