Kagome froze, all thoughts of verbal retaliation toward Sesshomaru aside and only that voice mattered. She knew that voice, they both did.

"Inuyasha…" she whispered.

Sesshomaru rose from the plush bed and in a blink he was at the door. He turned his head back to the stunned miko and gave her a look that said 'Stay here and don't move' then Kagome shot him a 'like hell I will' look and he frowned. Sesshomaru's beast was mad again, but he suppressed it. "You will stay here mate. I will not have you in danger because you have a male's pride." And with that he left. Kagome pouted. "The nerve of that guy! I am not a child that needs protecting, I am a miko. I will not be caged!" Kagome fumed though part of her was begging her to stay put. She pulled herself up and walked to the door only to have it shock her. She yelped as her body flew back and she landed, bouncing onto the bed. "The bastard!" Kagome growl.

With Sesshy

Sesshomaru heard Kagome's small cry as he raced down the stairs and his beast smile. It was his beast idea to place a containment seal on the door and their bitch paid for her insensible actions. Sesshomaru stopped when he came face to face with his intruder.

"Inuyasha." He said with his emotionless façade in place.

Inuyasha had his claws through one of the male servants when he saw Sesshomaru. He smiled and withdrew his hand then turn to his brother. "Nice to see you too, Sesshomaru."

The servant's lifeless body fell to the floor with a 'thud', Inuyasha looked at the corpse then to his brother with a smirk before licking his blood stained claw. Sesshomaru looked at the half breed in disgust.

"Filthy half breed," he spat. "To what do I owe this most unwanted interruption?" Inuyasha stood there still licking the tips of his claws then turned to watch his brother unmoving face.

"You know my reason for being here; where is Kagome?" He asked in a sickenly sweet way.

"What business do you have with my intended mate, Halfling?" He smirked when Inuyasha's eyes widen in shock.

"Your intended? Ha! What? Couldn't find a demon will to mate your pompous ass? Or have you found that filth is all you can ever hope to mate?" As soon as those words left his mouth Inuyasha was pinned up against the nearest wall by a very pissed demon lord.

"Speak ill of this Sesshomaru's mate one more time and I will not hesitate to sever your limbs from your pathetic body." He whispered deadly as the his eyes burned red and the marking on his face became jagged.

The shock of his brother's actions wore off as quickly as it came and Inuyasha laughed like a mad man, taking Sesshomaru off guard. "Kikyo, now!" Inuyasha yelled and a sacred arrow came out, aiming for Sesshomaru.


Kagome sat on the bed fuming. 'That stupid dog…how the hell am I supposed to get out of this room?' She look around the room and sighed. Her only exit was the door Sesshomaru had sealed. Then it hit her. 'I'm still a miko…sort of, I can probably use my powers to break the barrier. Kagome walked to the door and held her hands out towards it and concentrated all of her spiritual power on the door and slowly but surely the barrier dissipated. "Yes!" Kagome jumped for joy. 'I out smarted you again.' She thought with a smile but the smile was whipped off her face when she heard "Kikyo, now!" She froze. 'What is Kikyo doing here..?' Kagome's thoughts were quickly cut short as a roar rip through the compounds of the castle.

Her beast growl and force its way down the stairs and stopped dead in her tracks. The site before her was just too hard to swallow. There stood Inuyasha and Kikyo staring smugly at Sesshomaru, who's armor was shattered and his shoulder was a bloody mess. Kagome let out a feral growl, both Inuyasha and Kikyo turned to her with bow and arrow raised and claws ready. Inuyasha stepped forward first and growled back. She didn't even notice. All she could see was red. Kagome's hair hovered around her body on the invisible waves of her aura as her claws and fangs elongated. Oh she was pissed.

Sesshomaru watched her this whole time, never moving. The damn wound on his shoulder stung and his beast craved the blood of those who offended his person but when he smelt his mate he could only watch. How beautiful she was. His beast felt pride as it watched her launched at Inuyasha, knocking him to the floor and swiping at his face. He almost smiled at the scene before him.

Kikyo readied her arrow and pulled back on the string of the bow. "Die already!" she screamed and let the arrow shoot forth. But the arrow never reached Kagome. Kikyo gasped because in front of her was Sesshomaru with the glowing blue sacred arrow grasped in his palm. The pain of the dead priestess power burned him to the high heavens and he felt his beast raise and struggle to gain control. His eyes bled red and he growl fiercely before breaking the arrow in two. Both Inuyasha and Kagome stopped watched the scene.

"Impossible! You should not have been able to break that so easily!" She was shaking now.

Sesshomaru smirk devilishly, showing his canines. He grabbed hold of Kikyo's face with his mighty claws and whispered "You have caused too much trouble wench. You tried to harm my mate and have injured this Sesshomaru. Die now witch." And with that he snapped her neck just as easily as he had done to her arrow not moments ago.

It was like time had stopped for Inuyasha as he watched his beloved fall to the floor face first, her neck twisted in an inhumane manor. Sesshomaru smiled as the blood from his victim spilled over his claws. He actually smiled. All light had had left Kikyo's eyes and her body took the shape of dirt once more. "K-Kikyo!" Inuyasha wailed as he rushed to her remains. Tears streaming down his face as he grasps at the ashes.