Disclaimer: I do not own Mar or any of its charactors. If I did, Bell would exist just so I can have the pleasure of watching her die.

Bell was happy. She was in paradise and everything was perfect. She had a cozy little house with an adorable garden in front. Every morning there would be a wicker basket filled with delicious food literally on her doorstep. Other than the basket, which was regular sized, everything was just big enough for her to use comfortably. She would then eat breakfast on a nice small table and never worried about lugging things around. Bell would then skip happily out the door and into a clear, perfect meadow and watch the fluffy clouds float by. There was a small waterfall, also the perfect size, which had clean, clear water, near the meadow. If she'd looked closer, she would have seen the little pipes that rested on the top of the falls or the tiny drain further downstream, partially hidden by a rock. But she didn't.

There was just one teeny tiny thing that could have put a dampener on her mood, if she allowed it: the clear, almost invisible dome that covered her paradise. But she didn't mind. Even though it stopped the wind entering, it blocked out the much-hated rain. Although it stopped her from breathing in the fresh, crisp air of the morning, the temperature was always perfect. What did it matter? Let the people outside feel the icy bite of winter, for her it was always springtime. So why did she feel that something was missing? She propped her head on her hand as she tried to think. Oh, she knew that she hadn't always been in the dome. She could remember back to when she was outside, sitting on someone's shoulder… A memory, unbidden, sprang to mind.

A boy, around sixteen years old, was standing, slightly swaying on the spot. Behind him was the wreckage of a still burning town. At his feet were two robed bodies, their faces covered with painted masks. He had blue hair and there were two triangular markings under his left eye. His hair blocked his eyes, as he was looking downwards, presumably at the two corpses. A gash on his cheek bled freely. One hand grasped his other arm. His white jacket was torn and stained with blood. From his waist dangled a chain of wooded totems. He looked up and Bell saw his eyes, clouded with pain and exhaustion.

"It's alright, Bell. He whispered." We've won."

Bell gasped in shock and jumped to her feet. How could she have forgotten Alviss?! The one she'd do anything for?! How long had she been here? Months? A year? She couldn't remember. Time passed so quickly here. For all she knew, Alviss had given her up for dead and found someone to take her place! Bell hissed angrily and, with her jealousy clouding her judgement, made a split-second decision.

Flying at top speed, she charged at the dome. Too late she noticed the sun glinting off a metallic sheen in the glass. Then she hit the dome. The glass cracked under the pressure of impact and shattered! Then she hit the second, less merciful layer. There was a startling amount of blood. Her face and arms were scratched to ribbons and she had time for one last thought before darkness and oblivion, peaceful oblivion claimed her.

Oh. There's chicken wire embedded in the glass.

Well there you have it. My first fanfic. Please read it and tell me what you think.

(Honestly, I was going to put this in as 'tragedy', but I don't think anyone will care if she dies.)