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Young Parents.

It had been two years since the digidestined defeated Malomyotismon. Staring outside his window was Fourteen Year old Tk Takaishi, he smiled at the fact that life was well for him, his school Grades were going up, then the school considered him the Achilles of basket ball then he got Kari to become his girlfriend, then the girls considered Tk to be the cutest fourteen year old Guy in Tokyo. And finally his parents remarried and his family became one again. He stared out the window looking at the beautiful sun that was setting over Tokyo. "This is a good life" he muttered happily to him self. Suddenly his thoughts were interrupted when he heard some one behind him say "Hey Sport" he turned around to see where the voice had come from and ended up seeing His Father Smiling, "Hey Dad" Tk Said Happily. He was happy that he was going to be able to live with Matt and his father again. "So how's School doing for you Sport?" his father asked. "It's going great dad, my grades are up and the school considers me to be the Achilles of Basket ball, and A lot of girls have a crush on me".

"That's Good son, and the part about girls having a Crush on you, that's exactly what I said to my father said to me when I was you age." His Dad said. They had both burst into laughter. "So how's Your Girlfriend doing, Kari was it?" She's doing well Answered Tk. " I thought so" Said his Dad " Your Mother Told me all about her, she Says that she is an angle because she is so polite and kind. She has come to the point of referring to her as "the Daughter She never had". His Father said. "I would like to meet her one time". His Dad said. "Sure thing " Answered Tk Happily. "What Are you guys talking about" they both had turned to see matt Smiling. "Things" Answered Tk. The three of them had engaged in a conversation but were interrupted when they heard Mrs.Takaishi Scream "Boys, Dinner Time". "Coming". All three of them screamed.

Kamiya Apartment.

Fourteen-Year-old Kari was staring out the apartment Window at the Sunset, She felt so happy for Tk Her new and first Boyfriend and hope fully her only. Her school had gone very well. She was what the guys would call the "Hottest Girl" in Tokyo. She was head Cheerleader of the Cheerleading squad. She was happy to be with Tk. She felt flattered when Tk told her she was the only girl he wanted to be with. Kari felt so happy that Tk chose her of all the Girls he could have gone out with. "What are you thinking about honey"? She turned around to see her mother Smiling at her. "Hi mom" Said Kari. "I was just thinking about how happy I am for Tk, I mean life is going so well for him now since his family got back together." "I know Dear," her Mother said as she sat down beside her. "Tk is a very good boy", how does Tai and your Father take it?" Her Mother asked. "Tai is at least relived that I'm going out with a boy he could trust, Dad is still a bit angry at the fact that I am going out with someone, I mean ever since I became a teen he's become very paranoid with the topic about me having a boyfriend, like this morning all dad kept doing was asking me if I was pregnant. However he does find Tk to be a trust worthy guy and Tk does have a lot of respect for him." "Mom, I have something to tell you and I haven't told Tai or Dad. "What is it?" her mom asked suspiciously. " I think my hormones are starting to

Kick up, I feel like I want to have sex with him". "What" her Mother asked shockingly. "Mostly I feel like having oral sex with him in other words I feel like giving him a blow job." Shocked by what her daughter had said the smile that was on her face had become a sort of ticked off look. "Kari, you and Tk are only Fourteen, If you ever had any type of sex and got Pregnant, I would kick you out of the house" Her mother said Angrily. "So don't you dare do it? Do you understand me young lady." Her mother asked with a still angry tone. "Yes mom" she replied scared. Her mother had then exited the room. Now she had to do the best she could to resist those urges.

Dream Sequence.

Tk found himself in a hallway and in front of him was a door he decided to knock. After he had knocked he felt that he was cold all around his body he looked down and nearly fainted at what he had discovered. He was naked, but before he could take

Action the door had opened, the person who had opened I was a girl who was Tk's age she blushed at the sight of his naked body and welcomed him in. Tk decided to go in but was shocked to find out it was a party for people his age. He then walked in nervous. He walked around the party with his hands covering his crotchal area with a nervous look on his face. Everyone at the party stared at him, the guys looked at him with disgust. While the girls smiled, waved and blushed at him. Tk had decided to sit down, but when he did he found himself sitting with a huge group of girls who stared at him with happiness. He sat there for minutes while they asked him questions of why he was naked and if he was single. He then decided to make a run for the door so he made an excuse to get a way from the group of girls by pretending to hear someone at the door and answering it. He then went to the door but then heard a knock he opened it to find Kari who was also naked she and Tk blushed at each other. She then threw her arms around Tk and went in to the party. They both danced naked. They both then went to a private spot and then Kari had asked him "Do you want a blow job". "Yes" Tk answered in delight. So Kari got down and put Tk's member into her mouth and started sucking on it. Tk moaned in pleasure but then was interrupted by a beeping noise.

Tk snapped wide-awake from the beeping of his alarm clock, he had pressed the snooze button, he slowly got up from his bed but felt that his pants were wet. He knew it was from his dream so he decided to wash it off in the shower. After he finished in the shower he soaked his underwear in water than threw it in the washroom laundry basket. He then got out of the washroom and into his bedroom.

When he got out he was dressed in a pair dark blue Jeans and wore a green sports jersey and white socks. He ate breakfast and then tooth brushed. He grabbed his school bag and fisherman hat, he then went to the door and put on his White Nike air bubble shoes and headed out the door. Outside of his apartment he met up with Kari. She was wearing her own cheerleader jersey, which was white with pink lettering

She wore blue jeans and pink tennis shoes. "Morning love" Kari said happily and kissed Tk on the mouth. Morning He replied back kissing her. They then took each other's hands and started walking off.

Tk had felt scared of telling Kari about his dream. The fact that she might not feel the same way he does when it comes to sex could cause them to break up. He had to tell her sooner or later so he decided to.

Kari, Tk said with a nervous voice. He went in to all the details about his dream and then afterwards braced himself for any possible outbursts from Kari. But instead Kari smiled in relief and told him about the fact that she had the same feelings of sex towards him. Tk had been relieved to find out that Kari had the same feelings for him.

They then started talking for the rest of the trip to school.

When they got to the school Tk said "I'm glad that we told each other about how we feel on sex". "I know, but now we have to resist the temptation of having it. Because for me, if I got pregnant my mom said I would be kicked out of the house. Tk nodded in agreement. They then headed into the school to begin their day.

The school bell had rung to signal the end of the day. Tk and Kari had walked home and when they got to her house, Tk decided to come in. when they got in to Kari's house it was empty. She found a couple of notes from her mom and Tai saying they would be out. Kari then decided to go into her bedroom. Tk had followed her. They both sat on her bed and started kissing. Suddenly after 2 minutes of kissing Kari broke away. "Tk, you know we can't got to far," said Kari. "I know, we have to try harder to resist," said Tk. Tk decided to leave, so Kari had escorted him to the door.

The next day Tk had basketball practice and Kari had cheerleader practice. Tk and Kari decided they would meet outside of Tk's new apartment. Tk waited outside of his house, he was wearing his red basketball uniform. He then saw Kari but blushed in perversion to see that she was wearing a very short cheerleader skirt. She ran up to him and they both hugged. They then went to the school and into the gym to their practice areas.

The practices were over and Tk and Kari had walked to her house. Tk came in with Kari to find that her house was empty. Kari then went in to her room and Tk followed her into the room. They lay down beside each other and talked but were interrupted when they both saw his cock was having an erection and rubbing her cunt. Kari smiled and moved her arms around his neck and started to kiss passionately.

After 20 minutes of kissing they pulled away but this time to remove their white socks. Tk then reached under her cheerleader shirt and under her bra and started rubbing her boobs. Kari moaned and put her hand under Tk's shorts and under his underwear and started to squeeze his hardened prick. Tk helped Kari pull off her cheerleader shirt then quickly pulled off his basketball shirt. He then unbuckled her bra revealing her normal seized tits. She then began to lick his smooth and hairless chest and began to move downwards. Then when she got to the bottom of his chest and stopped licking it and stopped rubbing Tk's manhood and pulled off his shorts. He then slid Kari's skirt off. She then pushed Tk down to the bed and went on top of him. They then started to kiss passionately again while Tk put his hands under her pink panties and started to rub her smooth feeling ass. Kari pulled off of him causing Tk to remove his hands. When she stood up she slid her pink panties off and dropped them on the ground. Tk slithered out of his underwear. Kari went on top of Tk in the opposite direction so she could put her mouth around his hardened cock. As she did so and started sucking. Tk then grabbed his underwear and threw it on top of Kari's panties. He then stuck two of his fingers up her pussy. Suddenly the ringing of the phone interrupted them. Tk removed his fingers and Kari dropped Tk's penis from her mouth. Tk was about to get up but Kari pushed him back down and said to ignore it. Tk had listened to Kari and continued their intercourse. Kari had then gotten back up and went on top of Tk's body in the same direction and started kissing. Tk then flipped her over ending up on top of her. He then slid his hard dick in to her pussy causing her to moan in pain. Tk had started to thrust harder and faster and Kari just kept moaning louder and louder. And eventually his load shot right into Kari's pussy.

They decided to do it once more so he shoved his dick into her pussy again and started to thrust. Kari then stated to moan in pleasure. Again his load came out and shot into her pussy. The two were breathing heavily in exhaustion while the both of them along with the bed were soaked in orgasmic fluids. Tk and Kari were so tired that they both curled up together and went to sleep.

Disclaimers note: there is another chapter coming up soon. Please be patient. And the style of the phrases and description I used in the sex scene are similar to the way a takari fic named "Sex under the stars" was used and I don't mean to copy off sora rocks (person who wrote sex under the stars.) other chapter will be up as soon as possible.