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Authors note: the first chapter title is meaning he's in love as though he is in love with someone else, so it's a new love thing. Make sense?

Authors note 2: this story is totally random. I don't know how I thought it up, but I hope you like it!

Yaoi Warrior Cats

Chapter one: Firestar and Graystripe in love?

Firestar stepped out of Leafpool's den with cobwebs around his leg. The battle yesterday with ShadowClan had left his leg very weak. He padded over to Sandstorm, who was sitting under the Highledge. For some reason, he didn't feel the usual happiness he usually did when he saw her. Shaking his head, he asked her if she could take Spiderleg and Cloudtail hunting. She said yes and padded off to find the two toms.

"Firestar!" the familiar voice of his best friend Graystripe reached him from the other side of the clearing. Firestar turned around. His pelt tingled as it usually did for Sandstorm as his gray friend stopped in front of him. "You're not going to believe this!"

"Yeah? Try me." Firestar asked, tilting his head.

"Millie says that she's not going to be my mate anymore!" Although Firestar thought he should be sad, his eyes actually sparkled with joy.

"Really? Why?" Firestar inquired.

"Well, she said it's because she loves someone else." Graystripe explained.

"Really? That's a surprise." Firestar nodded in sympathy.

"Well, I guess it's sort of a good thing."

"Why?" Now Firestar was curious.

"Because, well…" Graystripe began. "I like someone else too."

"Really?" Firestar asked in amazement. Graystripe didn't seem to be one to follow a lot of different she-cats. "Who?"

"Can't tell." Graystripe's eyes burned into Firestar's. He grinned playfully.

Firestar shrugged, showing Graystripe he didn't care. "Don't worry about it. I'm sure I'll figure out." He smiled.

Graystripe purred. Firestar looked at the ground in embarrassment. Graystripe only purred like that for Silverstream; he remembered hearing him when he'd caught them meeting by the river in their old home. Why would he purr like that now? Because Firestar was his best friend? But that didn't make sense. They'd been best friends yesterday, and Graystripe had never purred like that.

"Firestar?" Squirrelflight's sweet voice asked. Firestar looked up and saw her talking to Graystripe, who had joined her a while ago at the fresh kill pile. His daughter looked mad, yet curious. Graystripe clamped his tail over her mouth and began speaking in a low voice again. Squirrelflight nodded. She stood and walked over to the gray warrior. She whispered something in his ear then padded out of camp with Brambleclaw and Hazelpaw.

Graystripe followed her, joining the patrol he was leading with Ashfur, Whitewing and Brackenfur behind him as he left. Firestar narrowed his eyes. Since when did Squirrelflight talk to Graystripe like they were siblings? He shook his head and decided to hunt. Calling Thornclaw and Poppypaw to join him, he padded out of camp.

Squirrelflight looked up as Graystripe called her name softly. She dipped her head in greeting. The gray warrior sat down in front of her. "Can I talk to you?" he asked.

"Sure." She answered.

"Um…well, see, I don't like Millie anymore. Which is odd, because I was sure I'd love her as much as Silverstream," he began. "But, a few weeks ago, I thought hard, and decided I didn't like her; I liked…"

"You discovered you liked who?" she asked. "I won't be mad. Just tell me. I can help you."

Graystripe brightened. "I discovered that I liked-"

"Firestar?" Squirrelflight guessed. She saw Firestar raise his head at the sound of his name. Graystripe put his tail over her mouth, then nodded slowly. She smiled. "I figured so. I saw the way you were watching him yesterday."

Graystripe smiled. "I just can't help it," he whispered. "He's been my best friend for a long time."

Squirrelflight leaned up in his ear. "I understand. Sandstorm and Firestar aren't really…'together' anymore, so you should make your move soon, before another she-cat does."

"How can you be sure?" Graystripe asked.

"Because my mom told me." She backed away and padded over to Brambleclaw and Hazelpaw, then out of camp.

Squirrelflight smiled. It looked like Firestar and Graystripe were in luck. They both had come to her with a story about loving their best friend, and now she could tell them that they were both feeling the same.

Speaking of which, she turned to look at Brambleclaw. He'd been acting very strange lately; he hadn't been talking to her with the love and affection he used to. Was he having a similar problem? Was he in love with another tom? Squirrelflight smiled. That's good. She thought. Because I don't like him anymore.

"This is an interesting time of day, isn't it?" Hazelpaw noted.

"Yes. It is, isn't it?" Brambleclaw replied. She smirked to herself. If you think this is interesting, wait until dusk, Hazelpaw. Her smirk widened as she thought about what she was going to do tonight. And you'll be there to witness it.