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Harry Potter and the Dream of Reality

Chapter 1:

It was a bright and cheery day, despite the dismal atmosphere surrounding the raven-haired boy. He supposed he should be glad that he was "allowed" outside, a thing that was uncommon for a "freak" like him, especially in the normality of Privet Drive. The bespeckled man sighed, visualizing days in advanced aboard the Hogwarts Express. Harry Potter picked himself off the lawn and went inside and into his bedroom, ignoring the glares from his relatives. Once in his comforting solitude, he spotted a letter Hedwig had delivered. He ripped the letter in his desperation for civilized contact. After unfolding the letter, he excitedly read its contents.

Dear Harry,

I hope your summer's been good so far. Mine's been good, but I miss you so much. Can you believe that we've been dating for 5 months and 12 days already? I can't wait to see you, Harry. Sorry that this is so short. I miss you so much!



Harry smiled as he visualized Cho writing the letter. It was hard to believe that it had been 5 months already. He flashed back to when they officially were going out. It was close to the end of his fifth year. They finally talked about Cedric's death, which was long over due for both of them. Harry really couldn't explain what happened, but she had been crying one moment, and then she said, "Harry, you can't fight Voldemort! I won't lose some one else I love," and then he kissed her and the dating soon followed. He still calls it miraculous, but he always did believe in miracles (He wasn't the boy-who-lived for nothing).

Feeling tired, Harry went to sleep, his sleep uninterrupted unlike it had been all summer.

Surprisingly, and much to Harry's liking, the last few days passed by quickly and uneventful-always a plus. The Dursley's appeared as anxious as Harry for him to leave and go to school. Soon it was time for Harry's ride to London, to board the train no only to school, but to his life. Anticipation quickened the distance and Harry soon found himself at the station. He carted his belongings to platforms 9 and 10 and, checking his surroundings, went into the wall between them without so much as a goodbye to the Dursleys.

Spotting the train, he looked for signs of Cho or his friends. He shrugged his shoulders when he didn't see anyone and boarded the beautiful train. Harry searched the compartments for his friends, and seeing no one, he entered an empty compartment and sat down. He heard the door open and turned and saw Hermione, his best friend since his first year at Hogwarts.

"Harry!" Hermione said happily as she threw herself onto him in a tight hug. "Oh how are you?" she asked, still embracing him.

"Never better. It's good to see you Hermione," Harry answered.

"Yeah, you too. Did your aunt and uncle actually let you outside?" Hermione asked surprised as she let go of Harry and sat down next to him.

"Yeah, but why do you ask?"

"Oh, well you've gotten darker, that's all. And it seems that they decided to feed you."

Harry laughed. "Well I figured that it would be good to venture out of my cave once in a while to get some food and sun."

"I guess even the Dursley's can be somewhat hospitable." Hermione said, which caused both her and Harry to laugh and roll their eyes.

The train ride passed pleasantly, Harry and Hermione catching each other up on their summers. Of course, Hermione brought up O.W.L scores.

"I got nine. I even got an O in potions. Not sure how I managed that, but now I can become an Auror!" Harry said happily. Hermione hugged him again

"That's great, Harry!"

"What about you, how many did you get?" he asked.

"Eleven," Hermione modestly said.

"Is that all?" Hermione looked at him. "I'm only joking. That's awesome Hermione!" Harry said, beaming at his best friend.

"Well thanks," Hermione said with a slight blush. "I wonder how Ron did."

"I'm sure we'll find out soon enough, whether it's from him or Ginny," Harry joked.

"That's true. I can't believe how much Ginny has grown up," Hermione stated

"I know. I remember when she would freak out every time I looked at her. At least now she actually talks to me and doesn't make me feel like a piece of meat."

"Oh Harry, that's horrible," Hermione said, but she laughed despite her statement. "And true" she added, smiling slyly.

"So have you seen Cho or R-Ron?" Harry asked, suddenly yawning.

"Nope, I guess they are sitting somewhere else. Once the train starts moving you aren't supposed to wonder the corridors, unless you are a prefect," Hermione explained.

"Speaking of prefects, shouldn't we be patrolling?" Harry asked

"No, McGonnagal sent us a letter saying that our duties would be explained to us at school. Didn't you read the letter that came with your O.W.L scores?" Hermione asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Uh, of course I did. I, uh, was just making sure," Harry lied, poorly.

Hermione rolled her eyes and smiled.

"You know you can't lie to me," she said and Harry knew that it was true.

Both teens yawned and looked at each other and smiled.

"Tired?" they both asked and then smiled again. They both nodded and smiled a third time.

Harry slid down in the seat and closed his eyes. Already feeling sleepy, Hermione put her head on Harry's shoulder and closed her eyes too. Harry looked at Hermione, surprised, but not embarrassed by her action. Slumber overcame the pair and unexpectedly, a dream interrupted Harry's sleep.

Harry glanced at the clock, impatiently tapping his foot. 30 minutes. He had been standing there for 30 minutes. He heard footsteps and looked up. His breath caught in his throat as he watched her come down the stairs, and his heart beat quickened.

She was a vision in a dress of light pink, her small frame looking elegant in the dress. He squinted and then frowned. He couldn't make out her face, but he somehow knew that he knew her.

The dream skipped and they were dancing. His hands were on her waist and hers were clasped together around his neck, her head on his shoulder. They swayed gracefully to the music and he smiled, thinking- no knowing- that he was the luckiest guy around. The song ended and they pulled apart, both saddened by the end of the song, the end of their night together.

She walked away but he grabbed her hand to stop her.

"Wait, I must know who you are," Harry said softly. As she turned, her brown curly hair swept around and she just smiled said goodnight. Harry squinted but her face was still a blur.

"Goodbye," he whispered to the night.

"Who are you saying goodbye to?" asked a confused and drowsy Hermione. Harry turned to look at the girl whose head was on his shoulder, but her brown, curly hair blocked his view of her face. She lifted her head to look at him and as she turned, her hair swept around to its original spot behind her.

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