Icepaw Speaks:

All the Pretty Things

I have a knack for finding beautiful things. My mother used to say it was because my eyes were so lovely, they were naturally drawn to equally alluring objects.

In my corner of the apprentice's den, I have a small collection of useless items: a delicate feather from a swan, a curved shell I found at the bottom of the river, a round and opaque stone from the sandy shore of the lake and a silvery whisker from what I think was a river otter. I keep my little treasures hidden under a heap of moss and sometimes when the other apprentices are asleep or out hunting, I take out my prizes and stare at them lovingly.

I keep thinking I'll find a real treasure some day: a big one. One that could change my life forever. I'm still looking for that.

It's strange; sometimes I'll look over at Rainpaw and a tiny voice in my head says "You've found it."

But then I'll shake my head and laugh softly.

Treasures aren't that easy to find.