The characters belong to Tamora Pierce.

In response to Tammy Drabbles prompt 49 – Cocktail Names (Velvet Hammer)

Numair sat in his work room, head in his hands, fingers raking through long satiny locks, mind reeling. How the hell had this happened? When had it happened? It had been days since the revelation and he still couldn't talk himself out of it. Worse, if he was completely honest with himself, the emotion went back a lot further than he cared to admit, though it had evolved dramatically. His student was an enigma, and her abilities were enthralling – any savant would agree. Study her? Yes. Fall in love with her? Oh no. No, no, no, no, no.

He was mentally pounding his head into the wall when there came a knock at the door. He wasn't expecting anyone, and he headed out and opened it in a daze, his mind and nerves still in knots. Daine. She stood in his doorway fresh from a bath, the smell of soap and lavender still clinging to her skin, her damp hair clinging to her head, and her cheeks pink from the cold winter air. She grinned broadly. "I came to raid your library," she said. He stood there, staring, a rush of desire nearly overwhelming him. It occurred to Numair that being in love was a bit like a velvet hammer – it looked harmless, smooth and soft on the outside, but carried enough force to pound all logical thought right out of him.

"Soooo, can I come in?" she wondered

"May I," Numair corrected, trying his best to sound like her teacher, and not a man who adored her.

"Sure," she teased knowing full well what he'd meant, and he had to struggle not to grin like an idiot. This was not going to be easy.