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Chapter Two

"Jared?" Rose called softly, as she knocked on his door. "Jared? Are you awake?"

The door creaked open and she popped her head into his room. She called his name again, but no answer.

It's already noon, she thought. How could he still be asleep?

Then she walked over towards his bed and pulled the blanket away, finding a basketball and pillow underneath the sheet.

Rose gasped. "Jake!" she cried.

After hearing her cry, Jake rushed upstairs and into the room. "What's wrong?"

Rose looked pale and, with a hoarse voice, whispered, "Jared's gone."

- - -

"Please!" cried a small green, freckled dragon. "Have mercy!"

A dark blue, fierce dragon smirked. "As if!"

"Please! Please! I'll do whatever you say! Just don't kill me!"

"Don't kill you?" he laughed. "You're so boring! What's the point of the game if I can't get rid of you?"


"Yes. It's called 'hunting.' Ever heard of it?"

The dragon shook his head.

"Well, well, well… I must have to show you then!"

Jared came closer and closer to his victim.

"No… No… Nooooooooo!!!"

- - -

"Jake!" Fu-Dog cried through the phone.

"What, Fu?"

"Come to the shop! Quick! And bring Rose and Jared with ya!" Then he hung up before Jake could say how Jared's not with them at the moment.

Then Jake turned and faced Rose. "We gotta go."

- - -

"What is it?" Jake asked, as soon as he entered the back of Gramps' shop.

"Jake, Rose," Gramps said. "Good to see you here."

"Hey, where's the new kid?" Fu asked.

"He's…" Jake started.

"Gone!" Rose exclaimed. "Jared's gone!"

"What??? How could he be gone? After the party?"

"I knew this would happen…" Then everyone turned their head towards Gramps.

"What are you talking about?" Jake asked.

"You knew this would happen?" Rose added, concern and worry filled her eyes.

The old man sighed. "Do you know what happens when a dragon marries a dragonslayer?"

They shook their heads.

"There's no choice for their children to be dragons and have hatred for other dragons as well."

"You mean…?" Jake said.

"Yes, Jake. Jared is not only a dragon, but a dragonslayer as well. This effect starts to happen the night after the dragon's thirteenth birthday. So, Jared must be out hunting other dragons right now. We must stop before it's too late."

"But how?" Rose asked.

"Well…" Gramps thought. "There is but one solution."

"Tell us" Jake persisted.

"He must be killed."