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Link, from 'The Legend of Zelda: Cause you read that book and loved it so much that you want to write a fanfiction to it.

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Link: Because you like Bella and Edward and wished that they end up together.

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Chapter 1: The Dream.

Bella could feel the mist swirl around her ankles as she stared at the endless valley. The place was dark and gloomy that seemed to go on for hours in all directions. The earth had become ashened gray and not a thing was on top of the surface, excluding Bella herself, not a tree, not a rock, not even a pebble, just Bella. Though she couldn't see how anything could grow on the gray earth.

"I've been waiting for you, Awakening."

Bella swung around in surprise as she turned to see who had spoken. Standing there silently as if he were made of the mist itself; a black cloaked being stood. The cloak covered his entire body, the only thing visible was part of his face, aka his mouth, nose and chin. A bit of scurf covered his chin, his skin surprisingly pale despite the 5' o clock shadow. Bella stood silently watching him with cautious eyes.

"The prophecy will be fulfilled, Awakening," said the man in a deep velvety voice, yet sounded old and mysterious.

"Prophecy?" questioned Bella carefully, but no sound escaped her lips.

The man seemed to understand though not a thing was heard. He lifted his face as if to look at her though his eyes were still hidden. A prominate Adams apple was revealed as his neck stretched up.

"Terra corrupt," began the man then he paused for a second but soon continued,

"Queiling in impurity,

Soon to be completely eclipsed

Behold the Awakening

Descending form the lofty heavens

She is that of a fair maiden

Abiding where the blessings of god is bestowed upon her.

She will win the favor of the lords of the night

And Share their scent.

The two shall fight to win her favor,

But they both shall not realize the impending danger.

For when her powers awaken so will Omega.

He will seek her power and destroy anyone in the way,

To finish what he started long ago.

Destruction or hope are within her and the lords hands.

Bella stared at the man as he ended his long story though he still stared at her. After a long minuet of silence he spoke again.

"Your power is awakening, now that you have the favor of the Lords of the night, but as you awaken so does Omega."

Bella stepped back as storm clouds advanced at an alarming rate behind the story teller and took another step as strange glowing blue markings began to appear on him. Pain swept through Bella and she instantly fell to her knees. Her heart it was beating to fast! Bella looked down at her hands as the furiously shook in pain, but jumped back in surprise as glowing markings began to appear on her, they glowed blindingly white.

"Bella," called a far off voice, one she knew all too well.

"Bella, Bella. Come on wake up."

Bella sat up with a start as she gasped desperately for breath. She was in her room again the window wide open Edward was sitting right beside her his brow creased with worry.

"You okay?" he asked in his sweet velvety voice.

"Yes I'm fine," answered Bella groggily.

"You sure you were moan in you sleep. Nightmare?"

"Not really."

"What me to keep you company till you fall asleep?"

"Like you weren't before," sighed Bella.

Edward smiled and gently cupped Bella's face into his hands like she was a porcelin doll that could break at any moment. Bella's face blushed as he gently kiss her on the forehead as he always did. It felt like her body had pleasantly been zapped with electricity as she enjoy the wonderous feeling.

"Get some sleep," enticed Edward gently as stroked her hair.

"Okay," sighed Bella in resignation as she laid back down.

Edward continued to stroke her hair gently as she once again closed her eyes. One thought circulated through her mind as she let sleep claim her. 'Terra corrupt?'

To be continued…

DE8: I think I'll end it here, yeah that seems like a good place.

Link: So how are you going to get Bella and Edward here?

DE8: You should know already, it's how I got you here.

Link: You're going to kidnap them!

DE8: YEP! puts on sneaking mask

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DE8: Don't worry. I'll let them go when we're done. sneaks off.



Link: What am I ever going to do with her -.-;