Link: She's still not back yet… … … Should I be worried?... start to pace

Dark Link (Link's evil half): Are you panicking?

Link: Jumps back in surprise How'd you get here!?

D.L: … I really don't know. But that's besides the point why are you panicking? She kidnapped you.

Link: blushes I'm not Panicking!!!

D.L: Yeah, sure your not. sneers Remember when she kidnapped you? She stuffed you in her closet! And let not forget all those other boys she has hanging about, Sephiroth, Yuki, Yugi, Sesshomaru, etc.

Link: DE8 doesn't pay as much attention to them at least not as much as me. And she doesn't put me in the closet anymore, and she even lets me go home to Hyrule. blushes

D.L: Sure.

Link: Glares angrily Back to Hyrule with you!

D.L: HEY WHAT ARE YOU-?! Link picks up his evil half. Is through back to Hyrule MY GHOST WILL HAUNT YOOOOOUUUU!!!!!!!

Link: Good ridden. Dusts off hands … Well since she's not here I'll just start the chapter.

Chapter 2: The new student

Bella got out of her car and watched as Edward waited patiently for her. Alice stood right beside him smiling happily for Bella. Bella gathered her books in her arms and turned to face her two vampire friends.

"Good morning," smiled Alice.

"Good morning," greeted Bella in return.

"How are you this morning, Edward told me you were having trouble sleeping," started Alice getting into conversation.

"Fine, just a little tire that's all."

"You should get more sleep," enticed Edward.

"You can't stop a nightmare," smiled Bella.

The three walked casually through the halls of the school as students scurried to gathered books and rushed to get to classes. It had been a while since the other students talked about Bella and Edward.

"Jacob still won't see me," muttered Bella sadly.

The two vampires stiffened at the werewolf's name. Vampire's and Werewolves were mortal enemies though Bella never understood why. She had missed her friend, but he still refused to see her so long as Edward was with her.

"It's for the best," said Edward grimly.

"The mere sight of us will probably transform him, besides we have to keep to the treaty," sighed Alice she then stopped.

Bella and Edward glanced back to see what the problem was. Alice just stood there for a second and looked around nervously.

"What's wrong Alice?" asked Edward.

Alice's head snapped back to us in surprise, but she smiled again at the two.

"It's nothing, just a feeling," smiled the vampire, "We better hurry we don't want to be late for class."

The three left to their classes unaware of the person standing next to one of the classrooms almost unnoticeable. Her hair was unnaturally long down to her knees all white except for a single strip in her bangs that was red, a red ribbon tied her hair back, her eyes were a deep crimson, her skin was unnaturally pale though her cheeks held a faint pink to them as was her lips. She wore black gloves over her hands, a white sleeveless shirt, black slacks with black shoes, and pack was hanging on her leg, she wore earrings a tiny sword adored with tiny rubies, and she wore a gold necklace with an Egyptian eye on it in the center, five spikes were dangling form the necklace. The girl held the necklace out parallel to the ground silently she focused on it the necklace. The spikes wiggled under her fingers and two pointed to were Bella and Edward went.

"So she's the awakening," muttered the girl to herself, her eyes narrowing.

The Bella watched as the teacher finally walked into the class and the bell rang. Edward sat next to her as he always had.

"Okay lets start were we last left off and I hope you all did your homework," said the teacher but stopped when he heard the door open and close.

The girl from the hall walked in causally she held a paper out to the teacher. He took the paper form her grasp and read it silently. His eyes opened in surprise.

"This late in the year?!" cried the teacher in surprise.

"Yep," answered the girl in a bored tone.

"Well," said the teacher a little distorted, "Well class looks like we have a new transfer student form Japan. Would you like to introduce yourself miss?"

"My names Chaos Terra Sohma, I'm 19, and as mentioned before I lived in Japan before I came here," answered Chaos in a bored tone.

The class looked up at her in surprise and a few muttered a hello. Bella stared at the girl in surprise. The girl looked up at her then her eyes narrowed on Bella as she jumped back.

"Well Ms. Sohma you can sit," began the teacher but stopped when Chaos impatiently went to take her spot.

Chaos walked forward toward Bella her eyes stilled narrowed on her. Bella backed into her seat she looked at Edward whom sat next to her his eyes were trained on Chaos his face unchanging. Finally Chaos stopped in front of Bella, her glare changed directions to the other person sitting besides Bella.

"Surrender you position," ordered Chaos to the boy a threat hidden in her voice.

The boy gave a sharp squeal and quickly gathered his books and ran to sit in an empty desk. Chaos sighed in relief as she sat in the seat next to Bella and turned her attention to the teacher.

"You were teaching sir," said Chaos causally to the teacher whose mouth hung wide open in shock.

"OH! Right!" began the teacher and he once again began to teach the class.

To be continued…

Link:… still is pacing

DE8: I'm back! carrying two large sacks, covered in scratches and bruises.

Link: Why are you hurt?

DE8: Edward and Jacob gave me some trouble, especially Edward after I snagged Bella.

Link: So where are they?

DE8: Right here. Bella and Edward are in this one holds biggest sack I put Jacob in this one. holds out other bag

Link: Why put them in separate bags?

DE8: I didn't want Jacob to go all wolfy on me so I put in another one. So what did I miss?

Link: I started the next chapter.

DE8: Already! That was fast.

Link: Will they be okay? Hears muffled screams form bags as they violently squirm

DE8: They'll be fine at least till the next chapter. I'll let them out then.