Chapter One

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Louisa Caraballo

"I am not crazy, I am not crazy, I am not crazy," she announced for the three hundredth time that week and it was only Tuesday.

"Shhhh, shhh Bella. You just rest up," the nurse clucked.

"I am not crazy…" she repeated yet again. The nurse just checked her blood pressure yet again and put her hand to Bella's forehead. It wasn't warm or anything.

"I am not crazy."

"I believe you, Bella, don't worry a bit." A man responded from the window.

The nurse just left the room with a shake of her head. There is no way that she could watch this sad, sad girl for much longer. It was such a depressing story. A story that the nurse was not aloud to tell anyone.

"Nurse Tevy can you get Bella some juice?" said the man from the window.

Nurse Raziya Tevy only nodded and continued out the door. She thought while she walked. There wasn't anyway she could get the poor girl to say anything other than "I am not crazy". She had tried and tried and tried again, but to no avail.