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Louisa Caraballo

Bella scrambled over and grinned at Draco, hugging him. She noticed the huge gash in his leg right away though. Lifting him up, she ran him to the infirmary. Laying him down on one of the beds, she called out to one of the nurses. Carlisle came over right away, cleaned out the cut and bandaged it up. Leaning over, Bella kissed him on the lips. She told him that she would be back later. Before she left, she heard one of the nurses telling him that they would sew up his skin real well for him.

She couldn't find Alice and Jasper anywhere, and she knew what that meant. Rosalie was looking for them too. "Hey Bella!" Rosalie said cheerfully.

"Rose," Bella said happily. They proceeded to talk about the battle. Not even paying attention to the time, Ginny rushed up to Bella. "Bella! There you are, we need help planning, come!" Bella said goodbye to Rosalie and followed Ginny.

"Can we stop in the infirmary first?" Bella asked.

"He is already down there," Ginny said knowingly.

When they reached the great hall, chairs were set up. Harry was sitting up front, looking for her. She spotted Draco who smiled and waved at her. He was a bit paler than usual, but he looked good.

"Alright, thank you!" Harry said loudly, "I just wanted to start by saying a quick thank you to all the people who gave their lives for our cause. A moment of silence, please." He said to the already silent room. After a bit, he continued "We fought extraordinarily, we had very few casualties, and they are being well cared for now…" he went on for a bit longer, and everyone soaked up his every word. Bella found a chair next to Draco, and sat. She grabbed his hand, and snuggled up against him. "I have to pee," she whispered.

"Um, how am I supposed to help you with that?" he asked in a whisper.

"Fake leg pain so that I can help you out, and you might get a reward after I pee…" she told him.

A grimace spread over his face. "Are you ok?" she asked, truly worried. He shook his head. She scooped him up and ran him out of the hall, everyone was so caught up with Harry, they didn't even notice. Ginny nodded, understanding.

As soon as they reached the corridor, his face broke into a smile. "Oh, I defiantly thought that you were really in pain!" she said, genuinely surprised.

"Ha, I am great actor!" he responded. Kissing him, she carried him and ran to the bathroom. After relieving herself, she swooped him up and carried him to their now shared bedroom.

Draco patted her stomach. "How are you, Ezetlo? I hope you are good, daddy loves you!" Bella smiled at him. "No offense, Bells, I don't really want to do anything right now, after all, it is kind of creepy to be doing you when there is another little being in there. You know, how would you like that if he were you?"

"I defiantly understand. It is a little weird, but I can still kiss you, right?" she said leaning over and doing just that.

"I love you," he said.