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"Bella what are you doing?" Edward stressed, his eyes showing his confusion. "I'm ending this once

and for all Edward. If your not going to change me, then I'll just have to make you change your mind."

Bella responded walking closer to him. "You can't be serious Bella, I've made up my mind. I am

under no circumstances going to damn you to this Hell of night." Edward snarled. "Oh but I think

I can change your mind." She purred. And with that she grabbed his head and smashed her lips onto

his. She knew he could easily loose contol with her being this close, and that's what she was aiming

for. If she could just get him to loose enough control to bite her. She would tease him enough for his

control to snap. She pushed her body closer to his wrapping her arms around his neck. In his state of

shock he opened his mouth with out realizing it and Bella took the advantage and slid her tounge in.

She could feel him loosing it, he was going to pull away any second and her plan would be all for

nothing. All she needed to do was push him over the edge, and then she would win and be turned.

Bella hoped this would work for it was the only thing left she could think of. As soon as he started to

slowly gain control of his body and push her away, she moaned into his mouth. And it did as she hoped,

his last string of control was snapped with that one moan. He hungrily attacked her mouth wanting more,

grabbing her back to pull her closer. He lifted her up and she eagerly wrapped her legs around his waist,

grinding against him to see if he could loose it completely. Again he wanted more pushing her against the

wall. His hands traveled up her torso and around her back. He broke the kiss and trailed kisses down her

throat.He lightly nipped her but not enough to draw blood, that wasn't going to do. She was going to

become one of his kind before this was over. She trailed the tip of her tongue around the shell of his ear.

After she heard him take a sudden intake of breath she started to nibble on his ear lobe, sucking it, hoping

to make the point clear. And it did. His bites became a little harder wanting to please her in his state of

lost control.


He didn't know how this happened, he was always so careful to make sure he never lost control.

Although he knew he needed to stop himself before Bella got hurt, he just couldn't bring himself

to pull away. I need to stop. He had it, he could feel the control slowly coming back to his body.

I will pull away, and make sure this never happens again. Then right before he was going to break

the surface and pull away, she moaned into his mouth. With that small little moan he lost it, there

was no way he was going to break that surface now. His animal side took over as he attacked her

mouth and pulled her warm body closer to his. Still not satisfied with how far apart they were, he

picked her up and she did the unimaginable. She grinded herself against his manhood driving him

crazy. He needed to be closer to Shoving her against the wall he let his hands travel up

her curves and around her waist to her back pulling her even closer if possible. Momentarily breaking

the kiss he started down her neck occasionally nipping her, wanting to hear that alluring moan once more.

He took a sharp intake of breath when he felt the tip of her tongue travel around the shell of his ear and

then start biting and sucking on his ear. So she wanted it rough did she? Putting his lips back to her

neck he started biting a little more roughly, sucking and nipping the same spot. Then he made a mistake,

he bit a little to hard. He could feel the sweet taste of Bella's blood on his lips. Oh-no... I musn't hurt Bella.

I Have to get back in control. But the taste of her blood was too good. And he heard that moan when he

broke the skin. He couldn't stop himself he had to have more.


She did it, she got him to bite her. She would have her happily ever after with the man she loved. But wait a

minute, what is Edward doing? He's...Oh God he wants more. He can pull out of it, he's my Edward. Bella

kept repeating that in her head. She felt him tense up and she opened her eyes to see him struggling with

his animal side. She would have to hope he would choose right because she started to feel the fire in her veins.

"EDWARD!!!" Bella screamed out in pain, hoping HER Edward was back. "Oh no Bella, No. What have I done?"

Edward repeated looking at Bella in his arms, Tears sliding down her cheeks. "Bella I...I'm sorry. I shouldn't have

lost control. What did I do to you?" He held her tight never to let go. She could feel herself loosing conciousness

as the pain became too much for her human body to handle. She had to get this out so he wouldn't do anything

rash. "Ed..ward..." She managed whispering knowing he could hear her. "Yes Bella, what is darling?" His

angelic voice replied. "" She stuttered out before falling into total blackness.