Not Just Any Old Valentines Day

Firstly, this is not by any means my best work. I had a very bad case of 'what the hell should I write' so I would like to apologise in advance.

This is a challenge entry for the Charming Roots boards (Flitwick/Sprout) please visit us; the link is in my profile. I feel I should point out we see Flitwick as just a very short wizard (as J K does) not that goblin like creature from the films. Anyway, the challenge was to write a short fic, up to 300 words about a holiday or anniversary or something like that. It had to include a piece of parchment.

Disclaimer: Not Mine please don't sue.

So, on with the fic…


Tomorrow was February the 14th, Valentines Day. He had made the card himself, so much more personal than those bought from a shop; the type with garish pink hearts and trite, sappy poems inside. He has chosen an image of a muggle rosebush and written a simple message on the parchment with his favourite quill. He had found a muggle company called Flying Flowers and had ordered an identical plant to be delivered to her on Valentines Morning. Pomona had mentioned on one of his frequent trips to her greenhouse, that she preferred plants to bouquets; stating that once the flowers were cut they were already dead.

Filius was preparing his cottage for tomorrow's dinner. It wasn't just any old Valentines Day, oh no; tomorrow he would ask Pomona Sprout to marry him.

Everything had to be perfect. Pomona was not the sort of woman who demanded lavish meals at expensive restaurants, something he was eternally grateful for. He got so confused with all that cutlery, Minerva had saved him on many occasions at Ministry parties. But tomorrow Filius was planning an intimate picnic on a blanket in front of the fireplace; much more suited to his Mona.

He thought aloud… "Her favourite foods…check, Pink champagne…check, soft music…check" There, that was it, no, wait something was missing. Dear Merlin, the ring. Fumbling in the pocket of his robes Filius withdrew the maroon velvet covered box, placing it reverently on a side table he stepped back and admired his handiwork.

With a nod Filius cast a complex charm to keen the food fresh and champagne chilled. Climbing into bed, Filius couldn't suppress a sigh as he fell asleep dreaming of Pomona laying beside him, the diamond and emerald ring glinting in the moonlight.