She woke to the sound of waves and stared up at the unfamiliar ceiling. Where was she? As she woke further she remembered - they were in Maine. They'd arrived last night, laden with baggage and groceries, to this delightful clapboard fisherman's cottage, right on the ocean. They'd built a fire in the fireplace, cooked fish for dinner, and had spent the rest of the evening cuddled together watching the fire. It was the kind of joy you feel when you have the undivided attention of the one person in the world you want close. And when that person is the Director of the OSI and he hasn't said the words "national security"all evening, nor has he gone near a telephone - and what's more he seems to be deeply in love with you - it doesn't get much better. It had been a heavenly start to their vacation.

It wasn't the ocean that had woken her just now. It was that particular discomfort of having lain in one position too long. She needed to shift, but was squeezed tightly between a dog on one side and a man on the other. She wriggled, hoping one or the other of them would take the hint. Nothing. Time to employ the elbows. Oscar only grunted, but Max jumped down and Jaime shifted over to the space he'd occupied, sighing in relief. Oscar drew in a large breath. Did she wake him? She had her answer one moment later when he raised one long, lean arm and made an invisible scratch on an invisible chalk board in the air and said in a voice thick with sleep, "Oscar Goldman - one, Max the dog - fifty."

Jaime giggled. "Are you in some kind of competition with the dog? That is just sad."

"Mmm-hmm. The contest for your affections."

"You should never compete with Max, honey. You'll lose. Especially in a foot race."She grasped his hand in the air and pulled it down to her.

"Well," he sighed drowsily, "I can't win the war, but I love it when I take the occasional battle."

"You are such a goof." she said affectionately. "Why don't you go back to sleep?"

"Oh no." He suddenly sounded alert. "I'm awake now, and it's all your fault ... and I'm going to show you..." he grabbed her abruptly, wrestling her close to him, causing her to whoop and wriggle, "...what happens when you don't let sleeping dogs lie!"

"You are insatiable." she laughed. "Don't you know how old you are?"

"I just can't seem to get enough of you." he said quietly. He loosened his hold on her and propped himself up on one elbow. His voice became serious. "But.. is it... too much?"

"Well..." she started. She traced the line of his lips with her index finger. Long before she had figured out how she felt about him she thought he had a kissable mouth. In these last three weeks it had been very pleasurable to discover (and rediscover, at every available opportunity) how true that was.

He cleared his throat. "You were saying?"

"I'm sorry, baby." she said, realizing she had left his question unanswered. " I just get very distracted when you're so close to me." She pushed him back down and rolled with him. "Silly man. You forget I'm the bionic woman."

This was shaping up to be a fabulous holiday.