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Feeling Strange

The gravel crunched under the rabbit's wheels as we pulled into Bella's driveway. Once the car was parked I leaned back against the leather, content with the events that had takenplace tonight.

I laughed to myself lightly, Mike acting like a complete wimp proved that there was, indeed, no competition for Bella's affection. She said so herself that she liked me best, so that settled it. Besides, what girlwould wanta guy with a weak stomach? I smiled to myself at the thought of Bella sitting beside me, allowing me to put my arm around her.I felt so much more confidence in her presence.She justneededa little more time, and I could be patient.

I let out a big huff of air, and fidgeted with the air conditioner to getsome cool aircirculating.Iglanced over at Bella, and noticed that she waslooking at me funny.She was sitting in the passenger seat with her legs held up to her chest, shivering. Was she cold? I felt like the car was getting warmer and warmer. I smiled at her tenderly,chuckling,"I would invite myself in, since we're early, but I think you might be right about the fever. I'm starting to feel a little . . . strange."

"Oh no, not you too!" Bella brushed the back of her hand against my forehead; her skin felt like ice next to mine. "Do you want me to drive you home?"There was some panic in her eyes.

"No. I don't feel sick yet," I said truthfully. 'Sick' wasn't the right word to describe the strange sensations in my body. It felt like an ever growing pressure consuming me down to my core.. "Just . . . wrong. If I have to, I'll pull over."

"Will you call me as soon as you get in?" Her warm, chocolaty eyes locked with mine, and for one split second I felt confident enough to tell her how much she would always mean to me, to tell her I loved her.

But the impulse that fueled my unexpected determination left me just as quickly as it had come. "Sure, sure," I muttered instead as I looked straight ahead. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Bella staring at me. She looked like she was about to say something, but changed her mind and opened the car door instead.

Before she could get out of the car I caught her hand in mine. Again I felt the urge to confess my deepest feeling.I couldn't go on like this; her not knowing exactly how I felt. I had tried so many times to tell her, but now was the moment of truth. Bella glanced at my hand wrapped around hers before she looked up at me. "What is it, Jake?"

"There's something I want to tell you, Bella . . . but I think it's going to sound kind of corny," I chuckled. I knew it would sound corny, but true.

"Go ahead," she half groaned in an agitated voice.

Was it just me, or did she just roll her eyes? I gulped. Ok, so maybe this wasn't the choice 'moment of truth,' but I could settle for conveying to her a simple fact instead."It's just that, I know how you're unhappy a lot, but I want you to know that I'm always here. I won't ever let you down - I promise that you can always count on me." A small smile spread across her face. "Wow, that does sound corny. But you know that, right? That I would never, ever hurt you?" She needed to understand that, at least.

"Yeah, Jake. I do know that," she assured me softly, glancing away before continuing. "And I already do count on you, probably more than you know."

A smile broke across my face at her words. I felt like I could fly! There was nothing that could break me down; nothing would ever cause me pain again, as long as I knew that those words she had spoken were true. And they were true. I could tell by the sparkle in her beautiful eyes that they were.

But, sadly, I could also tell by her now troubled face that she expected me to take her words out of context; that she knew that her words would always have a different meaning for her than they did for me. And that was what hurt me the most; fearing that Bella would never allow me to be with her in the way I so desperately wanted, that I would never have a chance to love her, because of what he did to her. But she would heal, eventually, I thought to myself reassuringly. Bella seemed happy when she was around me, like she still had some life in her. Charlie had told dad just how much she had changed since being around me. Just be patient, I reminded myself.

"I really think I'd better go home now."

Bella nodded and hopped out of the car, and I started to pull out of her driveway. "Call me!"

As if I need to be reminded to call Bella. I laughed to myself as I headed back towards home. I drove slower than usual because I still felt that odd pressure inside me, and also because I was thinking; thinking about Bella, mostly. She would come around eventually; she couldn't love the jerk that broke her heart forever. How could she? He had left her, and he obviously wasn't coming back. But still, I could tell by the way she flinched whenever she heard his name that she would never completely forget about him. What he did to her, how he left her, was inhuman. And it made me furious. So furious, in fact, that I felt that the only way for me to take the edge off of the anger I felt towards this monster was to kill him.My feelings shocked me.The hate that I felt for him at the moment was making my pulse pound through my veins, and my skin grew even more feverish.

I noticed that I was pulling into the driveway of my house, but I could hardly focus on anything except for the anger. I yanked the keys out of the ignition, and jumped out of the car, slamming the door behind me. It was absurdly quiet while I stomped up to the front porch and threw the door open. There sat my dad; the T.V. was on, but he only had eyes for me. He watched me, studied my every move like I was the featured presentation of tonight's show. He took a long look at me. I was standing in the mouth of our front door, shaking with rage. Then he took a sip of his ice tea, still watching me, and said carefully, "Did everything go alright tonight? You look a bit strange."

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