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Silence fell throughout the third music room as discussion broke out between the two second years.


"Yes, Tamaki?"

"Is it alright for fathers to kiss their daughters?"

'Mommy' sighed. Not this again.


'Daddy' looked at the Dark Lord of the host club.

"Oh, okay then."

"Anything else, Tamaki?" The raven haired boy asked as he typed away on his Pineapple laptop.

The blonde shrugged. "Just one."

"Then what is it?"

The king's slender finger closed the laptop screen half-way, and he smiled softly.

"Is it alright for mothers to kiss fathers?"

The be-spectacled boy mirrored the smile.

"It depends."

A/N: The whole concept behind this 'fic came to me in a random idea; and that's all I have to say.