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Saving a Species


They think the war is over just because Megatron is on the bottom of the ocean. You should know better Optimus Prime. This war will never be over, not as long as there is a Decepticon in the universe. If there were no Autobots the war would still go on. That's why we can't allow our kind to go extinct.

Even without the Allspark, we can't let the Autobots die.

Somehow we always knew the Allspark would be destroyed to stop him.

We had prayed it wouldn't.

But it did.

Primus offered us no savior.

We don't even have a piece of the Allspark, and that alone could do so much…

I wish things weren't so hard, I wish I could sleep knowing this was all for nothing. But I don't think I can rest ever again. My optics may not go offline until they go offline for good.

I don't know how much longer I can last like this. I've been working non-stop with my team to find a solution, I haven't recharged since the Allspark was destroyed, if they hadn't destroyed it, Megatron would have used it to create more Decepticons and gain immense power.

I almost fear the Allspark helped power Megatron, and that we may have to deal with him again; he may still live, and if he does: then Primus help us all.

I hope the next experiment works.

We only have so long before its too late, and the Decepticons get to us, get to the future of the Autobots.

We need you Prime.

I need you.

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