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Saving a Species


Optimus Prime groaned in pain as he returned to consciousness, his systems felt shot, and his head was swimming, and his optics met the ceiling, and a growing panic hit him when he realized he couldn't feel the lower half of his body, and he couldn't move. He tried to struggle, confused and concerned for his team.

He felt a familiar hand on his mask, and his head was turned to the side so that he saw Elita-1 with a placid look on her face, staring into his optics, "Its okay Orion Pax, you don't have to be afraid." He flickered his optics at being called by his old name, "You're fine and so is your team. We just needed to give all of you some upgrades, and we couldn't afford for any of you to refuse." She patted his head, "You shouldn't feel any sort of pain, your systems will return to use shortly, before Ratchet or Bumblebee wake. Don't worry about your human friends…" she whispered, nearly reading his mind, "… Zilla took them to the mall; they won't be back until you're all back online."

Optimus began to regain feeling in his lower body, he felt odd sensations, and a strange feeling of a change in his systems. The moment his vocalizers regained use, he looked Elita in the optics and grabbed her arm, "Elita; what have you done to my systems?"

Concern flashed in her optics, "Do you feel any pain?"

"No, but my systems have been altered so much…"

Elita rested her head on his, and whispered, "Without the entire Allspark, we need every Autobot to have these upgrades so that our species has a chance of survival. That's why we couldn't give any of you the option to refuse, just in case."

Optimus shook his head, "I don't think any of us would have refused."

Elita nodded, "I know, but I wasn't willing to roll that die, do you understand?"

He nodded, he understood completely, he just didn't know why she hadn't at least told him. He suddenly realized she had failed to mention Iron Hide, he looked to her, "What about Iron Hide?"

Elita laughed, "He woke up a while ago; he's with Chromia." She cleared her throat, "Likely attempting to make experiment 87."

Because of the light laugh in her voice, Optimus stared at her blankly, "I don't understand."

She shook her head, "It would be easier to just touch sparks to let you have that memory…" She watched him twitch, he had never liked to talk about that sort of thing, it is such a personal action between Ones. Bringing their sparks even closer together, sharing memories and feelings that one might not want to burden their One with. She shook her head, "But I'd have to explain even then, so I'll just tell you when I tell the others when they're fully online."

He groaned as an uncomfortable tingling filled his systems as they reenergized, and his joints became mobile again, at the look in his optics he muttered, "I'm fine, just a little stiff."

A smirk crossed her face, "Maybe more that you know." He looked blankly at her as she helped him to sit up, and then pushed him so that he was sitting on the edge of the table. She looked into his optics, "You think your ready to calm your team as they wake?'"

Optimus nodded, "Lets go wake them so you can explain things to us."

She kissed his mask, "Don't worry Optimus, you'll understand everything soon enough." She walked him over to where Ratchet was peacefully offline, she glanced up at Prime, "You may want to lower your battle mask; you don't want to startle them."

He nodded and pulled his mask back, revealing his face. Ratchet's optics flickered online and he twitched in panic. Optimus put his hand on his teammate's shoulder, "It's alright Ratchet; they just gave us a few upgrades."

By pure will Ratchet seemed to have regained the use of his vocalizers early, "That isn't ethical; giving upgrades to bots without their consent?! You can't do that!"

Elita shook her head, "This was about the survival of the Autobots Ratchet; you of all bots should understand that."

Ratchet shook his head, "You should have asked permission before rooting around in other mecks' circuits!"

Elita shook her head, "Like you get consent from every bot you repair before you repair them. But every Autobot to land on earth needs these upgrades. If nothing else we have to give them to opportunity to create a spark with their One. It was what needed to be done. If one of you had refused…" she shook her head, "We couldn't let that happen. But rest assured, no harm will come to your systems. You're fine."

Bumblebee's optics flickered fearfully, he was reminded of the experiments sector seven did on him, and he was fairly panicked. Optimus quickly dashed to him, gripping his shoulder reassuring him, "Its alright Bumblebee, you're fine. We'll all be explained to soon. Alright?"

Bumblebee fought to nod, trying to relax his systems, "Okay."

Within about twenty minutes both Ratchet and Bumblebee were completely online and calm, Chromia and Iron Hide returned so that he could be explained to too. Zilla brought the kids back also, at the look she received from Elita she rolled her eyes, "They should know too."

Elita nodded solemnly, "I suppose you're right."

Chromia shook her head, "Shouldn't we have the others here?"

Zilla shook her head, "Who else is online? Well, Magnus is, be he has to deal with the little experiments!" Zilla flipped her hair out of the way, "Apparently day is giant robot nap time."

Iron Hide snorted, making Chromia laugh, "She's been with us since she was an infant Iron Hide, she has every right to tease us a bit."

Zilla looked into Elita's optics, "May I?" Elita nodded, "It started when Elita's original team crash landed on earth, near the artic circle as they could get, following Megatron's primary signature." She looked into Optimus' optics, then to the floor, "They crash-landed."

Elita sighed, "And that was how it started."

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