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I Can Make It On My Own (With A Little Help From You)…

By: AristocraticAssassinLover

" "...Talking

' '...Thoughts


Sesshomaru's Beast


Enter Sesshomaru


"Why can't I lose him?!" Cried Kagome.

'It's dark and cold and I wanna sleep.' She whined to herself

"It's useless to run, you cannot hide from this Sesshomaru forever. You have been caught trespassing on the western lands, and will face the consequences."

Sesshomaru was gaining on her when the gods decided to show Kagome some compassion. It started to rain.

"Thank god for small miracles." It wasn't just rain thought it was a downpour.

'He won't be able to find me with his stupid nose now, and his eyesight can't be that good right now either. All I gotta do is make it to a shelter...I Think I see one up ahead'

Indeed there was a small abandoned painter's hut in the distanced. But when Kagome arrived there, there were holes in the floor from the termites eating away.

So being the klutz that she is...she tripped (looks like the gods didn't have much compassion)

"DAMMIT!!!" 'This is all that stupid Inuyasha's fault!!'

Ever since that life altering night Kagome blames Inuyasha for everything unfortunate to befall her.



Everyone was celebrating in their own little way...

Sango had received a broken leg thanks to one of Naraku's tentacles while trying to help Miroku fend off most of the lower demons. So she was doing some kind of weird

girly dance while seated on the floor which to everyone else looked pretty humorous...

Miroku was seated in a praying position probably thanking the gods for their assistance or something and leaving a prayer for his father now that his wind tunnel was gone...

Kirara was sitting near Sango enjoying her mistress's good mood for they are few and far in between...

Shippo was eating anything that had sugar in it from Kagome's backpack while coloring. He was also doing some kind of little dance...

Rin who had shown up after the battle (because of course Sesshomaru showed up declaring he was going to slay the half-breed even though in reality Kagome was the one to strike the killing blow) she was helping Shippo devour the sweets and also coloring...

Much to everyone's amazement after cleaning everyone up from the battle she was reading one of those text book things saying something along the lines "Now that Naraku is gone I can finally catch up one my school work."

Even more shocking was that Sesshomaru had seated himself next to Kagome and they looked to be having a somewhat civil conversation. At least Kagome trying to strike up a conversation and Sesshomaru replying with the trademark "hn."...

And Jaken well he went off to find food at least that's what everyone thought he was off doing...

Kikyo had joined the fight right at the end and had done almost nothing except purify a few demons here and there, but Kikyo and Inuyasha were nowhere to be seen.

Everyone had tried to hide it from Kagome (except Sesshomaru), but it seemed she was the first one to notice.

Finally after things had quieted down somewhat Sesshomaru and his little entourage took their leave with many tears from Rin and Shippo

Then Sango said she wanted to go and look for her brother since no one had seen him during the fight. They all boarded Kirara except for Kagome. She said she wanted to stay back and wait for Inuyasha. They were hesitant but eventually gave in with the promise they weren't going to be gone long.

Kagome waited and waited.

A couple hours back it had started to rain. But Kagome being the ever determined miko simply sat underneath her sleeping bag and waited some more. Eventually she had fallen asleep, grumbling about stupid hanyous in her sleep.

Close to dawn

Kagome awoke to the sound of rustling in the trees. She immediately switched to battle mode and had an arrow knocked in a matter of seconds.

"In...Inuyasha is that you?" she tentatively called out.

It was indeed Inuyasha but what she got as a reply was something she would never forget...

Inuyasha had lunged out of the bushes with Kikyo hot on his trail and struck Kagome down. She would have been able to easily dodge the blow except she was so shocked that she didn't even feel pain. She only realized that her stomach was wounded when she felt dizzy and could feel the blood dripping down her stomach.

How she managed to form a sentence after that was beyond even her. "How could you Inuyasha." Was her only thought, she didn't even know she had said it out loud.

"You made a wish on the jewel. The wish was supposed to be mine!" Kagome had made a final wish on the jewel almost as an instinct the moment she had the completed Shikon no Tama in her hands. She didn't even realize what she had done until Inuyasha had all but screamed at her that she had just made the most stupid mistake of her life.

Inuyasha you know that I didn't do it on purpose." cried Kagome. The pain was now unbearable and she was on the verge of passing out.

Just then Kikyo spoke up.

"This is not over the jewel anyways. What is done is done, but I do want my soul back."

Inuyasha then dipped his claws in some kind of black substance and carved his name on Kagome's back.

"You will never be able to heal this scar it is a sign to show all who killed you tonight. You should be honored that I would even touch you let alone leave my name for all to see upon your broken body." That's when Kagome snapped.

"Never." she had said it so softly that even Inuyasha's ears couldn't pick it up.

"What was that wench, do you have some final words?"

"NEVER!! Never will I die by the likes of you." Just then all of Kagome's dormant powers flared. It was so powerful that it was even purifying Kikyo by the hatred she held in her soul.

"What is this? It does not matter. We cannot approach you now but we will be back to claim what is rightfully mine" and with that Inuyasha and Kikyo walked into the night. Kagome watched until all she could see was the rain drops and all she could hear was the soft pitter patter of the rain hitting the ground.

"Never will you get my soul Kikyo and Inuyasha I swear to the gods You Will... Pay..." She trailed off before finally losing consciousness.' She was so caught up in the moment that she never saw how Inuyasha's eyes glowed an eerie red signaling that he had lost control of his demon, and obviously Kikyo was controlling him because she was chanting under her breath. It seemed as if even the kamis felt bad for the sky still wept long after the sun had risen and all was said and done.

End Flashback

She hadn't seen them since that day but that was mostly because any time she had even caught rumor of them she had changed directions completely avoiding any and all confrontation. She was sure they were out there and she would meet them soon but she would cross that bridge when she got there.

'That was the day I reached an understanding of my powers.' Kagome was just dropping off to sleep when the door to the hut slid open.

She knew who it was before he even reached the door but decided she was too tired to do anything besides it's not like he could do anything to harm her too bad. Maybe in the past but not now, not after everything she had been through.

Without even opening her eyes Kagome said "What do you want. Don't you know it's rude to wake people up in the middle of the night especially after you're the reason they went to bed so late?"

"You dare to address this Sesshomaru that way."

"I do if that Sesshomaru won't let me sleep. I can be very grouchy if I don't get my sleep."

Kagome then turned to face Sesshomaru and wished to every god in existence she had a camera for this was definitely a Kodak Moment. She almost laughed out loud but that would ruin the moment so she kept quiet.

There in the door way stood a soaked Sesshomaru with his mouth agape and his eyes wide.

No one has ever talked to this Sesshomaru in such a way. Not even the other ruling lords and ladies and yet this slip of a girl...' his thought trailed off

I rather like it.


Just like you said no one has ever challenged us in such a way I like it and you know you do to.

'It is interesting we shall see where this goes I may just let her live if she is entertaining this Sesshomaru's life is dull, otherwise she has no use and I will dispose of her.'

His beast started to growl at him with that thought but he shoved it back into its cage. All through that Sesshomaru looked as if he had just found out the secret of life.

"You might want to close your mouth it looks most unattractive."

It was closed with an audible click and furious amber eyes looking back at her.

"You will address me with respect or pay the consequences for I am your superior."

"Ok Sessshomaru-SAMA. May I ask what those consequences might be?"

Her answer was Sesshomaru stalking forward and stopping right next to her with his foot on her chest.

'She feels no fear, THAT is certainly a new concept'

"Are you quite finished now?"

'Time to step things up a notch.' Sesshomaru picked her up by her neck and she just hung there not even bothering to hold onto his arm, to support herself.

'She still feels no fear' "Why do you not fear me when your life is in my hands?"

'I wonder if he realizes that if he's shocked or extremely angry he doesn't refer to himself in third person, probably not.' Kagome mused.

"ANSWER ME." Sesshomaru sternly said for Sesshomaru never raises his voice.

"Oh right, umm...well you're not all that threatening so there's no reason to fear you. I can handle myself now and I don't wanna seem rude but you're really no match for me..." she trailed off seeing his eyes start to turn an interesting shade of red.

She is challenging us she needs to be put in her place. his beast growled

Sesshomaru immediately tightened his grip to the point where Kagome couldn't breathe.

Kagome tried to stay calm she really did it would be no good to purify the western lord, think of all the chaos that would ensue with all the lower demons fighting for dominance. ' 10..9..8..I can't breathe but I have to stay calm 7..6..5.. ok screw this he asked for it...' Kagome never was very good at controlling her temper.

Kagome blasted Sesshomaru with a wave of her power so strong it knocked him out. He may have stood no chance but he certainly wasn't easy to take down.

The blast threw him into the wall but not through it. Kagome decided to try to get some sleep before Mr. Homicidal woke up with very gruesome but creative deaths on his mind for her.

About 4 hours later...

Sesshomaru sat straight up with you guessed many different ways he could kill Kagome.

'I can't believe she had the nerve to actually attack this Sesshomaru.' He tried to stand up but found that his body was extremely heavy.

'Yet another reason to kill the onna.'

She didn't attack us at least not to hurt us.

'What do you mean she threw this Sesshomaru into a wall and knocked him unconscious'

Hai, I know but do you feel any pain?

'No, but that's not the point...'

Do you feel anything different?

'This Sesshomaru feels…peaceful… How is this possible she threw me into the wall with her powers?'

Because she didn't use her miko powers, she used her healing powers, try to move your left arm...

'You know that half-breed..."He trailed off when he moved his left arm in front of his face.

For once both Sesshomaru and his beast were speechless...

Sesshomaru recovered first

'What is she??...'


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