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Sesshomaru's Beast

Chapter 22

The Youkai Underground and a Familiar Face


"Where is that girl?!" Sesshomaru had made his way back to the laundry room about an hour ago and she wasn't there. From the open hatch leading to the vent it was pretty obvious how she got out, but where she was now was the question.

Right now he was tracking her scent as much as he could. He had turned on the AC to blow her scent through the open vents so he could tell where she had been last.

'That girl is going to…'He was cut off from his thoughts when he walked into…

…What had he walked into?...

There was nothing there, except air and a wall. He reached out a hand, and ran it across the solid air in front of him.

'A barrier.' He realized. He expanded his youki to the point of almost transforming and watched the barrier flicker and then dissipate.

Immediately he felt the surge of youki energy. A door appeared in front of him. He recognized the door, brown mahogany door with a gold knob.

'I thought I had this part of the house torn down...' He thought.

This was an interesting development.

He opened the door and the scent of dead and decaying bodies overwhelmed his senses. He spotted the tunnel even in the darkness and knew where the miko was.

This couldn't be good.


"You can't keep me locked up in here forever, my boyfriend will come and you'll be sorry!" Kagome yelled.

"Your boyfriend, you mean that sad excuse for a dog demon, that lives in the house that guards our little town." The dark clothed man calmly replied.

"Just how were you guys able to hide something like this anyway?" Kagome asked suspiscous.

Sesshomaru wouldn't let these demons live down here…right?...

"I was hired by your boyfriend to tear a part of his house down. I had been looking for another area for an entrance to the Youkai Underground for a while, it was just a stroke of luck that the most hidden and guarded area in Tokyo needed some construction. With some midfications and a little bit of magic, the back entrance to the Underground was in the wing of his house that was to be torn down. He shouldn't be able to get through the barrier never mind being able to make it down here, to save you."

"You don't seem very hesitant to give up this information to a complete stranger."

"It's not like you'll being doing anything about it, so I see no problem giving you a little insight to your situation." He stood up and walked over to her from his seated position on the other side of the dungeon. He gripped her chin and forced her to look him straight in the eye.

"In fact I think we'll be spending a lot of time together from now on." He gave her an evil smirk. She ripped her chin from his grasp.

"Just what do you mean by that?" She hissed.

"Well you don't have anywhere to go, and I need a queen. We both require something so why can't we help each other out?"


"You'll see it my way eventually. I mean you can't exactly live down here for the rest of your life, surely you'll want something more," he looked her straight in the eye, "and when you do, I'll be sure to provide." He then walked out of the dungeon and locked the door behind him. As soon as he was out of earshot Kagome pulled against the chains binding her hands to the wall.

"Sesshomaru will come!"


As Sesshomaru made his way further down the tunnel he realized that this must have been part of the Underground.

He had known about the Youkai Underground, but had never actually journeyed to it.

It housed many demons that either could not hold their human appearance for long or could not make one at all, making it impossible for them to live amongst humans. They were ruled by one called Toseki, a demon that had no distinct species. He could have been kitsune or neko for all anybody knew.

It was rumored that he was antonishingly strong.

No doubt where he found Toseki he would find Kagome. She always seemed to get herself into the worst kind of trouble.

He sped up his walk. He would have run but he was not stupid. To rush into unknown territory being outnumbered and outmatched would prove to be disastrous if not fatal. He would have to take in inventory and survey his surroundings before he could act. The miko had survived for four years on her own in the Feudal Era, certainly she could survive a couple more hours on her own.

He walked through the tunnel and stopped in awe at the bustling city before him. There had to be hundreds if not thousands of demons down here.

'I didn't even know this many demons had made it to this time.' He thought.

What was worse was that he couldn't scent the miko anywhere. These demons either had a natural bad smell or didn't believe in bathing. This would be harder than expected.

Heaving a great sigh he walked right into the thick of the city.


'56 bottles of beer on the wall, 56 bottles of beer take one down pass it around 55 bottles of beer on the wall…' Kagome sang in her mind. There wasn't much else to keep her occupied in this cell.

There was that rat infested skeleton to her right and a dead but not yet decayed body to her left.

All in all they didn't make much for a very stimulating conversation.

"Well I see you're keeping yourself busy." The dark clothed man was back.

"What do you want? Can't you see I'm busy?…now look you made me lose count."

"Well I just thought you'd enjoy some company." Kagome looked up.



"Well Toseki, as you can see I'm quite content the way I am, so I'd rather not bother myself with the trouble of having to entertain another one of your guests." Kagome said sarcastically.

"So feisty." He walked over and kicked the skeleton away from the chains on her right.

"He's not very lively right now anyway, just see to it that when he wakes up that he is not to harm you in any way." She rolled her eyes and he finished securing the body in the chains. She couldn't tell what it was. It was so dark in here all she could see was the whites of Toseki's eyes.

"Whatever." Toseki nodded once and then left.

"So what did you do?" She asked to the demon to her right.

No response.

"Right I thought you'd say something like that…oh well…" She was deep in thought for a moment, then had a look of satisfaction on her face.

'55 bottles of beer on the wall…'


Sesshomaru slammed yet another demon up against the wall. He may have been outnumbered but the theory of being outmatched was completely proven wrong. These demons, even the ones in human form were weaker than him as a pup. It was amazing they survived throughout the years.

"Tell me have you seen a human girl walk through here?" He gave a little shake to make his point.

"N-no si-sir." He let the sad excuse of a boar demon drop to the ground.

That was 5 down and hundreds to go.

"Hey." Sesshomaru spun around to the voice. An ugly looking demon that didn't have any features to tell exactly what type of demon it was motioned for him to come closer.

"You're looking for a girl right; long black hair, blue eyes, a miko if I'm correct no?"

Sesshomaru narrowed his eyes,

"Hai, that's the girl. Can you tell me where she went?"

"That kind of classified information doesn't come without a price." The demon said smugly. Sesshomaru let some of his poison leak from his claws.

"I didn't come here to haggle about information. You will tell me where she is or," He placed a glowing hand near the neck of the demon, "you will be incapable of ever speaking again."

The demon gulped but then told him about the scene that had happened earlier. Sesshomaru growled.

Of course the girl would have to go and find trouble with the leader of these monsters.

"How do I get to this palace of his?"

"I don't know." The demon said curtly. Sesshomaru narrowed his eyes.

"What I meant to say was, I don't know how to get there after you arrive at the maze, surrounding his palace, to the east of here." Sesshomaru nodded to him and pulled some money out of his pocket.

"Your services are appreciated." He said and started off to the east.


"Dinner time." A massive bull demon called out and stepped into the cell. He placed a tray with food in front of Kagome and then one in front of the unconscious demon.

"He's still out is he? I took him down myself. Tricky little demon he was. He should have never stolen from the master himself. He will probably be sentenced to death if the master is feeling generous." He said to himself. Kagome rolled her eyes. What kind of demon would steal from a place like this?

…no scratch that…

What kind of demon would want to steal from a place like this? Granted she had only seen a glimpse of the actual castle as they had carried her through the halls, but it didn't seem the type of place to hold something of actual value. Most of the priceless things she had seen were in that treasure room on the way here.

"Well missy milord said to make sure you ate, so dig in." He said to Kagome. She looked him straight in the eyes. He stared back.

"Well," He said irritated.

"Well, my demon pal if you haven't noticed, I seem to be a little tied up right now." She replied, just as irritated.

The bull demon had the sense to look embarrassed. He cleared his throat.

"Right." He walked over and unlocked one of her wrists.

"If you try to escape, there will be consequences." He said seriously.

As if that would scare her.

But she wasn't stupid. Maybe he wasn't strong but that one name Toseki was strong, maybe a match for Sesshomaru. She wasn't going to get past him on her own. She looked at the food in front of her.

It looked edible. She studied it, as if that would tell her if it was safe to eat. She shrugged and took a bite.

She was immune to most poisons and the ones she wasn't were just as easily purified from her body. After deeming it safe she ate the whole plate. She would need her strength for her escape plan.

After she was finished without warning her hand was again chained to the wall. After that was done the bull demon just up and left.

She glanced over to her cell mate, and listened hard. Its breathing was shallow but there nonetheless. It would most likely awaken eventually, probably not too happy. She couldn't make out any details about him. There was no light source in the cave other than the light from down the hall shining just a little bit in the cell. He was placed so conveniently on the dark side of the cell and from what she could tell he was wearing dark clothes.

'Probably to blend in when he was caught stealing.' She mused. His outline seemed to be small. Not one of an experienced warrior.

"Hey, wake up!" She called out sharply.

Still no response.

"Well, at least you're able to have some peaceful moments." She sighed.

'I hope Sesshomaru gets here quick…'


'I have been walking for over an hour now and I still can't find the ma…' He stopped at the edge of a cliff and looked down.

'Here's the maze.' It didn't look too big. In fact he would probably be able to hop from each fence to another and get to the castle. He went to jump, but before he reached the gate, he hit a barrier and fell (gracefully) to the ground.

'Of course, they have to make it harder than needed.' He sighed but remembered the layout from the edge of the cliff. With determination he set off into the maze.

The moment he set foot on the stone plated path several demons ambushed him.

'Just what I need.' With a resigned sigh he dropped into a battle stance.

"You will not get past us. Even if you manage to do so, there will be many, many more to replace us." The gravely monster's voice called out.

He was wrong these demons would require almost no effort to exterminate. They were pitifully weak. One of the monsters drew its sword.

The battle began.


"Ugh, it feels like I've been run over by a truck." The recently awakened demon said to none in particular.

"No, that would be a bull." Kagome said. The demon sat up as much as he could with his hands bound.

"Yea, you're right." He said absently.

"So what did you do to get chained up in here?" The demon asked.

"I was just looking around but apparently I was trespassing."

"Are you a new comer?"

"Ummm…yea I guess."

"Did you ask permission from the Leader?"


"Then that's why you were trespassing."


"Yea." The demon said and took a deep breath. He froze.

Kagome felt the demon next to her aura flare in surprise.


"D-do I know you?" He asked.

"I wouldn't think so; I didn't spend most of my life here. Or in this time…" She muttered under her breath.

It was silent. Both deep in thought.

'Or in this time' echoed through the demon's head.

"Do you perhaps know a girl by the name Kagome?" He asked timidly.

"That's my name, why?" Kagome asked suspiscous.

"Did you happen to travel with a hanyou at one point?" He pressed on.

"Yea, but that's none of your business." She said hoping he would drop the tender subject.

"Ok, just one last question. Did you happen to know a little kitsune named Shippo?" He asked softly as if afraid of the answer.

"Shippo..he was my love, my pride. I never got to say goodbye." She said sadly, the memories of all the good times playing through her head.

There was a sharp intake of breath and then,

"Mama?" Kagome looked over hearing the almost broken cry from this obviously grown male.

She saw a pair of bright emerald green eyes staring back at her.

"Sh-shippo?" She asked, the thought of this being locked up in a cell with her, possibly being her adopted son, overwhelmed her.

"Hai, mama it's me Shippo." He said and then broke down into tears.

"I found her, she's not dead. I found her…" He chanted again and again. Kagome hearing this also started to cry.

'My son, I found my son. I will get us out of here, even if it kills me!'

Then she got an idea.

Through her tears she called out,

"Shippo, we have to get out of here I have an idea. Can you still do illusions?"

"H-hai." He said and sniffled.

"I need you to make an illusion of a big scary demon with a sword at my throat, and then play dead. Understand?"


"On the count of three." She said sternly.

"1." She whispered. He whimpered.

"2. Don't be scared. I promise this will work." He nodded even though she couldn't see it.

"3." Shippo made the illusion and then went limp.

Kagome let out a glass-shattering scream.

And then waited.


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