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Some Promises

A Drake and Josh Fanfiction

By redhairgreeneyes

Promises were made to be broken. Drake knew this well. It's why when his father told him that he would keep in touch after the divorce, Drake understood what his father really meant to say. His father needed to fill the empty silence of that day as Drake stood on the front porch watching his Dad load his suitcase into the back of his Chevy. So he filled the silence with empty platitudes. Drake understood. It's just the way some things were.

That's why Drake never promised anything to any of the girls he dated. Why say something you didn't really mean? Since the day his father left, nearly eight years ago Drake had only made one promise. He had made his brother Josh one singular promise. And so help him, he was going to keep it.

End Prologue.

Chapter 1


Six Months Earlier

"Drake! Wake up already! We're about to be late for school."

Drake Parker merely groaned and rolled over at the sound of his brother's voice. School? Already? It felt like he had only just fallen asleep. Which was especially strange considering he had gone to bed early the night before. Still only barely awake, Drake sat up in bed. Immediately the room began to swim before his eyes. He groaned again.

"Drake, would you please-" Josh began as he walked into the room, "Dude, you don't look so great. What's wrong?"

As soon as he said it, Drake's sleep-filled brain finally began to process information. He wished it hadn't.

"Oh man," he said, "Somebody make the room stop spinning."

"That can't be good. Sit tight while I get Mom." Josh said, hurrying down the stairs.

"Ugh." Drake let his tired body fall back onto the warm bed covers. He drifted between wakefulness and sleep for what seemed like hours until Josh finally returned with Audrey in tow.

"Drake, honey, can you look at me?" Audrey asked. Drake blinked at her sleepily. "What hurts, honey?"

Drake sucked in a breath. Ouch. Where did that come from?

"My stomach is killing me," Drake hissed from between clenched teeth. How could he not have noticed this when he first woke up?

Audrey laid her hand on his forehead. "You've definitely got a fever, you're burning up. Josh, can you bring me the thermometer?"

Josh cast a concerned glance at Drake, but left as Audrey requested. Audrey turned back to her son. She took in his pale skin and sweaty brow and decided that she was needed more at home today than at the office.

"Here, Mom." Josh had returned with the thermometer.

"Thanks, sweetie." She took the tool from Josh and turned back to Drake. "Open wide, Drake." She placed the thermometer under his tongue and turned back to Josh.

"Josh, I'm going to stay home with Drake today. Could you please drop Megan off at school for me?" she asked.

"Sure, Mom. Get better soon, Drake." Josh left the room.

The beeping of the thermometer made Audrey turn back to Drake. "Say 'ah'. Let me check this. 103.6. Definitely no school for you today. Let me go find some fever reducer and something for your stomach and I'll be right back."

Drake spent most of the day lying in bed in a stupor while his Mom fussed about. Despite the medicine, his fever had not gone down and the pain in his stomach only continued to grow. By the time Josh and Megan returned home, she was extremely concerned.

"Hey boob, are you still sick?" Megan asked, walking into the room with Josh following close behind.

"Go 'way, Megan." Drake slurred.

"Megan, leave your brother alone. He's still very sick." Audrey walked in carrying a cup full of broth for Drake.

Megan looked concerned at that. "Is he going to be okay?" she asked.

"Of course he will, Megan. Now please go do your homework." Audrey said.

Despite what his mother said to Megan, Josh could tell she was very much worried. Audrey did not tend to fuss over little things, so Josh knew that something wasn't right. He waited until Megan had left the room to ask. Drake appeared to have fallen back asleep.

"Mom, is Drake okay?"

"I'm not sure. His fever just refuses to break and I'm concerned about the pain he is having in his stomach." Audrey said tiredly, running a hand over her eyes.

"Do you think it's serious?" Josh asked. Now he was definitely getting concerned.

Audrey sighed. "I'm afraid he might have appendicitis, actually. I don't think it's serious so I want to wait until your Dad gets home before trying to take him to the hospital."

"Appendicitis? That is serious." Josh was stunned. Drake hardly ever got sick. And now he had appendicitis? That meant surgery and hospitals. Something Josh hated, very, very much. It was something about the way they smelled. Like they used so much bleach to cover up the smell of all that blood. Ick.

"I just need you to keep Megan calm when we go. She will be very worried, I know." Audrey said.

"I will, Mom."

"Thank you, Josh. I can always count on you." She said. Josh smiled.

Downstairs, the sound of the front door opening and closing alerted them that Walter was home at last.

"I'll be right back, Josh please keep an eye on your brother?" Audrey said.

As she left the room Josh turned to look at his brother. He just hoped this would all be over soon and Drake would get better as quickly as possible. He walked over to the bed as he saw Drake beginning to wake up.

"Hey, brother," he greeted Drake, "How're you feeling?"

"Crappy," Drake groaned. His stomach was killing him, and nothing seemed to be helping. "Josh, what's wrong with me?" he asked worriedly.

"Mom thinks you might have appendicitis." Josh explained.

"Yeah well, you snore even louder than I do." Drake grumbled.

Josh laughed. "Appendicitis, Drake. It's means that your appendix is inflamed. It's a routine surgery to remove it."

"Remove it!?" Drake sat straight up, his wide eyes staring at his brother.

"Don't worry, brother. I'll be right there with you." Josh said. Drake merely grumbled and fell back into the bed.

"Okay Drake, time to go to the hospital." Walter said walking in with Audrey close behind. "Think you can make it down the stairs?"

"Yeah, hang on…" Drake sat up and swung his feet over the side of the bed. He stood up quickly and would have fallen over had Josh not been there to catch him.

"Slow it down, brother." Josh said as he supported Drake down the stepladder that led to his bed. They eventually made it downstairs and all the way out to the car. Josh helped settle Drake into the back seat and stepped aside as his Mom buckled Drake's seat belt.

"Hey, Josh?" Drake looked over Audrey's shoulder.


"Keep Megan away from my guitar."

Josh just laughed and promised he would.

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