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Some Promises

Chapter Two

Be More Careful

By redhairgreeneyes

"Drake? Wake up, brother."

Drake slowly opened his eyes. He quickly shut them again as the light blazed against his retinas. He heard a shuffling noise and then the voice spoke again.

"I turned down the lights. Try opening your eyes now," Came Josh's voice nearby.

Drake opened his eyes and was greeted with the sight of his brother sitting at his bedside. "Josh? What happened?"

"Mom was right, you had appendicitis." Josh said. "You've been here for two days, you were running a fever. How're you feeling?"

"Better," Drake said, taking an internal inventory. The pain in his stomach was gone and he wasn't feeling feverish any longer.

"Good. Hopefully you'll be home soon."

"Thanks for being here for me, Josh." Drake said.

"Oh well, you know-" Josh started.

"-But more importantly, thanks for saving my guitar from Megan." Drake interrupted.

"Everyone knows where your priorities are." Josh rolled his eyes.

"Drake Parker?" A nurse walked into the room.

"That'd be me."

"Mr. Parker, I hope you don't mind but there seems to be a room shortage. Do you mind if we move another patient in here?" the nurse asked.

"No prob." Drake agreed easily.

The nurse returned shortly pushing a bed with a boy who looked to be the same age as Drake. She then turned to Josh.

"I'm sorry young man, but visiting hours are over now. You're welcome to come back tomorrow."

"See you, Drake. Mom and Dad were here earlier, but had to go back to the house to put Megan to bed. They'll be glad to hear you woke up. G'night." Josh said.

"Night, brother." Drake said, shutting his eyes. He was asleep before Josh was out to the car.

Walking down the hall to Drake's hospital room the next day, the Parker-Nichols family was surprised to hear laughter coming from within.

"Dude, and then we all got chased out of the store by the clerk, and he was-"

"Mom! Dad! What are you guys doing here?"

"Can't we visit our son when he's in the hospital?" Walter asked teasingly.

"Sorry, I just wasn't expecting you guys. Mom, Dad, this is Tim. Tim, these are my parents." Drake introduced them to the young man lying in the bed beside his own.

"Hello, Drake's parents." Tim said with a sly smile.

"Hello," Audrey responded coldly to Tim's sarcasm. "Drake, I just finished speaking to Dr. Brown. He says you'll be released as soon as the nurses finish the paperwork."

"Awesome!" Drake could not wait to get away from all these nurses, they were driving him crazy. They were constantly poking and prodding him and were forever checking and double-checking his temperature.

"Dude, you are so lucky! I'm dying to get out of here, but I'm stuck for another day." Tim said.

"That sucks, man."

"Yeah." Tim said with a heavy sigh.

Just then a nurse walked into the room carrying papers. "Mr. Nichols, Mrs. Nichols?" she asked.

"That's us," Walter volunteered.

"Okay, I'll need you two to sign these official release papers and then Drake is free to go," she said, smiling indulgently at Drake.


Two weeks later, Drake had finally returned to his normal self. His surgery and hospitalization had definitely taken a toll on the normally energetic young teen. It had been a week before he returned to school, and even then he had come home and fallen asleep every night until he was woken up for dinner. Tonight was the first night he was going out in what seemed like forever.

"Hey, Mom. Can I borrow the car?" Drake asked, thumping down the stairs and pulling on his jacket.

"Where are you going?" Audrey asked.

"Just hanging out with the guys tonight. I haven't seen them in forever." Drake answered.

"Two weeks is hardly forever," Audrey said with a smile. "But, yes, you can take the car."

"Thanks, Mom." Drake said enthusiastically, grabbing the keys.

"Just be home by 11 o'clock." Audrey said, watching her son walk out the front door.

"Sure thing."

As soon as he was settled behind the wheel, Drake pulled out his cell phone and dialed Trevor's number.

"Drake, man! You're alive!" came an excited voice on the other end of the line.

Drake laughed. "Yeah, man. What's going on? You free?" Drake asked.

"Ooo. Sorry, dude. I'm all tied up tonight. Maybe later, dude." Trevor apologized.

"No problem, man. Talk to you later." Drake hung up, and dialed the rest of the band. Everyone was busy. 'Come on, there's got be something going on.' Scrolling through the contacts menu on his phone Drake found an entry for 'Tim.' On a whim, he decided to see if his hospital buddy was free.

"Hello?" came Tim's voice.

"Hey, man. It's Drake, from the hospital. D'you remember me?" Drake asked.

"Yeah! Hey, man, what's good?" Tim laughed.

"Not much actually, everyone around here is all tied up tonight. Are you busy?"

"I'm at a party now. But, dude you should totally come over. Do you know where Peck Road is?"

"It's just off Main Street, right?"

"Right, dude. Third house on the left. See you in a few."

Drake hung up the phone and turned the car towards Main Street. By the time he made it to the right address, the party was in full swing. There were a ton of cars parked on both side of the road. Drake parked as close as he could, and walked to house that was obviously hosting the party. The front door was wide open and even from his car, Drake could hear loud music playing. He walked in and looked around for Tim. He saw a bunch of kids he had seen around school, but had never talked to before. They were known for having a bad reputation and getting in trouble with the law. Drake was about to leave when he heard someone shout his name.

"Hey, Drake!"

He turned around to see Tim wading through the crowd towards him.

"Hey, man what's up?" Drake smiled.

"Just partying. Come and meet the guys."

Drake allowed Tim to pull towards the back of the house. In the kitchen he met Tim's friends. Joey, Luke, and Ben, were all nice enough and they got into a long conversation about music. They were all very interested to hear that Drake had his own band.

"Hey, anybody need a drink?" Luke interrupted.

"Sure," everyone nodded. Luke came back a while later with four plastic cups with what appeared to be punch. The punch tasted a little funny to Drake, but no one else seemed to notice, so he said nothing. As the evening passed, Drake continued to drink the punch that Luke continually kept filling his cup with. With each cup of the punch he drank, Drake had more and more trouble concentrating. Suddenly Drake looked at the digital display on the stove behind him. It read '10:37'

"Oh, shit. I need t' get goin', guys." Drake said.

"Aw, that sucks, man." Tim said. Drake agreed, but knew he needed to get going now if he wanted to make curfew.

"See, ya," Ben said.

Yeah, see you," Luke said. "Careful on the drive home, man. You've had a lot of the punch. I think someone spiked it."

"What?" Drake said. That would explain why his vision was all fuzzy, but why hadn't Luke mentioned this before?

"Actually, I think a lot of someones spiked it," Joey piped up.

'Great,' Drake thought. Out loud, he merely told the guys that he'd talk to them later and left.

Drake stumbled towards his car and fumbled with they keys. He was having trouble seeing and wasn't thinking very clearly. He did have enough presence of mind to take the drive home slowly, though it meant missing curfew. As he pulled up, he was glad to see the lights downstairs were all off, the only light in the house coming from the room he shared with his brother above the garage.

As he painstakingly unlocked the front door, Drake was trying to think of something to say to Josh to explain his situation. Hopefully, Josh would believe him when he said he hadn't meant for this to happen.

After stumbling through the house and up the stairs, Drake finally made it to his bedroom.

"Where have you been, man?" Josh asked, without looking up from the computer screen where he was currently IM'ing Mindy.

"Not s' loud," Drake said wincing and slurring slightly. This caused Josh to look up.

"What's wrong with you?" Josh asked.

"You're not goin' to b'lieve this."

"Try me," Josh said suspiciously.

Drake sat down on the couch and told his brother about the party and the funny tasting punch.

"How did you not realize it was spiked?" Josh asked increduliously.

"I wasn't really paying attention. We were just discuss'in some bands and I hardly noticed what I was drinking. I dinnit' realize how bad it was 'til I stood up." said Drake painstakingly.

This seemed to bring a sudden realization to Josh. "You drove home?" Josh hissed. "Do you have any idea how stupid that was? You could have gotten in an accident, or worse! How could you be so irresponsible?"

"I dinnit' mean to," Drake insisted. "I was just tryin' to make curfew."

"Yeah, well, I hope you realize how incredibly dumb it was." Josh said sternly.

"I know," Drake sighed heavily.

By now, Drake was feeling incredibly tired. Josh seemed to notice and helped Drake stumble up the step ladder and fall into bed. He slipped out of the room and silently made his way to the bathroom. He filled a glass with water and grabbed the bottle of aspirin. When he got back to his room, he could tell Drake was just about to drop off to sleep. He shook his brothers shoulder and handed him two pills and the glass of water. He made sure Drake had swallowed the pills and left both on Drake's bedside table. His brother was not going to have a happy morning, he could promise that.