Well this a DeidaraXoc for MALES!!! No! Not girls! Guys! I'm getting sick of seeing unorigenal pairings. So I made a Dei-dei X a guy fanfic. Yeah... I'm insane... I do not own any these chariters other then the ones I made up. Yeah... I hope you like, un!

Chapter one: The Vanishing Act Of Ai

Akira Fudo was not a man of high intelligence, even though his first name meant intelligent and his last name meant god of fire and wisdom, no Akira was not at all a man or ninja of high intelligence. When ever on a mission he charged first and asked questions later, he never thought before he spoke, and when testing came he scored low. Many thought that Naruto was a smarter man then Akira, and they might be right-but! No one in the village could match Akira's skill in painting. Not even Sai, who could bring His paintings to life, could EVER match the skill of which Akira possessed. A simple doodle of a field would turn into a meadow that which belonged in the gates of heaven. A drawing of a bird looked as if it could fly off the paper at any minute, yes no one could ever compare to Akira

Akira yawned. He had not had a good night sleep in weeks. His team had been sent out on an 'A' rank mission to find the base of Akatsuki headquarters, (if such a thing was real.) Akira thought it a load of shit. Why would a bunch of 'S' rank criminals make a base that could easily be found by Anbu, it didn't make any sense. But then again Akira wasn't very smart and there for didn't understand the concept of 'S' rank criminal.

"Fudo." The sound of his name awoke him from his thoughts. Akira looked up to see Ai Cho, a young woman in her 16's who was probably the worst teammate ever. When ever they where in a fix, she would just up and leave, when they were all sneaking into a village, she would turn up 5 hours after it ENDED. No doubt about it she was an odd one. "Fudo, it's my turn to take watch shift."

Akira laughed at this; his smile glowed brightly in the moon's light.

"Knowing you Ai, you'd just run off like you always do."

Ai gave him a cold icy glare. She did not like it when he or any one brought up her 'disappearing' act.

"Akira…" She said in a warning tone.

Akira nodded his head in understanding. He got up, walked over to his sleeping place by his friend, Dai Cho, Ai's brother. It was odd that nether of them looked alike in the least. Ai was short, blond haired, blue eyed, and odd. Dai was tall, brown haired, purple eyed, and semi-normal. To Akira no one was really normal; this was why whenever he meet some one out of the ordinary he was totally cool about it.

Akira snuggled up in his blanket, unaware that once again, Ai had up and left them.

Ai started blankly into the trees, a little bit of slobber ran down the side of her cheek.

"Look Danna, she's drooling. This why puppets are not art, un!" a voice said quietly.

"Your not such a great artist your self Deidara." Another voice replied. This one was much tougher sounding then the first one.

"Touché." The voice, Deidara said back.

A figure stepped out of the shadows. It was a young boy, maybe a teen. His hair was a blood red, and his eyes a pale sea foam green. A black cloak covered the rest of his body. It was covered in red clouds that symbolized the organization he worked for. The Akatsuki.

Ai stared at him, unblinking, uncaring. She was his puppet. She had been for years. That was why when ever a fight happened; the boy had programmed her mind to leave the battle. This way keeping her safe. It wasn't that he cared for her it was that she held precious information that was needed for their mission.

"Ai… speak. Where are your teammates?" The boy asked his little pet.

"… A mile away, Danna." She said with a monotone voice.

Deidara stepped out of shadows; blond hair covered about more then half of his face.

"I see you trained her well, Sasori No Dana, un." He said coolly.

The boy, Sasori, nodded his head. Taking slow steps towards his puppet, Sasori, unbutton his cloak and place his hand on Ai's head. The moonlight shone down brightly on the clearing the three stood in and you could see very clearly that his hand was made out of… wood?

"Hai, she is very… well train." Sasori said, his voice hallow and cold "Isn't that right… Ai?"

Ai simply nodded her head. Her body was no longer hers; it was never hers to begin with. At the age 5 she was sent out on a mission. Every one else had died at the hands of two Akatsuki members, the same two that stood before her now. Ai as a little girl cried and begged for mercy, and the last words she ever heard was,

"I'm not going to kill you… I'm going to make you beautiful. A piece of art that will last for ever."

"Who are you?" Akira asked the blond angel before him.

The angel smiled at Akira and pushed a lock of blond hair out of his face.

"Please… an name!"

The angle embraced him in a warm hug, the sweet of him wafted up into Akira's noise making him more curious by the second.

"My name is-"

Akira was jolted awake by sudden gust of wind. Panting, he looked around to see if Ai was still there. She wasn't. Deeply annoyed by this, Akira sat up, put on a warmer shirt, and did the stupidest thing ever. He went of to go and find her. Stupid Akira, though his name means intelligent, he was nothing of the sort.

Yep this a yaoi story with an oc. Yep... I was bored and why am I listen to the Tango Maureen while typing this?!?! Oh well, this is my first Chapter, I hope you liked it.