Chapter Four: This Is Torture

Fudo Akira opened his tear stained eyes, only to shut them tight, wishing he could go back to sleep. Anything that wasn't real would do well know. He had had such a nice dream. Every one was still alive; the angel had come and watched as Akira and his teammates celebrated their success of finding the Akatsuki headquarters. It had been a very nice dream…

"Oi, brat! If you're not awake then wake the fuck up!"

Akira looked at the metal door, startled by the rough voice. The door opened, reveling a young albino man no older then his early twenties or younger. He looked at the man confused, where was the blonde who had put him in this hellhole? Hidan chuckled and walked over to his captive, taking him roughly by the hair. Akira let out a yell of pain as the albino grabbed his hair, throwing him against the cement walls.

"Consider THAT a wakeup call, runt." Hidan cackled as he watched the boy try to stand up.

Oh but he wouldn't let the kid get to far ahead of himself- oh no! Before Fudo had a chance to regain his footing, the Jashinist hit him with the back of his hand, making Akira smash against the mental door. This kid is Pathetic! Deidara last longer then this brat! Hidan thought as he once again grabbed the boy by his dark black locks.

"Ahh! S-stop it… h-hurts."

The albino priest smiled at his words. Hidan forced Fudo to looks at him, earning another hiss of pain from his lips. He loved pain; though he could feel very little of it Hidan took pleasure watching other peoples suffering. Deidara was especially fun to toy with, the arsonist was such a easy toy to brake and Hidan loved to brake his toys over and over till they were no longer of any use…

"Oh does it? Well I'm very sorry considering its my job you dumbass!" He spat in the kids face, making him turn away in discuss. "Don't look away from me Fudo Akira!"

Hidan yanked his back and their eyes meet one another, light pink glared down into dark gray ones. Akira's widen, for the first time in his life Fudo Akira felt true fear. His body began to shake, making it hard to keep eye contact with his captor.

Oh God! He thought his face collided with the albino's kneecap, hearing a loud crack as Akira fell to the floor; retching in pain. I'm going to die! He's going to kill me! There was another loud crack ad Hidan brought his foot down onto his stomach, the blood was now pouring out of his mouth, leaking onto the cold floor.

"Now listen Bitch! I'm going to cut you deal Fudo and all your suffering will end quick and painless. Here are your choices…. You can A) rat on your village or B) I can just keep this up until you're begging for death!" The Jashinist said in a all not blunt way. "So Dumbass!"

There was another loud cracking sound; Akira knew he must at least two broken ribs by now.

"Is it gonna be A or B? Chose quickly, I haven't got all day!"

He looked up at Hidan, his dark gray eyes once again meeting the insane pink ones. He couldn't chose- not now! But the hurt so much, Akira wanted it to end. And how would that be thanking your dead comrades for what they did? Hmm? True, Akira didn't want to waist everything he and his team had worked for. But if I don't tell him, I'll suffer until god knows how long! The captive looked away from his captor, he had made his choice and was probably going regret it for the rest of his life- not that it was going to last that long anyway.

"A… t-that's my c-c-choice…" The albino smiled, taking his foot off Akira's chest.

Hidan couldn't help but laugh out loud; no one had ever given in this quickly. It was a little sad; he had wanted to see so much more blood and pain! But he wasn't going to be picky, the brat had told him his option- nothing he could do about it.

"Heheheh… good little dumbass, there's just one more thing…"


Deidara woken with a sudden start, it had been a dream, just a dream. The arsonist fell back on his pillow, looking at one of his sculptures. He had made it years ago, it was a young girl running somewhere, she was smiling and her hair was blowing in the wind. Deidara grimaced at piece of clay, he hated it but no matter how hard he tried he couldn't throw it out or blow it to pieces like his other pieces of artwork. Every time he tried, horrible memories came flooding back to him… just like they did when he was 'with' Hidan no Danna…

"Damn dreams…. Un." Deidara muttered as he sat up.

Grumbling, the arsonist changed into his uniform. To be truthful it was a little too big for him. Not that he minded, it looked good on him like that, but this was not the time for thinking such thoughts. He had job to do, taking care of that Fudo brat! The clay master slid open his door, making sure that the hallways were clear, he did not have the strength to deal with the Jashinist today. Ever so quietly, Deidara tiptoed out of his room, silently walking down the empty halls. It was a very long walk from his room to the stairs of the holding cells but as nice as that was it only made it harder for the arsonist to sleep at night; hearing the loud screams of the prisoners right below his bedroom. He stood before the stairs that lead down to that hellhole, there was no light on the staircase making it gloomier then it already was. Deidara hated to walk down these; he had once asked the Leader if they could install an elevator… Kakuzu quickly dismissed that idea, muttering something about finance. Taking a deep breath, the blond artist began his descent down the stairs. He made it as quick as possible reaching the bottom in a matter of minutes.

Deidara sauntered over to Fudo's cell door, taking out a pair of midnight black keys but before the arsonist even had a chance to put them in the lock, the steel door swung open and instantly, he stiffened when he saw who walked out. Hidan smiled down at him, face doused in blood, probably the leaf ninjas.

"Heh, good luck fixing the boy, Slave-kun." The albino whispered into his ear.

Deidara shuddered, doing his best to keep the memories at bay and the urge to slip a bomb into the mans outfit- it would only get in him trouble later. He walked into the boys cells, slamming the door behind him. Bastard! The arsonist froze in place when he saw his prisoners state. His clothing had been ripped off- it was obvious of what had taken place here. Deidara slowly made his way over to the boy, gently placing a mouthed hand on Akira's shoulders. Instantly, Fudo froze up not daring to move, only whispering words that Deidara could barely hear.

"P-please… I will b-b-be good… no m… more…"

The clay master frowned, a pang of sympathy in his heart for the boy. He knew what it felt like, to be used, hurt…

"Oi…. Kid, I'm not going to hurt you, now hold still, un!" but it was not in his place to feel those things for this boy.

Deidara roughly pulled Akira to his knees, carefully examining all of his wounds. Cuts, burns, rips, anal bleeding… He growled to himself, angry that Hidan had done such a thing when he was clearly told to do as LITTLE damaged to the boy as possible but then again Hidan never listened to their leaders orders. The clay artist began the healing process, slowly healing each wound at a time since it wasn't his specialty he had to go slow other wise the arsonist could find himself with his neck musicales connecting to his other arms veins… such an incident had occurred once before- not a pretty sight to say the lest but it was funny as hell when they tried to grab something and ended up punching themselves in the face.

Fudo was silent the entire way while he worked but Deidara didn't mind. It was good to have some peace and quiet for once when he was with the Konoha ninja. But the silence began to unnerve the blonde to a point where he had to say something.

"How much did you tell, un?"

He didn't reply but when Deidara raised his hand in warning, Akira instantly replied.

"E-everything. I told him everything I knew a-and he-" Akira couldn't finish his sentence.

Deidara nodded his head in understandment, Hidan never played by the rules... "Come on then, Leader's waiting for you, un."



Akira flinched from the harshness of Deidara's cry. The Akatsuki leader uncovered his ears, lazily glancing in the clay masters direction.

"You heard me, Deidara. Fudo here will be assisting the Akatsuki as what would better be known as a butler or if you wish to call it something else a servant."

The leader turned away from the both of them, it was obvious that he had ended the conversation then and there but Deidara wouldn't stand for it.

"But WHY Leader-sama? He told Hidan No Danna everything in exchange for his life- he's nothing but a worthless coward, un!"

Akira flinched at his words knowing the truth in them. He was useless, both as ninja and as a friend. He had ratted on his comrades when sworn to secrecy, if he ever returned back to the village that he had been sworn to protect. He knew he would be stripped of rank and probably kicked out should he ever return… going back would be worse then staying here in some ways but the result was the same in the end, lower then dirt. The young artist starred at the ground wishing that the man who had been torturing him had just gone and killed him like promised. Akira tried to move himself into a more comfortable sitting postion but his bottom and backside hurt no matter what style he sat in so instead turned his attention back to the discoision about him, it was about what was going to happen to him after all. Pein sent Deidara a cold look shutting the blond up, he had just enough of his chatter.

"Enough, Deidara. It is happening whether you want it to or not! Besides…. That little skill of his may come in handy one of these days."

The Akatuski leader turned away from both of them, shooing at his minions to leave. Deidara grumbled a bit before bowing and grabbing Akira by the scruff of his torn shirt.

"Come on slave, un." He spat the new title out coldly, pulling the boy out of the room as he left, slamming the door behind himself.

Akira found it hard to walk at first, being pulled along but Deidara paused once, allowing him to chat his breath and stand up. He looked about where he was. It was a long hallway with many doors, many names were written on them and each had a different color.

"This is my room, un." The blond pointed to a light yellow door with the name written in Kanji, Deidara upon it. "If you need something- don't come here, un!"

For the rest of the day Deidara showed Akatsuki new servant around the headquaters, telling him what his daily jobs were, that he would never talk back to any one no matter what, who liked what foods- he was going to be doing the cooking too, and who to avoid. The name Hidan had come up and Akira had twitched slightly at the name. Hidan…. So that's the man who... who… Akira pushed the thought out of his mind. Once all was said and done, Deidara had taken him back to the Hallway Of Rooms, pointing to a door near a black with… the Uchiha symbol on it? Akira read the name a sudden understandment washing over him. Uchiha Itachi's room…

"This will be your room." Deidara pointed to door next to Itachi's room, the door was a light gray with the words written in Kanji, Fudo Akira. "Not much….. if you want more ask Leader-sama or Kakazu though with his money spending habits I highly doubt you'll get anything...."

Deidara turned away from the boy already to started heading back to his apartment before something grabbed his arm. He paused, glancing back at Fudo.

"What now, un?"

The new slave flinched at the harshness of his words before speaking; very quietly … in fact it was just above a whisper.

"U-uh… um-" he couldn't even start what he wanted to say.

Pathetic. Deidara thought as he pulled his arm out of Akira's grip turning is back on the boy. He had no need to stick around here any longer.

"Good night." The clay master stated coldly as he walked away from the young artist, leaving him to find his way in his new 'home'


Hidan watched his little slave-kun leave the helpless boy by himself, a wicked grin spreading across his face. Not a smart move my little slave. The albino thought with utter glee, moving towards his prey. The boy stood up with some difficulty turning around and bumped straight into the Jashinist, a look of horror washing across his face.

"Hello." Hidan said with raising excitement in his voice. "Nice to see you again my little pet."

He watched as the boy turned to run but Hidan was on him in seconds, covering his mouth so he was unable to cry for the clay artist's help. I just LOVE artists, they scream to beautifully. Hidan pulled the boy into his new room, throwing him down on the rickety old bed, listening with enjoyment as it creaked under his pet's weight.

"P-please d-don't-" he was cut off by a sudden slap across his face.

Hidan sent Akira a cold look as he climbed above him, pinning the boy's arms above his head, nipping his ear as he did so.

"Don't EVER talk back to your superiors, pet." The Jashinist whispered into his ear before biting it harshly, Akira gasping at the pain. His light pink eyes gleamed in the darkness, as he ripped the boys shirt clean off of him with his right arm, twisting his nipple just to make him suffer more. He was going to make Akira enjoy this, yes; the pain on the inside would be so splendid to watch afterwards. Hidan bent his head as to reach his pet's neck, biting it so hard it bleed, causing Akira to whimper in pain. Yes this is what Hidan wanted to hear. I want you to scream for me! The albino licked the bite mark along with blood, moving down to his chest and licking his nipple, forcing the boy to moan quietly.

"Yes you enjoy that don't you pet- does my little slut want more?" He whispered into Akira's ear in a seductive tone.

The young artist flinched at his words, not wanting to admit to the plain truth. But the Jashinist knew, he always knew when his little toys wanted him. Hidan went back to licking his nipples, forcing more and more moans from the boy. His right hand traveled down to his pants undoing his own pair and casting them aside before starting on Akira's, keeping up the licking so he wouldn't noticed. Akira did but it was to late both were stripped down to the bone, his free hand stroking the boy's length.


His cries of refusing turned into pleasuring moans right before Hidan. He blushed deeply, trying to rid himself of any such enjoyment but the feeling that came from the man stroking his hardness made impossible. The immortal laughed sadistically as he moved the pace up a notch, the pace quickening as did his pet's breathing. Hidan moved back up to his mouth and kissed his forcefully, his tongue lashing out against Akira's. The blush on his pets face deepened as he felt everything being built up, the need to come overwhelming him though Hidan suddenly stopped his stroking, a whimper escaping from Akira's lips. Hidan raised en eyebrow, chuckling to himself as he pulled the boys face closer to his.

"What is that my little slut? Do you need something?"

Akira nodded his head, whimpering to his master. He had already lost everything… he had nothing more to lose. The Jashinist laughed, putting his right hand back on the boys cock.

"Is this what you want?" his pet nodded. "Don't you want more? Something… better?" He hinted the boy's eyes widened with tiniest spark of lust and fear.

Hidan flipped Akira onto his stomach, finally pulling out a rope from his cloak on the floor. It would be easier for him if he hand both his hand for this. Hidan tied his pet's hands above his head, scooting down towards his ass. His pet whimpered, remembering last time.

"It wont be like that my little pet- only if you behave and call me Danna will you receive such pleasure. Do anything wrong and well…" Hidan forced two fingers in, a loud yelp of pain coming from his pet. "Understand?"

Akira nodded, lowering his head in shame, he knew that he didn't want his b-but… it felt so good. There was little pain and everything bad that had happened before seemed to melt away in his knew masters arms. The wicked grin came back on the albinos face, knowing what was going through the boy's head. You really are stupid aren't you Fudo? Without any warning, Hidan pushed his full length causing the boy to scream out in pain.

"Ohhh- That's right scream prettily for my you little slut!" Hidan yelped pounding into the boy.

And scream he did. Akira screamed and cried whilst his master enjoyed himself, breaking in his toy. A sudden moan escaped his lips when Hidan reached around and started to stroke his cock, making it full back out. Within is minutes his screams of pain became cries of lust and joy as the albino pounded and stroked him. A sudden cry escaped his lips, bright lights flew across Akira's line of vision, white hot cum spilling onto his bed sheet. Hidan kept his pace up, laughing sadistically as he came inside the boy.

"Ha… ha… so my little pet enjoy himself." Whispered into the boy's ear, harshly pulling himself out, causing Akira to whimper. When Akira did not respond Hidan pulled out a kunai, moving slowly into his ass. "Well? Did he?"


With those words the immortal pulled the sharp knife out of him, using it to cut him free before kissing him deeply for only a second. Hidan pulled himself away from the boy dressing himself not even glancing back at his work. He opened the door, turning back to look at the balled up boy.

"You're a good fuck. Can't wait to do it tomorrow my little pet."

Akira felt the tears following down as his face as laughter of his Danna faded away, shudders over coming his body.

He had already learned his place in this new world…


I'm so sorry... I'll try to be better from now on...