First Inuyasha Story by ME: Delicious-Kat. This is as well my first story on Fan fiction. I hope you guys will like it. : I know nothing of college and stuff. So, forgive me when I make a mistake, and stuff of the sort.

Title: Don't Say You love Me

Summary: I believe this has done before (Allot). . .

Kagome Higurashi, the most beautiful girl in the school, is a studious student at Shigitamicona University. She dresses up with clothes, somewhat, like a geeky boy, so she could focus on her studies and not be bothered by the guys. . .Until her best friend Sango Taijiya, decided to give her a makeover, so she could get more than a little more attention. . .

Inuyasha Takahashi is the cool and popular type at the University. He's rich, funny, flirtatious, and an all-around charmer. It has been said that Inuyasha has been with every girl in the school, everyone except the bookworm Kagome. So, now he's gonna try his luck with her. Inuyasha made a bet with his best friend, Miroku Hoshii, that he would get her to fall in love with him before the end of the semester, which is in December. Little did our Inu know, was that, he would fall in love with that same girl as well.

Genre: Romance/ Humour/ Possibly some Tragedy

Rating: R (Just for the Cussing, but it's mainly T+)

Aging: Kagome, Sango, and Miroku- 17; Inuyasha- 18

Disclaimer: I don't own Inuyasha or any of the major or minor characters in it. Happy? –cries and runs way in a corner-

Chapter: 1- Meet the book worm- Kagome Higurashi


-Kagome's POV-

"In biology, meiosis is the process by which one diploid eukaryotic cell divides to generate four haploid cells often called gametes. The word "meiosis" comes from the Greek meioun, meaning "to make smaller," since it results in a reduction in chromosome number in the gamete cell. Among fungi, spores in which the haploid nuclei are at first disseminated are called meiospores, or more specifically, ascospores in asci (Ascomycota) and basidospores on basidia (Basidiomycota). . ." Hi, My name is Kagome Higurashi, and I'm a bookworm. I'm in a study area on the campus of the school. I scribbled down some notes in a Hello Kitty, spiral notebook. A majority of the book was green, apparently, my favorite colour.

End of POV-

Kagome was a beauty. She had long raven hair. She had chocolate brown eyes and creamy skin. It was soft and smooth to the touch; almost like a new born baby's butt. Kagome had soft, rosy pinks lips; that made them all the most kissable. Her breasts were firm and small, but none the less eyed and ogled by the guys' eyes. Kagome wore slim glasses, the low kind, and her hair in a bun. She had on a long sleeve shirt, with a sleeveless brown sweater. Then she had on black slacks with same coloured shoes.

-Back to POV of Kagome's-

It was Friday in the beginning of the 4 year in College, and I had a test coming up soon in the science field and this test was worth 9 credits. I had to get 150 credits in order to get my degree in the field of Science; leaving me with 141 more credits to go. The college I go to was private, so we had to wear uniform. Since it was Friday, we get out at 2:00 PM, instead of the regular 4:00.

The day was sunny and bright, not a single cloud was in the sky. I am on her lunch break and instead of hanging out with friends, I sat under a big shady tree eating my lunch and studying. While reading my Philosophy book, I saw something drop a cheese sandwich on my book. I turned my brown eyes and my head up and saw a grinning Sango above me. When the sun shined in my face I backed up and over so she could sit next to me.

"Hey Sango-chan" I said softly while smiling at her.

"Hey Kag-chan." She said to me. Yeah that was my special nickname from Sango. She said that only 'special people' could call me that.

I picked up the grill cheese sandwich and waved it in front of her face and gave her a questioning look.

"You're hungry and an apple," She said taking the apple from me, "isn't gonna' cut it. We have 2 more hours of school left before, we leave, and you will be hungry. So eat the sandwich and I'll finish the apple." She said while taking a bite out of my apple.

I sighed and opened the packet with the cheese sandwich. Sinking my teeth in it, I felf the cheesy goodness of it. It has been a while since I had one of these; and this piece felt like heaven. After I finished my sandwich, I looked over at Sango, who wwas looking in my book and enjoying my apple.

"San-chan, you're disgusting. How could you eat something I ate, on the same fruit?" I asked her with a name of my own for her. If she got a boyfriend, only he could call her that.

"Kagome, please calm down; I'm like you sister, ne?" She asked me.

I gave a curt nod and let her continue. "Well, I don't care if we eat the same thing, on the same food. You're my sister, and I'll eat whatever I like from you." She grinned.

"I still think that's gross. . . Since, we are not of biological blood, it seems add to me." I mumbled while leaning back on the tree, getting to her studies again.

Sango pretended she was hurt and put a hand over her heart, "You scorn me dare child? After all the times, I been there for you?! I feel so- so-so. . .—"

" . . . Alone, rejected, loser-like?" I added with a snicker, finishing her sentence with options.

"Rejected!" Sango said then fell back on the tree trunk and rested her left hand on her forehead. She gave a faint sigh and looked up at the sky 'sadly'.

I smiled and laughed. Then, I tackled her with a hug. "San-chan you really should be in a drama club, you know. Your acting skills are amazing, and it just might prove useful one day." I grinned while getting up. Situating myself with standing, I helped Sango up.

"Thank you! Thank you! I love you all!" Sango said grinning cheekily and blowing kisses to an imaginary audience, giving a standing ovation.

I picked up my books and took up the little trash I had and carried it over to the garbage. I laughed and looked at Sango.

"Come one drama queen or we'll be late for lab." I said in a cute Japanese accent. I looped my arm with hers and walked in the school building, with my books in hand.

-End of POV-

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