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Nina woke up to find Joe right beside her, staring at her in a really psychotic yet romantic way.

"Joe…what are you looking at?"

"You" Joe said almost robotically.

"No!" Nina said in a sarcastic way laughing.

"Anyway…my mom told me to come up and wake you guys up. We'll be having breakfast in about 30 minutes so get ready." Joe said.

Nina was getting up from bed. Joe couldn't help but stare at her. He was surprised at how beautiful Nina looked, even when she was just waking up, her hair a mess and wearing pj's. Nina got up and started walking toward the bathroom. Joe walked toward her, wrapped his arms around his waist and kissed her gently in her lips.

"Oh, I forgot to tell you. I woke up Sarah and she went to the bathroom. She's been in there for about an hour." Joe said. He left and went to his room.

"Really? I wonder what's up." Nina said worried.

Nina thought that it could've been something about Sarah's mom who was supposed to stop and visit her at Nina's. Maybe she couldn't make it because of all the work. Bah! Who knows? She opened the door to find Sarah seating in the toilet asleep.

"Sarah! Oh my god! Wake up dude!" Nina said. "Why are you sleeping in the toilet?"

"Huh? Oh…I wasn't sleeping in the toilet. I was…um…meditating!" Sarah said.

"Yeah, meditating for an hour? Whatever." Nina said shaking her head.

Sarah and Nina changed into their clothes and went downstairs to have breakfast with the boys. Nina stopped at Joe's room; Sarah went downstairs where Nick was. Joe was sitting on the floor in front of his nightstand looking for something in the drawer.

"What'cha doing?" Nina said.

"I'm just looking for something." Joe said.

"Okay, I guess." Nina said raising one eyebrow.

"Found it!" Joe said.

"What is it?" Nina asked.

"You'll find out later. It's a surprise!" Joe said with a smirk.

"Fine." Nina said.

They went downstairs and had breakfast. Denise had made scrambled eggs, bacon and pancakes…Joe's favorites. After they had breakfast they just sat on the table and talked, like a huge family. They all got along well, the boys liked the girls, the parents liked the girls, the girls liked everyone…they were having an awesome time. The bell rang and it was Johnny coming to pick up the girls.

"Bye girls! Remember that you're more than welcome to stay here anytime you want." Denise said with a smile on her face.

"Thanks Mrs. Jonas" Sarah said.

"Please just call me Denise." She said.

"Right, sorry. Thanks Denise!" Sarah said.

"Bye guys!" Nina said to the boys.

They all said their goodbyes. While Sarah and Nick were saying their goodbyes, he slipped some paper into Sarah's back pocket.

"Read it when you get home and tell me what you think about it." Nick whispered in Sarah's ear. Sarah nodded. She could feel his breath in her ear and smell his cologne. She blushed a little but nobody noticed.

Johnny took the girls home. He left for his house. All the girls could do was talk about the boys. Suddenly Sarah remembered about the little note that Nick put in her pocket. What was it that he couldn't say in person and had to write in a little note? Was it good? Was it bad? The thought of it was always on her mind.

Sarah went to the bathroom with the purpose of reading the note. She sat on the toilet and read it. It said:

Sarah, as you probably know I'm really shy when it comes to girls, but here it goes. I REALLY, REALLY like you; I just couldn't find a way to tell you, so what better way than a note. I hope that if you don't feel the same way you don't let this come between the friendship we already have, I just had to let you know because it's eating me up inside. Please let me know how you feel about this. Love, Nicholas

Sarah couldn't believe her eyes.

"Nick likes me?" Sarah asked herself amazed. After that she just went crazy and started screaming and jumping.

Nina heard her screaming and ran to the bathroom. She thought something had happened. She opened the door and Sarah just hugged her and yelled "NICK LIKES ME!" Sarah started doing her victory dance.

"God, Sarah you scared me! I thought something was up." Nina said letting her guard down.

"Something is up, Nick likes me." Sarah said.

"Yeah. I'm happy to hear that. He finally made his move." Nina said.

"You knew and didn't tell me anything?" Sarah said in disbelief.

"Yeah. Joe told me all about how Nick couldn't stop thinking about you and whatever." Nina said.

"And you didn't tell me? I hate you!" Sarah said kidding. She was ecstatic.

Nina called Joe, and they ended up deciding that the boys would come over to their house for a visit at night the next day. Nina wasn't sure what they were going to do but she would figure something out. Sarah was nervous because now she knew Nick liked her, and had to tell Nick she liked him too, but didn't know how.

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