Ok well this is a short little fic it has about four chapters in it, this is the first one and yes i kno its short they all are but i couldnt make them longer they wouldnt let me they were stubborn and said no. I couldnt stop them.

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Warning: There are most likely spelling mistakes and probly grammer too in here and future chapters, im too lazy to look in the dictionary.

Chapter one,

A scream pierced the once still peaceful night, a blood curdling scream that made even the toughest criminals run for safety. The night returned to silence, bone chilling silence. The blood covered man slowly lowered the still, pale form of his lifeless victum to the ground. Sheathing the sword in its scabbard across his back he straightened her clothes and touched her face lovingly with a gloved hand. He combed her hair with his fingers and arranged it around her small delicate pixie face. Sirens broke the silence of the night, their high pitched wailing waking every being in the vicinity. Blowing his victum a kiss he gently closed her eyes.

He climbed up the fire escape leisurely, as if he had all the time in the world and was not covered in blood or carrying a samurai sword strabbed to his back. He reached the roof and looked down at the alley. She was lying there sweetly on her back, perfectly. Apart from the blood she looked just like the angel he had seen when she first walked into the club that night.

He unstrapped the sword and placed it into the black duffel bag at his feet. He then took off every article of clothing he was wearing and placed them one by one into the metal drum, -situated on the middle of the roof- untilhe was standing stark naked. The last to leave his body and enter into the drum was the ski mask he wore. Pulling it off he shook his two toned slate hair out of his burning crimson eyes.

Kneeling down he retrieved the small bottle of gasoline and matches from the bag. Un-screwing the lid he emtied the liquid into the drum, then trew the bottle back into his duffel bag. He scraped the match against the rough side of the small box until it burst into flame. It crackled as he stared at the orange glow for a few seconds before throwing it into the drum. The gasoline soaked garments burst into flames instantly. A harsh wind blew across the rooftop making the flames flicker and shudder meacingly. He never wavered even when mountain sized goose bumps appeared over his naked body.

Turning his back to the small fire he picked up his bag, slipped the matched inside and zipped it up. He turned briefly, watching the flickering, crackling flames. Its golden light illuminated his pale muscular body. His crimson eyes stared blankly into the fire. Slinging the bag across his shoulder he turned and make his way to the metal door and dissappeared through it.

The first victim was a petite bubble gum haired girl, her clothing were in pristine condition arranged artifully on her lithe frame. Her choppy hair was combed and arranged stylishly aout her face. Her eyes were closed and she seemed almost peacefully asleep. She was a little angel. Apart from the harsh and cruel stab wound in her chest. Blood was pooled around her. She was found on her back arms by her sides hands on her hips. Her legs straight out infront of her. She had been walking home from clubbing with her friends, it was said she felt like she was being followed for the past couple of weeks. No report was made.

No witnesses saw the crime commited. The perpatrator was seen to be climbing the fire escape, dressed in black, and a ski mask covering his face. He had a large samurai sword strapped to his back. One witness reports that he stripped his clothing and burned them. "He was like so totally omgosh so damn fyne, and giggles i like totally saw his butt, he looked so totally like omgosh good naked"

Ok yes see i told you it was short and the lil part in italics there is the police report and i so had to put some bimbo lil tart in there. She was based off this girl staying around the corner from me i bumped into her and she was full of like totallys and giggling and such.

Well theres the first chappie i hope you like it,