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He smiled triumphantly as she hurridly made her way down the dark alleyway, heels clicking rythmically on the concrete. Desperately searching for the poor kitten that was meowing. He almost laughed at her naivite. After all the hype in the news about this 'dark killer' she still ventures out alone. Hah the police dont know what there doing. One killer. Pfft. Sliding out from behind a row of garbage cans he silently trialed after her. They had them fooled and when he reached the final destination where they would all finally met up, he would get that $50 from a certain smug slate haired young man who didnt think this would work.

He cursed the sword on his back as it slowed him down. He didnt see why they all had to wear the stupid swords in the first place. He flexed his gloved fingers, he prefered to use brute strength. And brute strength he had. His breath was stale under the mask, he felt as if he was going to suffocate. He sped up as she slowed to a stop. The tape slowly cliked as it ended.

Before she could turn around he grabbed her, her scream nearly made his ears bleed. He cut her off by wrapping his hands around her throat and squeezing tightly. Cutting off her airway. She choked and gasped as she clawed at his gloved hands. He gritted his teeth as her nails almost cut through the tough fabric. He cursed himself. He just had to find the toughest little chick in LA.

He felt her go limp and let her fall to the ground in a heap. He propped her up against a wall. Her pink halter and pink miniskirt he smoothed out lovingly before turning his attention to her hair. He combed it with his fingers and settled the waves delicately around her face. She was gorgeous. It seemed almost a shame to kill her. He noted the two small fangs protruding from just under her top lip. He smiled.

Turning he climbed up the fire escape cursing the sword all the way up. It kept getting him stuck. When he reached the top he hastily tore the ski mask off and breathed in the pollution infested air. But it was a lot sweeter then the stale air he had prieveously been breathing. His flaming red hair waved cheerily in the night air.

He tossed the mask into the metal drum sitting near the edge of the roof, he pulled the much irritated sword from his back and flung it into the black duffel bag. He pulled off every article of clothing he wore, cursing as his pant leg got stuck around his shoe. He dumped it all into the drum and poured the gasoline in. Watching as it coated his clothing. He then chucked the lit match in afterwards. Staring lovingly as the flames roared to life. His hands moved over his slim muscular body looking for any injury he might have sustained.

Satisfied that there was nothing, he placed the sword properly in the duffel bag along with the matches and zipping it up he slung it over his shoulder. The golden flames licked hungrily at the items in the drum. His eyes reflected the flames in their translucent blue depths. His red hair lay flat by the mask, a few stray whispy bits floated around his face. The rest laying in choppy lengths above his shoulders.

Reluctantly turning he searched for the metal door and slowly strolled towards it. His mind on what it would look like if the entire apartment block mysteriously burst into flames.

Police found yet another body today in the same state as prievious victims. No sign of the dark killer as of yet. But police investigated a small fire on the roof of an LA apartment complex. Found in it was what once was black clothing. The victim was strangled and left neatly propped against a wall in an alley. Police still have no leads.

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