Chapter 13

The New Gwenna and Lyllie

Mikey woke up with the sun in his face, there was a small thin line coming through Gwenna's black out curtains. He turned over to see Gwenna and Ray asleep holding each other and decided to get up and leave them alone.

He grabbed his clothes and went down stairs to one of the rooms and saw Gerard asleep in there with Bob. He closed the door and went into the next room and found no one there.

He shut the door and laid down and went back to sleep, thinking that he would never have what his brother had with Bert, or what Lyllie and Gwenna had with Ray and Frank.

The thought depressed him deeply, as he went back to sleep.

Frank and Lyllie sat together on her bed and watched FUSE waiting for a Renivatio video to come on.

"This is fun." Frank said snuggling in close to her, wrapping his arms around her.

"Yeah it is. It's been a while since I've had someone this close, you know, besides my sister." Lyllie said loving the feel of his strong yet gentle hands on her body. She looked over at her clock on her bedside table and saw that it read 6:45 am.

"Holy hell, it's almost 7 am. I've had maybe, three or four hours of sleep, but I don't feel tired. Are you tired yet?" Lyllie asked looking at him. He shook his head no.

Then Lyllie had a though.

"What is going to happen, I mean to us, when you go back on tour and then home? Can I still call you or is this a one time thing?" Lyllie said bracing her self for the worst. They sat in silence for a minute. Then he turned to look at her in the eyes, her beautiful blue green eyes, eyes the color of the ocean.

"I still want to be with you," he said pausing "An I want us to be together, but it's going to be really hard, because I'll be all over the country and world. You'll be here and I have no idea when we will get back here." He said Lyllie felt the crushing weight of a "I like you but no" coming on. Then he said,

"I want this to work, but it will be really hard. I want you and your sister to come on tour with us that would be fun. Do you think that your boss and Gwen's would let you take off for a while?" He said with a spark in his chocolate brown eyes.

"I would love to; I think I can convince my boss to let me leave. I just gotta tell them some thing like we had a family emergency in New Jersey and all." Lyllie said smiling as she grabbed her phone off the table. She called the radio station and said that a family member had died and they were needed at the funeral. Frank waited patiently and sat quiet listening to her boss say "Oh I'm sorry, I hope you feel better." And all the usual things you say when some one dies. When Lyllie hung up she smiled and looked at him.

"So?" he asked needing an answer.

"She said cool. I just need to call and tell her when I'm leaving," Lyllie smiled. "Now all we gotta do is tell the others when they wake up, oh and Gwen." She laughed

"Hey lets get some sleep, I mean we may have to get up and leave today." Frank said pulling off his shirt and pants. He was in his boxers and the sight of him was almost more than she could take. He noticed her staring and he got under the covers and covered his body playfully.

Lyllie crawled under the blanket as well and snuggled close to him. With in minutes they were both asleep.

It was almost three in the afternoon when everyone woke up. Gerard, Bob and Mikey were the first ones up. They went into the living room and sat and watched TV.

Bob turned his phone on and noticed that there was a voice mail.

"Hey I suggest you both turn your phones on." He said going into his voice mail box to listen to the message. Mikey and Gerard turned on their phones and they had messages as well.

The listened and heard a noise from up stairs like someone had fallen off the bed.

"Wow, I did not know that Roger could cuss like that." Mikey said in awe.

"Yeah, ha it's funny. He actually grew a pare." Bob said, as Ray came running down stairs taking two steps at a time.

"Holy fuck!" he said out of breath, as he looked at Bob Gerard and Mikey.

"What happened? You look like you just had a round of marathon good sex…which you may have had." Bob said laughing hanging up his phone.

"No I just got Roger's message. Holy shit, I was in the shower, and I heard it ring but didn't bother to get it." Ray said catching his breath.

"What happened up there? It sounded like someone fell off the bed." Mikey asked. Before Ray could answer there was another loud bang and a scream. This time everyone ran upstairs.

The noises came for Lyllie's room, the door was open and Gwenna stood there in her pajamas and had a knife in her hands. Lyllie was on the floor holding Frank who looked to be passed out. Gwenna was fighting with someone who was losing.

Who ever it was tried to kick her and missed, Gwenna took the opportunity to plunge the knife in his chest with a feral growl.

The intruder exploded into dust. Gwenna looked over at Lyllie and Frank. She went to their side and checked Frank he had a nice bump forming on his head, but other than that he was fine.

Gwenna looked over at the door, and for the first time she noticed that Ray, Bob, Mikey and Gerard were standing there, mouths hanging open. "What the fuck was that?" Ray said going to Gwenna and looking at her. She had a small cut on her arm but other that she was fine. She looked at Lyllie and they exchanged worried looks.

"What? What happened and why did he turn to dust and why did it attack you?" Gerard said aghast. Bob and Mikey stood silent unable to say anything.

That was what we have to put up with all the time, anyway it really doesn't matter." Gwenna said as she and Lyllie lifted Frank up to the bed, with ease.

"Ok yes it does matter. What happened and what was that, that thing?" Ray demanded standing up and walking over to the bed.

"We'll talk later, right now Frank is our concern," She said fixing Ray with a stair that said don't argue. He didn't. "Lyllie, go and get the first aid kit." Lyllie said leaving the room and running down stairs to the kitchen. Bob and Mikey exchanged worried glances, and Gerard came to Frank's side to look at him. Lyllie came back with the first aid kit.

She gave it to Gwenna and sat by Frank stroking his hair.

"What happened to him?" Bob asked finding his voice.

"He was knocked unconscious, when that," Gwenna said pointing to a pile of dust on the floor. "Broke through the window, before that I don't know cuz I came in when I heard him hit the floor."

"So that was the first thump we heard." Mikey said finding his as well. Gwenna nodded.

"What were you two doing before I came in?" Gwenna asked looking at Lyllie as she searched through the kit to find the smelling salts.

"We were sleeping believe it or not." Gerard snorted and everyone turned to look at him.

"What I almost sneezed." He said hiding his doubt. They turned back to Lyllie and Gwenna.

She found the salts and opened the bottle and stuck it under his nose.

"Hold him Lyllie." Gwenna said a moment before he started to flail. Ray held on to him as well.

"Frank calm down, please, you are ok you were just unconscious. "Gwenna said as Ray and Lyllie held him. He looked at everyone in turn and realized that he was ok and the danger had passed.

"What the fuck happened." He said looking pointedly at Gwenna.

"Uh I think we should go downstairs and let Lyllie get dressed and I will explain everything there." Gwenna said helping Frank to sit up.

Every one filed out of the room. Once in the living room everyone sat down except for Gwenna and few minutes later Lyllie.

"Well, first off how do you feel Frank. Are you light headed anything, because if you are we need to take you to a doctor?" Gwenna said looking at Frank with a concerned gaze.

'No I'm fine now what the fuck just happened and what the fuck just tried to kill me!" Frank demanded.

"Ok I'm sorry this is all our fault," Lyllie said falling to her knees in front him. "We never meant any harm to you all." She said crying. "Lyllie, get up. First we have to say that we never though we would actually be here with you this long." She said looking at them. Lyllie got up and stood beside her sister.

"Please Gwenna, tell us what that was." Ray said pleading with her.

"It was simply, a demon," She said with a straight face. They looked at her waiting for her to finish. "It and a few like it have been following us for most our lives.

"What I didn't mention in the story of how our parents died was that they were killed by things like that." Gwenna said.

No one said a thing as Gwenna explained what it was that they really did for a living.

"We help people, think of the movie Constantine. Only there are no rules, no one has to stay anywhere. We are free game, and its open season." Gwenna said looking at the boys point blank in the eyes. Mikey was the first to speak up.

"Are you being serious, or do you find it funny to knock out or rhythm guitar player and say shit like this?" Mikey said

"What would we make something like this up? What the fuck do we have to gain?" Lyllie said as she stood by Gwenna.

"Mikey shut the fuck up and let them talk," Gerard said yelling at Mikey. "And further more I believe them and I really wanna hear what they have to say."

"I believe you as well, I mean we have seen some pretty fucked up shit before, I mean why not this." Ray said looking from Lyllie to Gwenna as his gaze stayed on Gwenna looking in her eyes to see if she was lying. She was not.

Gwenna was about to say more when there came a knock on the door, which mad everyone jump.

"Hold that thought." Gwenna said as she went to the door to answer it. As she reached for the knob Lyllie's phone went off scaring her again. Gwenna looked at her as Lyllie watched her phone ring.

"Well answer it." Gwenna said Lyllie blinked as if she were hypnotized. She answered. And the knock came again. Gwenna answered it and saw a young girl there; she must have been no more than ten or eleven.

"Can I help you?" Gwenna asked sweetly. The girls head was down and as she looked up Gwenna saw that there was no pupil in her eyes. She slammed the door as the girl smiled and showed pointed teeth. Bob happened to be sitting near the door and saw the child. He jumped up.

"Holy fucking hell! What the fuck was that?" Bob said scared out of his mind.

"Yeah remember the shit you don't believe well that's one of them." Gwenna said as she bolted the door, but a lot good that will do.

"So do you believe us now?" Gwenna said sarcastically as Lyllie stood there with the phone to her ear still. Tears began to fall from her eyes. Gwenna stopped and looked at her. "What is it?" Gwenna asked putting her hand on Lyllie's arm. Frank place and arm around her waist. Mikey put a hand on her other arm. "Lyllie what is wrong?"

"Ella…" she said more tears coming down her face "Mom and Dad…"

"No it's not real! Fight this Lyllie Isabella, fight this." Gwenna said grabbing her by both arms and shaking her. Frank looked at her with so many questions in her eyes.

"We need to go now! There is a safe place we can go but you all have to follow me. Who's going to ride with me?" Gwenna said grabbing the keys off the desk.

"I wanna stay with her." Frank said

"I'm with you I wanna know what's up with all this." Gerard said

"You know I'm with you." Ray said

"Fine Bob Mikey follow me, do not let me leave your sight. Your lives depend on this." Gwenna said as she dragged Lyllie along. They went out the back door and got into the cars.

As Gwenna waited for Bob to pull out, there was a loud crash in the house.

"Fuck!" Gwenna said as she hit the steering wheel. "It's inside." Bob had pulled out and backed up so that Gwenna could get out. When she did she almost pulled a one eighty.

"Fuck slow down, you are gonna kill us!" Gerard said from the back seat as he and Frank grabbed on to the 'oh shit' handles in the back.

Lyllie was in between them tears still running down her cheeks as she stared blankly out the front window. The drove down the street and they looked at the house, the front door which was solid steel looked as if a bomb had gone off to blow it from its hinges.

"Fuck me!" Frank said "That was a kid that did that?"

"No that was a really high level demon in the guise of a kid." Gwenna said looking around to see if there was any other around. "Gods damnit Lyllie why do you have to do this now, I fucking need you."

"Why what, please explain this all I wanna know." Ray said voicing what they all wanted to say.

"Lyllie can, sense the presence of those bastards," Gwenna said motioning to the house. "I can sense them too, but only when something good is around. With her in a coma we are sitting fucking ducks." She said pulling a 'Gone in 60 Seconds' style maneuver.

"Fuck, slow the hell down or we are going to get a ticket." Frank said from the back.

"Yeah like a ticket is the least of our worries." Gwenna said still looking around. "With her like this they can posses her and kill her, from the inside out."

"Are you kidding?" Gerard asked

"Okay first I love a good joke as much as anyone but why would I go through this much trouble to make a joke?" Gwenna said looking into the review mirror at Gerard. "Gerard, believe her please. I really don't think she would go through her sister like this for a joke." Ray said being the voice of reason, yet again.

Everyone was silent as Gwenna drove to a house Way out in the sticks. It was a big house that stood three stories.