Heaven and Hell



"Daniel?" Jack repeated.


"Can we go now?"

"Um...yeah, sure...just a minute..."

"You said that five hours ago."

"Well then another minute won't hurt."

Jack rolled his eyes and pretended to put a gun to his head and pantomimed ending his suffering. Daniel didn't notice and just kept reading through the pile of books he'd collected.

They had been exploring the ruins of PX8-549 when he and Daniel had ended up locked in what appeared to be an ancient Library. The door had some kind of coded lock on it that Daniel swore he could figure out.

"Daniel, we're going to die in here." Jack pointed out. "I mean as thrilled as I am that at least one of us gets to die happy..."

"Not if you don't shut up." Daniel muttered.


"What?" Daniel asked innocently without looking up from his book.

"Daniel! Open that door before I shoot you."

"Just a second..."

"That's it." Jack growled. "Carter!"

"Yes, Sir?" Sam called from the other side of the door.

"Blow this door into the smallest bits possible."

"No!" Daniel cried.

"Ah, now I've got your attention." Jack smiled innocently. "Look, Daniel, can you unlock the door or not?"

"Almost." Daniel replied as he went back to the book.


Daniel growled in frustration and finally got to his feet. He leafed through a few more pages as he walked up to the door. After another moment of reading he pushed a few buttons on the panel by the door. When nothing happened Daniel read the open page again. Trying again the door slid open.

"There now...was that so hard?" Jack asked.

"Considering I had to learn an entire langue to do it? Yeah...it kind of was."

"Oh you loved it."