These are going to be little bitty things that I don't necessarily consider one-shots, but I like enough to want to post them and share with all of you O'Spencer fans out there. :) I'll probably never mark it finished, because I write mini-mush-blurbs all the time and I think it's better to post them all in one "story" instead of getting you guys all excited at the posting of a new story when it's really just a teeny little thing.

So yes. You can come here for mushy no-attatchment-required blurbs anytime you like. If you want to request that I make something more out of them, go ahead and ask. Suggest ideas! I'd love to use them in bigger stories. There are a few that I may someday in the far far future, do that with. But for now, they will be little bite-sized snack-stories. So enjoy the mushy!


I wanted to write a mushy that was Subtle. With a capital 'S'. I'm not entirely sure how Subtle it turned out, but I like that it's Gus, noticing something small, that probably only he would notice. I like the idea that Gus notices and/or knows things about Shawn that no one else does and/or will. I think it's a cool testament to their friendship and characters. :) Anyway. So this is a SUPER-SHORT little mush-blurb. :D

Gus knew no one else would see it, but he saw it.

Shawn was sitting on the edge of Juliet's desk, flirting shamelessly the same way he always did, grinning enormously, his gaze fixed on Juliet, who was working very hard not to be amused and to get her work done. The flirting itself wasn't really all that exciting or all that telling because it was something Shawn did constantly. If there was a pretty girl within a fifty foot radius of himself, he was flirting with her. No, the flirting was routine, boring. It was the fact that in the full ten minutes Shawn had been sitting just inches away from the pretty young detective, flirting with wild abandon, he had yet to make physical contact with her.

With most of his flirtations, Shawn took every opportunity he could to brush the girl's hand, sweep her hair from her face, read her palm, hold her hand, admire her shirt, tickle her…any excuse at all was seized.

Now, his hands were clasped carefully in his lap and hadn't moved except for the occasional carefully planned gesture during all that time.

And that alone spoke volumes about the intensity of Shawn's feelings toward the lovely junior detective.

End Chapter Notes: