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Meeting you was fate, becoming your friend was a choice, but falling in love with you…I had no control over.

I wouldn't know how to begin if I were to describe my life but I think if I had to start somewhere I'd probably start with that life changing moment when I was eleven and I happened upon a compartment with two strange boys inside. It was that moment of serendipity that I began the long path that led me through tears and love to now when that gangly, ginger-haired, freckled face boy and I share a daughter together who is a puzzle with pieces of the two of us and some pieces that are all her.

Willa Elizabeth had grown so much since Ron and I first brought her home from the hospital. She was walking and talking and holding a conversation with me. It was incredible to see how she had developed. Her light brown hair fell at her chin and her blue eyes sparkled with excitement whenever she discovered something new. She wasn't a baby anymore, she was my little girl. The most amazing experience of my life was watching her grow up from a tiny little baby to this beautiful little girl. The stages of her life were stages in my life. We were both growing up together. She was learning to play and learn while I was learning to be a mother.

Sitting in the sand at the beach, I watched her run away from the coming wave and following the water back over and over again. The smile on her face and the giggles that echoed over the crashing waves was enough to make me smile. Ron, running back and forth with her, made me giggle.

He was the same as ever but fatherhood had definitely changed him somehow. His short ginger hair was not affected by the wind blowing through the beach. His blue eyes sparkled in the same way that Willa's did. He was in good shape and I gave partial credit to myself for enforcing the healthy eating. It was days like these, where he could put the Gazette aside and spend the day with Willa and I that he enjoyed that most. Days like these that didn't stress him or make him come home and collapse on the couch, really brought out the twenty-two year old in him. Ron had become many things in a short period of time. He was a dad, a hard worker, and a husband.

I was lucky to have Ron and Willa, each with their own individual personalities that made me smile, in my life.

The rest of our friends and family were pretty lucky themselves.

Harry and Ginny had two beautiful little girls, Lily-Lyn and Emmaline Faye. They lived exactly where they wanted to live in their beautiful Paris home, and they both had the jobs that they'd always wanted. They've had their problems just like the rest of us; Harry spent a month in their London flat, alone, after he told Ginny he was going to continue to be a Quidditch player. They were back together again and working on their relationship.

Fred and Angelina finally had their first child. Gabriel Frederick. They were ecstatic new parents and would give anything to their little one. Molly had been impatient for more grandchildren but Fred and Angelina were on their own time schedule.

George and Alicia were a very happy family of four with Amber and Autumn. Their daughters were growing and learning each day. They would soon be a family of five, with their third child on the way.

Bill and Fleur had two little smart children on their hands. Lex and Cilley were growing so fast, already proving that they would be strong and brilliant people just like their parents.

Charlie and Alison had a lot to handle with Max who, even at a young age, developed a liking to Quidditch. He was just like his dad. Everyone had high hopes for him as a Quidditch player in Hogwarts and beyond.

Percy and Penelope had a mini Percy. Greg dressed exactly like I pictured Percy as a child and he was very serious about his rules. They were expecting their second child and all bets were on that this one would be just like Penelope.

Tonks and Lupin had one unique daughter. Penny was one of a kind and with parents like hers, it was expected. The purple haired little girl had a mind of her own.

Luna and Neville were also expecting a second child and they were the happiest people in the world. Both only children, wanted to give Phinny a big family so that he would not be alone like they were.

Sasha and Trey had a beautiful little baby, Harlow Katherine Parker. They had been waiting for their chance at parenthood after everyone around them had their turn. They took the knowledge they gained from watching their adoptive family's (the Weasleys) children and applied it to their daughter. They were still learning but they loved every second of it.

As for my parents, they were starting to find their own happiness with their significant other's. I was happy for them but their happiness was leading us in different directions. Mum took trips everywhere with Louis and Dad stayed at his home with Bonnie. I made a promise to myself that my children and I would never have that kind of relationship. My parents taught me what I didn't want to do.

The heads of the Weasley clan, Molly and Arthur were happy as ever. They had a lot of grandchildren to spoil and more on the way, Even after all the years and seven kids, they were still happily in love.


I lifted myself off the sand and placed a hand on my sixth month pregnant bump as Ron and Willa ran towards me.

"Ready to go to the ShoreHouse?" Ron asked. He wrapped his arms around me and rested his hands over my bump where our son was growing.

"Yes, I'm starving." I said.

"Me too!" Willa exclaimed. She giggled happily and started to run over the sand. "Race Daddy!" she exclaimed. Ron laughed and slowly started running after her. I smiled and watched.


Yes, that's exactly where I'd start. The moment when I locked eyes with him and told him that there was dirt on his nose. It was because of that moment, that I made the choice to be his friend and from there my heart did its own thing. Falling in love with him, led me to this moment where we had a daughter and were expecting a son…and still very much in love.

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