This is my second fanfic in two day's. I guess when you have Ideas you just have to use them or they'll go to waste. So this fic like my other one will be a xover fic but this will be a mega xover. The main character's come from seven different animes or shows, as some people would call two of them. The cartoon shows and animes are; Naruto, Sailor Moon, Digimon Tamers, Bleach, Teen Titans, One Piece and Avatar: The Last Air Bender. Mention Animes and Shows that will have an influence on this fic are; Digimon Aventure and Savers, Bleach, Dragonball z, Naruto, Konjiki no Gash Bell!!, Sailor Moon, Kingdom Hearts and more to come. I disclaim all the anime, cartoon shows and video games listed above. But I do claim this story that is being written.


Naruto Universe

Point Of View Naruto

The glares they're even worse somehow. Sakura-chan hates me because I didn't bring back 'her Sasuke-kun'. Kakashi-sensei does everything he can to stay away from me. He doesn't say anything but I know he hates me too for losing his 'prize student'. The rest of the rookie nine are avoiding me as well what else can possibly go wrong. Damn it I had to jinx it didn't I. I stood there watching the villagers burn down my apartment with silent tears running down my face. I slightly turn around but something catches my eye. There's Sakura and Kakashi standing there with the crowd cheering for a job well done on destroying the 'demons home' I hear them say. Finally having enough I turn around and silently walk to the main gates of the village. With tears running down my face I silently make past the guards. I guess all those years of doing pranks where really good for something instead of just fun. After I'm a good distance from the village I dash into a sprint using my chakra to carry my self faster and after about ten hours of running on my chakra and Kyuubi's I find my self in the middle of wind country in a big desert. Bits of sweat falling on the sand I decode to take of my orange jacket and sit and rest for a bit. Letting my mind wonder a find myself again thinking about how everything got turn upside down.

'Why? I did my best right? I fought with everything I had, but he still got away. I did my best so why is that so hard for them to understand. I know I tried'

'Yes you did kit but you must remember humans are foolish creatures'

'I know but I just wish that they didn't see me as you and just as me'

'Sorry this had to happen to you because of me. If only if I didn't fall for Orochimaru's genjutsu and attack the village you wouldn't be in this mess your in'

'I know it isn't your fault it was the hebi-teme fault kyu-chan so let it get you down'

'I know Kit I know' kyuubi pauses for a brief second and I hear her taking a deep breath as well as a massive killer intent. 'NOW WHAT HAVE I TOLD YOU ABOUT CALLING ME THAT IT'S EITHER KYUUBI-SAMA OR KYUUBI-HIME' kyuubi shouted at be giving me a massive headache.

"Yeah what ever you say fuzzy" I say out loud earning another headache from the bipolar kyuubi. Then I hear kyuubi stop her mindless rant and tense.

'Oi kyu what's wrong getting tired already at your old age' I told her smirking

'NO YOU MINDLESS MONKEY SOMEBODY OR SOMETHING IS APPROACHING AT A FAST PACE AND IT WILL BE HERE AT ANY SECOND," the so called great kyuubi yelled at me. I stop what I was about to say a pull out a kunai preparing for an attack.

In a matter of seconds my possible enemy comes into view. I notice that the thing appearing was not a ninja or human at that it was a fox. A yellow fox with pointy ears those were white at the tip. Blue eyes that were the same blue as mine but they were more fox like with blue zigzag lines under its eyes. The fox has what appear to be blue sleeves with a yin-yang symbol on the sides of both them. It had comma like markings on the front of it thighs. Her feet or paws I don't care where white. To finish it all off she had a long yellow tail with the tip of it white. The yellow fox appears in front of me and we glare at each other for what felt like hours. When it spoke.

"Naruto," the fox spoke earning a yell along the lines of 'I can't believe it just talk to me'

"As I was saying my name is Renamon and I'm a digimon," the fox known as Renamon spoke to me.

"Digimon what the hell is that and how the hell do you know my name," I yelled at her causing her to flinch slightly at the sounds of my voice.

"I'll tell you as long as you keep your voice down," she said in a calm deadly way that causes me to nod my head at her rapidly.

"Now then a digimon is better known as a digital monster. I come from a place known as the digital world it's in a parallel universe to this one. Why I am here is to give you these two things," she says handing me a rectangular orange and white device that has three rectangular buttons on a white circle with a green screen at the top (Think of Masaru Daimon's digivice ic from Digimon Savers). Then she hands me a yellow tag with a orange crest that has what looks like a sun engraved in it with a smaller sun in the middle with three lines on the left side of the outer sun. I look at her for about a few minutes thinking over my next words carefully then I ask her.

"What the hell are these?" I said bluntly and rudely not that I cared or noticed.

"This is called a digivice ic it helps your partner digimon digivolve with the help of your inner energy. The tag and crest you got is symbol of your most known charateristic that also help us digivolve further when you tap into that energy. The symbol that is on the crest is the spirit symbol meaning you're the chosen child of spirit," she says calmly but I was able to catch a little irritation in her voice.

"So you say partner digimon?" she nods and I continue "So who's my partner digimon," I say with excitement in my voice jumping up and down but then I stop as soon as I start. Why? You may ask maybe because of that death glare she is giving me and saying things along the lines of 'Why do I have to be partner with an idiot' and hearing kyuubi agree with her. She then stops her rant and glare at me with enough killer intent it could rival kyuubi's.

"I am your partner digimon you blonde fool," she says to me calmly looking at me with a look that says 'I dare you to say anything'

"Now we must leave we wasted enough time as it is the guardians won't wait forever," she says walking a few steps ahead of me.

"Wait what do you mean leave? Why do we have to leave?" I yelled waving my arms around in a panic.

"We have to leave now everything will be explain when we get there," Renamon says calmly while shaking her head while lifting her arms right in front of her palms touching each other and spreads them out opening a portal. She turns to me then turns back to the portal stepping through.

'Kyuubi what should I do?'

'Go with her the guardians never call anyone unless it's important,'

'How would you know this?'

'I should 'cause I used to be a guardian before I attack Konoha,'



'Ok fine but if I die I'm so going to be pissed' with that I ran through the portal after Renamon and left the Shinobi World and appeared in the 'Guardians Domain'

Point Of View Change: Normal

The village been in chaos since the day Naruto left. All who burnt down the home of one Naruto Uzumaki was executed on the spot by one pissed off Godaime Hokage. She ordered all available shinobi to search for him. All of his friends were heartbroken. To know that there loud mouth friend left the village and regretted avoiding him because of their parents. Sakura was happy that he was gone until the rest of her friends told her off about how stupid she was being. Soon after she too was feeling the after affects of his departure and slowly went into depression. Kakashi too was feeling horrible but he was slowly coming to reality to what he had done to his sensei's son who he was told to take care of. He would go on searches everyday for his blonde hair student who looked so much like his father. But there was three people who were affected the most, Hinata Hyuga, Iruka Umino, and one Godaime Hokage Tsunade. This had one negative effect on them instead of being nice kindhearted people they turn into cold people. Hinata spent most of her time training. She reached new heights in the Hyuga taijutsu style the juken. At first her father was proud of her with her development but that soon turn to sorrow as she return home everyday with bloody palms. She never shows's emotion on her face anymore but if one were to look deep inside of her they would see a crying girl. Iruka stop working at the academy saying 'why should I teach the children of those who treated my brother like shit' and left the village with the permission of the Hokage to teach at Suna. Tsunade turn from a nice woman with a terrible attitude to a cold woman with a terrible attitude. She executed fifty villagers for their crimes against a Konoha shinobi. Disbanded the village counsel, executed Danzo, Homura, and Koharu for attempting assassination on a Hokage. Killed anybody who talked wrong about her little brother. The villagers and shinobi never mention Naruto Uzumaki in front of her again after one brave fool was foolish enough to ask why she cared for the demon so much. Let's just say he killed himself because he would never truly be a man again after what she done to him. She then called for a whole village meeting to really make them regret for treating her brother like shit. She told everyone about the fox being in Naruto that caused lots of gasp from the younger generation who never knew. She then told them about why he was chosen as the fox's jailer. She told them how the Fourth wanted his son to be treated as a hero because there was no way that he was going to sacrifice anybody else's child when he had one himself. To put the icing on the cake she question their loyalty to the Fourth saying 'that if you really believed in the Fourth Hokage like you said you did. So why did you doubt his abilities as a Hokage and his mastery of seals? You all make me sick'. After she finished her speech everybody was speechless they had no idea what they done but they knew that they would get a chance to apologize to the blonde hyperactive kid one day they hoped.

Scene Change: Sailor Moon Universe

Point Of View Change: Usagi Tsukino

'I can't take this anymore. There supposed to be my friends and they turn on me and kick me out of being leader of the senshi. My love left me saying that 'he can't love a klutz like me and that I'm too childish'. So I act childish sometimes...ok maybe all the time but how else am I suppose to stay sane in this crazy world we live in. Any normal person would of crack a long time ago. So instead of going crazy I act childish and try to make my friends laugh at me so they won't go insane with having to deal with all the yoma we have to fight. Well at least were done and we won't have to deal with the chaos any longer. Maybe it is good they kicked me out at least I won't have to go to anymore stupid meetings and deal with Mamoru any longer I never really liked him I'm more into women' I thought with a slight perverted giggle at the end.

"The chaos is not done yet," says a feminine child like voice

"What do you mean 'The chaos is not done yet' I defeated it myself three months ago"

"But that was only taste of the 'True Chaos' to come" the voice said and I can feel it's glare on me

"But I don't want to fight anymore and I'm alone now" I say in a whisper

"You will have your help with six others you won't be alone"

"Fine but first show me and tell me who you are,"

"Certainly," purred the voice when it steps out into the light I see that it's cat "Figures," I say with a bitter laugh. The cat wasn't like any cat I ever seen. It was a white cat that was standing on two legs. A long white tail with blue stripes and it had a golden tail ring. Blue eyes the same shade of mine that held a lot of kindness in them. She also had green gloves on her hand with tiger stripes on them caring a device and had a tag around her neck.

"My name is Gatomon and I'm your partner digimon here you'll need these. What you now have in your hand is your digivice ic and your crest of purity. If have any questions please ask them when we get back to the guardians dimension," she explains then opens a portal and steps through. I look down at my pink and white digivice and the black crest in my hand it has a symbol of a star surrounded by a white flame. Shaking my head and stepping through the portal I can't help but get the feeling I was being watch. 'Oh well let's just hope I don't have to fight anymore weird monsters," I thought scared that I may have to fight some weird slimly monster.

Point Of View Change: Hotaru

"Be careful princess I'll take care of everything while your gone," 'Never thought would happen when I followed Usagi-chan to make sure she was ok after what the inner senshi said about her I knew she was listening just couldn't say anything she had to find out sooner or later. Just wished it wasn't like that farewell princess I'll always stand by your side' I thought to myself while walking home to go to sleep for the night. I wonder what everybody is going to do when they find out Usagi is not here any longer. Probably going to end up in chaos.

Point Of View Change: Normal

The day after Usagi left the senshi went to find her to tell her that she was suited enough to be their leader anymore. When they couldn't find her at her they started to panic searching high and low to search for their lost princess. They told Usagi's parents and they called the police and they couldn't find here anywhere. The senshi expect one were worried over Usagi and hoping she was ok. When Mamoru found out he was devastated sure he didn't love her anymore but he still cared for her safety. Ami brought up the situation thinking that 'what if Usagi was listening when we were talking about kicking her out the senshi the other day'. Now that she thought about it Rei did feel Usagi's presence the other day when they were talking. When she told the others that they were shock that she never told them. Ami searched on her computer to see if Usagi was anywhere in the city. Rei scryed the sacred fire to search when they both came up with nothing they searched by other means. They all wanted to see Usagi again to apologize for what they said the other day. But they wouldn't get that chance until about four years when she appeared again.

Scene Change: Guardian Domain

Point Of View Change: Naruto

When I stepped through the portal I didn't expect to see someone else step through another portal right next me. I turn to my right and see a girl a couple years older than me. She has blonde hair done in an odango style. Blue eyes that look exactly like mines. She's wearing a white and black school uniform with a locket placed in the middle of her black ribbon. Black school shoes yep she's weird.

"Hi" she says in a happy tone that snaps me out of my thoughts

"Oh hehe hi," I say rubbing the back of my head in embarrassment

"So how did you get here?"

"The same way you did" I replied with a deadpan look on my face.

"I see you have a digimon too then," she says pointing to Renamon and her cat like thing that's standing on two legs with gloves on its hand.

"Too?" I asked staring at the cat.

"Yep mines Gatomon and she gave me a couple of things. Something called a digivice ic and gave me a crest called purity," she said showing me her crest and digivice.

"Yeah I got one too but mine is called the crest of spirit," I said showing her mines as well she folds her arms and looks like she's in deep thought.

"So I guess you must be my partner Gatomon was talking. So where are the others then?" she said rubbing her chin in deep concentration.

"Others? What Others?" I yelled causing the others to stop what they were doing and look at me. I look at the others blush and look away so they wouldn't see it. But that wasn't the case because one person did see and she was currently on the ground laughing her ass off.

"HAHAHAHA your funny and your pretty cute when you blush kid," said the girl standing up still laughing. I blush at the cute comment, but scowl at the kid comment.

"Hey I'm no kid I'm Naruto Uzumaki the future Hokage and Konoha's greatest ninja ever," I boasted and she looks at me then goes into another fit of laughter this time only harder and louder.

"It seems nothing keep you down for long does it gaki," says a voice I know all to well I turn around and come face to face with my perverted sensei Jiraiya. Wearing his trademark forehead protector with the kanji of oil on it. His long spiky white hair, black eyes with red stripes under them. He also still has on everything else since the first day I met him. His red vest over his green samurai type clothes and fishnet shirt. Fishnet pants underneath his garb with his trademark red samurai sandals.

"What the hell are you doing here Ero-sennin?" I yelled pointing at him.

"WHAT DID I TELL YOU ABOUT CALLING ME THAT BAKA," he yelled back knocking me on my head with his fist.

"Grandpa Jiraiya why are you here?" says the forgotten girl with a clueless look on her face.

"Huh?" he turns and looks at the girl and gets a bright smile on his face. "Hey Usagi-chan how you been?" says Ero-sennin hugging the girl that I no know as Usagi.

"Fine Grandpa but why are you here?" she asks again

"Wait Grandpa? I didn't think any women with get with you Ero-sennin," I said with a big sweat drop on my head thinking about what kind of women would date this perverted guy.

"I'll have you know all the ladies will kill just to get a chance to be with me," he explains proudly puffing out his chance but I ignore him and just talk to Renamon until he got done with his women rant. Then I hear him mumble something along the lines of 'Disrespectful little runt'. Turning away from Renamon and about to get into another argument with Ero-sennin a voice stops us from proceeding.

"Father now is not the time for this. We must tell them now so they can go get the others so they can prepare themselves for the Ultimate Chaos that is to come," says an angelic voice that sounds so familiar to me. I turn and face her she has the same hairstyle as Usagi but her hair is silver. Silver eyes that holds nothing but kindness and wisdom behind them. She ha a golden crescent moon shining brightly on her forehead. Dressed in a white dress with a golden crescent moon symbol on the top of her dress. In her hands she hold a silver staff with a silver crescent moon on the top of it. She turns and faces me and gives me one of the few warm smiles I ever had in my life. But what she says next shocks me though.

"It is good to see you again my son," she say's with the warm smile still on her lips.

"SON," "SON," shouted Usagi and I with Kyuubi in my mind.

"I thought I was your only child," says Usagi with confusion clearly in her voice. I look at her and then the woman who calls herself my mother.

"But I don't have any parents I've been alone for as long as I could remember and trust me i can remember everything," I say a little bitterly clearly thinking of the past.

"How can you remember everything?" I hear Usagi ask me.

"Photographic memory so I remember everything including faces, jutsus hand signs, and just about every little detail of my life," I say looking down at the ground.

"What are..." she never got to ask because her mother interripted her.

"You may ask him later Usagi you will have the time now I want you both to gaze into the crescent moon on my forehead so I may show you what you have forgotten," she told us both calmly. We do as she says and then memories of my past life fill into my head. But one particular memory catches my attention.

Scene Change: Naruto's Memory

I was walking down the palace halls looking for my sister 'cause mother wanted to see her for an important matter concerning the prince of earth. I take my walk through the lunar garden when I saw her. The white lunar flowers surrounded her. Her raven black hair tied up into a bun she had a few bangs covering her face and eyes. Her eyes were a pale green indicating that she was blind but I knew she felt my presence. She was dressed in a black and green kimono with the symbol of earth on her right arm. The funny thing about her was that she had on no kind of shoes. She had a peaceful smile on her face that I instantly fell in love with.

"I know your there just because I'm blind doesn't mean I can't see," she says with the smile never leaving her face.

"Sorry I didn't mean to stare it's just that I did not expect anybody to be in our private gardens," I told her walking towards her. "But I'm curious how did you know I was there?" I asked sitting down next to her in the garden.

"I can feel the vibrations in the ground I heard you coming from a mile away," she said lying down on her back folding her hands behind her head. I look at her with awestruck appearance on my face because I never heard of anybody who can do that. So I ask her about how she's able to do that. She smiles at the question and replies with.

"I don't know I guess you can say that Gaia herself has blessed me with the gift of sight. To view things the way she sees it herself," she says with a soft smile on her face. I smile as along with her. We sit there for about ten minutes before she gets up to take her leave. Forgetting that I didn't get her name I called after her.

"Hey wait,"

"Yes what is it?" she said with little irritation in her voice.

"It's just that I never learn your name,"

"Shouldn't a gentlemen introduce himself before asking a lady for hers first," she said with a little playful smile on her lips.

"Sorry about that my name is Naruto, Prince of the Moon," I said taking her hand and pressing my lips to her hand softly. I look up at her face and I see that she's blushing a shade of red that could compete with a tomato.

"My name is To...Toph, Princess of the Earth," she says continuing to blush with a little stutter that makes her sound and look all that much cuter. "Sorry but I have to go now hope to see you again Naruto-kun," she says walking off at a quick pace.

"Hope to see you again too Toph-chan," I yelled at her making her turn around and giving me a warm smile before heading off. I stand there for about five minutes before I finally remember about finding my sister for mother.

"Mom's probably going to make me spend time with grandpa for making her wait for so long," I thought breaking off in a sprint because I do not like spending time with the self proclaim super pervert.

Naruto Memory End

Scene Change: Guardian Lair

"So you are my mother, the odango girl to my right is my sister, and Ero-sennin is my perverted grandfather," I said it as more as statement than a question but I got a nod from my mother and two scowls from my sister and grandfather. "What it's not like your not perverted Ero-sennin and you do have an odango hairstyle Usagi-neechan," I told them waving my hands in front of me backing up into one of the stone walls and that was all that Ero-sennin needed. He walked over than hit me over my head with a chakra-enhanced fist. Deciding for a little payback I prepare the one attack I know that I can beat him with.

"So you want to play Ero-sennin? Let's play then Kage bushin no Jutsu," I shouted putting my hands in the correct seal and forming ten clones.

"You really think a move like that can beat me," he says in a mocking manner but I just smile my trademark fox smile.

"Henge," the clones and I shouted disappearing in a puff of white smoke. When the smokes clear I yell out "Harem no Jutsu" in our place where eleven blonde pig tailed girls with blue eyes. Whisker marks adoring our tan faces. Huge busts a nicely shaped body that has the curves in all the right places and our private areas covered by a cloud of white smoke. The effect was immediate, Ero-sennin passed out with a major nosebleed and something unexpected happen so did Usagi-neechan. I transform back and turn to face my mother who was looking at me with her smile on her face but the amount of killer intent that she was giving off was enough for Kyuubi to stop laughing and retract into the deepest part of his cage.

"Sorry mother," I said quickly scratching the back of my head. "I never expected Usagi-neechan to pass out along with Ero-sennin oh well I guess you never know who's a pervert" I said trying to lighten the mood. I look back just in time to catch a tail to the face courtesy of Gatomon sending me flying back into a wall. I try to get out but everything gets dark after awhile.

Point Of View Change: Usagi

Time Skip: Fifth Teen Minutes

'Stupid brother! Stupid perverted technique! But I have to say it was a good one, but the only down thing about is that he found out I'm a pervert and I have an attraction to other women damn it," I thought looking at my nii-chan with a glare hard enough that if it could kill he be dead. Shaking my head of my thoughts and the many ways I could possible get payback on my brother I see mother talking.

"Now that is over I going to tell you about why your here and now no irruptions while I'm talking. A few months ago Sailor Moon or Usagi and her Sailor Senshi defeated the Chaos. That's not entirely true you only defeated a small army of the True Chaos that is to come. The only way to defeat the Chaos is for you to gather the other Guardians. Usagi and Naruto you two are two of the new Guardians. Each Guardian haves there own digimon partner and crest. I sent seven Guardians in all and they all to different Universes many years ago during the Silver Millennium. It is your job to bring them together and when you do you will all go on training trip for a thousand years, which will only be four years in your worlds. Before you ask I am amble to manipulate time so your worlds will move slower than the worlds you will go to. The Guardians have a special energy that enables you to age slower than normal people just at me I still look like I'm thirty but I'm over five thousand years old. So don't worry about ageing. Now what Jiraiya and I are going to do is send you and your digimon to a digital world and you will spend eight months there getting to know your digimon and learning how to use your digivice's. Nine month's in the digital world will be like five minutes here in this world. Now prepare yourselves for your trip," she finished and walks away down to who know where.

"Did you get all that nii-chan," I asked naruto facing him I see that he's just as overloaded with this information as I am. I stood there with an amuse grin on my face watching him hold his head over how much information we were told.

"Yeah I did but it is a little much to take in nee-chan,"

"Yes it is but we should probably get going now," I looked around try to find where my grandfather went to. I find him sitting down on the ground looking through couple of scrolls. "Grandpa where ready go," I yelled out at him he nods his head and walks over to us and hands both Naruto and I a different scroll.

"While your in the digital world I want you two to practice jutsu's and train there don't let just your digimon get stronger you two as well must grow while your there. Naruto in your scroll there are many four futon jutsu's, five suiton jutsu's, six katon jutsu's and a few chakra control exercises I want done before you come back," he stops to make sure Naruto got everything he said and with a "Hai Ero-sennin," and a bop on the head later he came to me. "Usagi what you have here is the basics of chakra control and a few low level jutsu's. When you get enough chakra control have Naruto teach you the kage bushin and that will help you with your training it learns anything you do watch this Naruto come here for a second," Grandpa shouted towards Naruto he walked over and he told Naruto to make a kage bushin he did and so did Grandpa. He told them both to go out of the room and play a game of Jan ken. When they were done he told Naruto to dispel his clone and tell him what happen.

"You cheated that's what happen trying to change your hand at the last second," "Wait how I know that I was in her the whole time," Naruto shouted.

"That's the secret of the kage bushin what ever it learns you do. Let's say if you created a thousand kage bushin and you made them do the tree climbing exercise while you yourself did taijutsu training you could get two things done at once and you get a whole years worth of chakra control training. Just remember do no use this training all the time it could cause major black outs and you get less training done. Also what you should remember is that you can't get any physical training done with this training method because the kage bushin is made out of chakra. Oh here is another scroll Usagi this is a taijutsu style known as the Goken I think you'll like it Naruto you train with her because your brawler style of fighting will get you killed one day. Now stand back while I open the portal to the digital world and when nine month's has went by your digimon will open the portal back here then you will head off to another one of the Guardians," with that he open the portal into the digital world and we stepped through with Gatomon and Renamon right behind us.

Scene Change: Digital World- Waste Land Area

"This is going to be an interesting nine months," Naruto said with excitement purely in his voice.

"Well we better get started. I hope we don't run into anything to dangerous in here," I said taking my first step in this wasteland that is known as the digital world.

Scene Change: Guardian Lair

Time Skip: Five Minutes

Point Of View Change: Naruto

It's been nine months since we last seen this place and Renamon and I have gotten whole lot stronger. I've learned all what Ero-sennin told me to learn on the scrolls, I had Kyuubi place some gravity seals on me and Usagi-neechan since the stupid pervert never gave us any for our training for the Goken which requires a lot of speed. I'm currently on five time's normal gravity and Usagi three times. Renamon and Gatomon had some placed on them as well and they're both currently at ten times since digimon can handle more stuff than we can. Renamon and I has also gotten closer over our time in the digital world we reach many new levels of power while there. We have only recently reached her mega level in power after I had gotten the digivice ic upgraded to the digivice burst. Usagi and Gatomon are on equal power as us and she also had hers upgraded mine is now orange and black with hers pink and black so we can handle any thing any digimon throw our way. Renamon can currently defeat a champion level digimon in her rookie form and has to evolve for anything higher but were working on that. Since Gatomon is always in her champion form she could delete any champion level without any trouble but when it comes to ultimate level digimon she always has a little trouble. Usagi-neechan and I have gotten the basics down for the Goken style and where pretty much far from mastering it and were only capable of doing the Omote Renge as of right now. That moves put a real strain on the body but since Usagi and I are Guardians are healing rates are faster than normal so we could continuously use the move without getting hurt. Now here we are walking through the portal and entering the Guardian's domain again. I see Ero-sennin is they're holding a pair of clothes for the both of us. He walks over and hands me a black and orange jacket with a black undershirt. The jacket has the crest of spirits in orange on its right arm with my ever-loving red Konoha spiral on the back. He hands me a pair of black pants and black. Then he hands me a black cloth to replace my old blue cloth on my forehead protector because it had many holes in it from our training in the digital world. He hands Usagi-neechan a white shirt with a black trench coats that reminds me of Anko-sensei's from the chuunin exam with the crest of purity on her right arm and a crescent moon on the back of the coat. He also hands her of matching black pants and ninja sandals. I look at him for a second before walking off to go change.

Point Of View Change: Usagi

After I got change into my new clothes I walked back out to see Naruto with Renamon and Gatomon already waiting. I look at Naruto wearing his new clothes with his forehead protector tied around his waist like a belt letting his wild blonde hair fall over his eyes. His tag and crest hanging safely around his neck like mine with his digivice clipped to his waist. I look at my digivice in my hand clip it to my waits as well and we wait for Grandpa to arrive with the thing will need for the trip he said he was going to go get. I see him walking back into the chamber room where we met at earlier with a pair of black bags and a scroll. He hands me the scroll and I ask him what's on it.

"This is your destination and the Guardian you need to bring back with you," he tells us I open the scroll and read its contents.

Name: Takato Matsuda

Digimon: Guilmon

Crest: The Crest Of Chaos

Current Location: Shinjuku alternate Japan

Current Team: Ruki Makino, Digimon Partner: Renamon, Jenrya Li, Digimon Partner: Terriermon

Farthest Digivolution: Gallantmon Mega Level Digimon and Mode Change: Crimson Mode

Note: Digimon partner can only get to his mega form when biomerged with partner.

Side Note: Once made partner digivolve into a corrupt mega level form Megidramon.

Past Life: He was Prince Takato of Mars brother to the Princess of Mars Rei

"Ok you know what you have to do and I gave you both information in your scrolls about how to seal and unseal stuff from your storage scrolls so get a move on," grandpa tells us before our digimon open the portal to where we find our next Guardian, Takato Matsuda.

Let me know what pairings you people want and just to let you know Naruto will have two girls along with Usagi and Takato. So I will be doing Yuri in this Fic. Just make sure you pick people from these Universes. Naruto, Sailor Moon, Digimon Tamers, Bleach, Teen Titans, One Piece and Avatar: The Last Air Bender. Any side pairings let me know.







The second chapter of His Destiny will be up in a day's time. Until then catch you later.