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Mystery Murder and a Hint of Mind Control.

"Heh, that should teach you to break up with me, just because of your little friends, huh? No worries though. See, now you can sleep, peacefully without disturbance. But why should I have granted you this? You… you along with all your other little friends, you made me this way. Sitting in dark rooms cursing my life every night, all night. Why? All because you thought I was weird. For what? Loving you too much? Huh? And how do you repay me? By breaking up with me? All because of you… I'm going crazy. Fine… So be it!"

He was tired. He looked down at the crimson liquid flowing from his girlfriend's body. And next to her and her pool of blood was the weapon. He spat at her.

"Now you can sleep. And so can I." He looked around. Everything went bright and slowed down. He held his head from the pain beating at his temples. It felt as if something inside his head was beating… hard. Trying to get out. His eyes were red and he wore a blood stained Monty Python shirt and blue jeans ripped at the knee.

Lights flashed everywhere. And soon rough hands pushed him down. He saw someone moving their mouth but there were no sounds. They pushed him into a car. The last thing he saw was his only friend. A girl. He felt determined… to see her again.

Everything went black.

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