Hey, I haven't written anything in a while, but after seeing Transformers, Inspiration struck me hard. Enjoy!

PS: That is my actual name and information, and yes, I do have 2 other friends named Jake, and a '59 Impala…That doesn't run.

Chapter 1: Discovery

Jake Huber ducked below a small outcrop of trees and stopped, kneeling. He breathed heavily, staring up through the woods at the hot, 3-o'clock sun. He wiped the sweat from his brow, shaking his messy blonde hair out of his striking blue eyes. He was out on a routine run, through the natural trails near his house. He lived in northern Virginia, in a heavily wooded placed, despite being not 30 minutes from Washington. It was a nice place, winding neighborhoods cut through thick forests, with plenty of natural and man-made creeks and paths to run through. Jake had a rather average life, by his standards. He was happy, despite his parent's recent separation and the constant noise of house renovations. He was lucky to have good friends, 2 in particular. And all named Jake, by some far-fetched coincidence. He was the stockiest of the 3, not skinny, but had enough muscle on his body for his fellow classmates to not dare make a snappy comment. He was by no means a bully, however, he was one of the nicest guys you'd meet. Plus, it was summer, so he had all the time to do whatever he wanted. Which was running through the woods.

He took another breath, and started off again, back the way he came, back to his house. He took a small jump over a tiny creek, landing with surprisingly deft balance. He took a bit of a slip on a tiny patch of mud, but kept going. He burst out of the woods and back onto a man-made path. He half-ran up a large hill, which led up to his neighborhood. Once he reached the top of the hill he slowed to a nice walk. He strode up the driveway, passing his old, beige, '59 Impala. He tapped the trusty car on the hood as he walked past. He heaved a sigh as he walked in the door to his house, remembering that his mother was going to have a tow truck called to take the car to a junkyard. The poor old thing didn't run, and it was beyond fixing. It was a shame, because he loved that car. He had just turned 16, and received his license, and was hoping that it could be his first car. Fate just doesn't work out that way.

Jake bid a hello to his mother, his older brother, and his younger sister, as he slumped into his bedroom for a good, long, nap. He looked out of his window, gazing at what looked like a shooting star. He looked questionably at it, considering it was daytime, but waved it off as a plane. Yawning as he fell back onto his bed, he bid a silent goodbye to his Impala, as he knew it wasn't going to be there when he woke up.

Jake woke with a hell of a start, as he heard an Engine roaring to life. With a quick observation, he realized that it was night, 1 am by his clock. Headlights pierced his window, blaring into his room. He opened his curtains and looked out. And there, sitting in his driveway, was his Impala. The engine was fired up, louder than any other car Jake had heard.

"W-…what the…." Jake stuttered. That car hadn't run in years, let alone moved. But there, big as life, it was running. Jake took in the car for a moment before it sped off up the street.

"Hey! HEY THAT'S MY CAR!" He panicked, grabbing a pair of his shoes and throwing them on. He snatched his phone from the counter, and ran outside. He could still hear the engine, meaning it was close. He listened for where it was going…Jake ran back down the path near his house, running as fast as he could. He kept running in the direction of the engine noise, and it sounded like he was keeping up with it. Luckily, it seemed like the driver didn't know the natural paths around the neighborhood, so Jake was going to head it off. He cut across another path, bursting out of the woods. He was on top of a grassy hill, leading down to his school. The school was completely closed for renovations, and judging by the time of night, there wasn't a soul around. He saw his Impala speed into the empty parking lot, tires screeching as it drifted around corners.

'This guy is one hell of a driver…' Jake thought. He half ran, half jumped down the steep hill, gaining a large amount of momentum. He kept running, nearly tripping, towards the parking lot. It looked like the car had come to a stop, and was sitting in the middle of the abandoned lot. He cautiously ran towards the car, waving his arms like some sort of bird.

"Hey! Give my back my car! C'mon, get out! I don't want to have to…call the cops!" Jake thought of the first threat that came into his head. The car revved loudly, and then Jake heard the strangest noise he'd ever heard. It sounded like a sound from a Synthesizer, like something out of a bad techno song. Just as the sound ended, parts of the car started to move and shift, the back 'fins' of the car separating and moving up. The car raised up, the hood folding down and the roof splitting. Arm-like appendages sprouted from the size, with the Tires as fore-arms. The back of the car separated, and leaned back, like something sitting on it's haunches. It stood, as the fins of the car raised and attached to the back of the car, like wings. A black-and-tan head appeared from the chest, and raised up into place. The head had two, shark-fin like antennae on the sides of its head. Finally, pieces of beige metal flipped around and locked into place on the thing's legs, creating what looked like armor. This whole process took all of maybe 8 seconds. Jake's legs turned to jelly as he stared up at the large robot standing before him. Blue eyes lit up in the robots head, and a strange, static-like noise emitted from it. After a few seconds, words emerged from the static in a deep, wise voice.

"I…am codename: Broadsword…and I need your help."