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Chapter 19: Delusions

Jake woke up slowly. Waiting until his brain kicked back on before opening his eyes, he stretched out his legs. Cracking his eyes, Jake found that he was still in the bunker, and it was dark. Mikaela was no longer with him. Looking around, Jake didn't see a soul anywhere. In fact, it seemed like the interior of the bunker was altered. All of the furniture was gone, and the large hangar door was replaced by a small white one. Extremely confused, Jake called out.

"Hello?" His voice bounced off of the walls and echoed in his ears, much more loudly than normal. Standing up slowly, Jake looked down at his hands. He was dressed differently, his normal clothes exchanged for an odd black jumpsuit. It looked like something an Astronaut would wear under his suit. Taking a step forward, Jake found that the floor was incredibly cold. Jake shook his head.

"What's happening…?" Jake whispered, and once again his voice echoed dramatically. Jake began walking towards the door. The handle glinted gold, even in the darkness. Jake wrapped his fingers around the door handle, and found that it was incredibly warm. He turned the handle and cracked the door. Suddenly, the door burst open, and bright light flooded the room. Jake attempted to shield his eyes, but the light still stung. The light seemed to fade slightly, and Jake cracked his eyes. The door led outside, to the desert. Out in the distance, Jake saw a pile of what looked like torn metal. When Jake stepped outside, the door slammed shut behind him.

"Hey!" Jake shouted, grabbing for the handle. It didn't budge. Turning back around, Jake set off for the pile of metal. Despite being the desert, it was surprisingly cool. Jake even felt a cool wind through the jumpsuit. Jake got close to the pile of metal, and then jumped in shock.

It was the tattered remains of the Autobots. It looked like some sort of terrible animal had torn them all to shreds. Jake gasped, as even Optimus had been destroyed. Spotting the corpse of Broadsword, Jake ran to it. Broadsword had been maimed terribly, like something had punched straight through his chest. He was missing an arm, and his entire left side was in tatters. His optics held no color. Clutched in his hand was the corpse of Mikaela.

"NO!" Jake shouted, climbing atop Broadsword. He pulled his fingers open, and stared down at her. She wasn't injured, or mutilated…just…dead. Like someone had just snapped their fingers and stole her life. Jake wrapped his arms around her and pulled her close, tears forming in his blue eyes. Raising his head up to the sky, Jake let out a noise that would wake the devil himself. He howled with pain, rage, sadness, and confusion, all at once. Behind him, Jake heard heavy footsteps. Turning to look, Jake was suddenly face to face with Galvatron. Galvatron wasted no time grabbing Jake and raising him to his eye level.

"Let me go, you bastard!" Jake shouted, kicking his legs. Galvatron stared at him, emotionlessly.

"This was your fault." Galvatron spoke. His voice was monotone. Jake stared at him.


"You did this."

"No, I didn't, it was you, you son of a bit-" Jake was flung through the air before he could finish. Jake traveled for a good three seconds before landing with a sickening crack on the ground.


All will be explained.